Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st February 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Radha slaps Kokila and she falls on floor. Pari and Jigar ask Radha how dare she is to slap Kokila and try to confront her, when Radha asks them to stay away, else she will throw Rashi in river. Radha then lowers rope and takes Rashi in her hand. Kokila asks to slap her 100 times, but not to harm Rashi. Radha says she ruined her dignity and she could not do anything, asks to call her Gopi bahu. Gopi i still under water. She wakes up, frees herself from stone and rope, takes god idol’s trishul and comes out of river. Radha on the other side tells Kokila that Gopi will not come back again and now she will kill Rashi. Kokila asks her to kill her, but to spare Rashi.

Radha says Kokila that she will punish her severely, which she will remember her whole life. Pari requests

her to spare Pari. Kokila says she can do whatever she wants, but should spare Rashi. Radha says she will not give back Rashi so easily and says she has not forgotten the insults she made to her. She wanted some respect from them, but they even tried to snatch her child, now she has decided to snatch everything from them. Already one Rashi is dead, it is time for second Rashi to die. Kokila prays lord shiva that she is in his place omkareshwar and he should protect Rashi. Radha says nobody will listen to her.

Gopi wakes up with wide eyes. Pari and Jigar are still busy pleading Radha to spare Rashi. Radha says it is her time now and says nobody can save Rashi and after her end, Modi’s end will start. She throws Rashi in air. Kokila holds Rashi. Gopi comes out of river just then with trishul. Mantras are chanted in the background….. Radha and whole family are shocked to see Gopi’s new devi avatar. Radha shouts how did she come out of river. Gopi slaps Radha and she falls down on floor. A backround voice says to end lies, truth has to pay big. Radha says she will come back from jail and will punish them, Gopi is her elder sister and cannot kill her. Gopi stabs her repeatedly with Trishul. Kokila asks to stop. Gopi says Radha has to die to end her sin. Pari and Jigar also request Gopi to stop, but Gopi continues stabbing Radha.

Kokila shows Rashi to Gopi to calm her down, and she calms down and starts crying vigorously holding Rashi.

Precap: Gopi comes out of jail and thinks about her grown up daughters Meera and Vidya.

Update Credit to: MA


  1. meghana

    Actually meera should be like gopi n vidya a spoilt brat but here the scene has became reversed what about kinjal n dhawal…n pari will not have any baby

  2. Boohooo
    Mera foota kismat
    Hai mein marjawa……………mein marjawa
    meri radha bacchi ka dehant ho gaya
    Ab prastoot hain Saathiya ka new villian
    John——-Meethi ka patidev aur Radha ka Devdas
    Ab mein Devdas ban gaya lekin jald hi Radha ka path follow karunga
    Yeh waada raha Radha ko apne fan se

  3. The episode was realy good when gopi took the avatar of goddess Durga to kill the devil radha frankly speaking I felt a peace of mind when gopi put the sword in radha more than thrice

  4. Devika

    For all her sin radha sufferred only for few minutes.but being good gopi have to suffer in jail for years,if so what is the use of being good .this is not fair.instead radha should be arrested and hanged.

    • Neha

      I don’t think both of them hate her. Meera is just annoyed with her and when Vidya looks at Gopi’s pic in a book she closes it. Vidya isn’t annoyed I dont think

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