Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st February 2014 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st February 2014 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st February 2014 Written Update

Episode stars with radha over concern for ahem and bringing hot water for him. He gets pissed off saying he has medicine. Koki forces him to take water and not take medicines without consulting doctor. She says she will call the doctor when radha replies she already did. Ahem is pissed off and radha leaves. She is happy her plan is successful as koki is thoughtful.

At school vidya is sitting all alone without playing and gopi comes there and tells her to go to prateek. But she doesn’t listen, gopi says pappu isn’t having food also and she adds that the principal is not going to call pappu’s parents. Vidya is happy and tells that pappu is her best friend. Gopi explains her that even saher and samar should be her friends and vidya says they trouble everyone

a lot.

At MM jigar tells rashi to start quickly as they would take time to reach and he also tried to explain the principal but she isn’t listening. Koki comes there and asks what happened? Rashi tells that her kids are being sent back as they ran away from school and went to jungle. Jigar is angry and they leave. Rashi talks to urmila and tells her about Tolu Molu and Urmi is angry that rashi is scolding them. Jigar taunts rashi that she is so angry at them now but she used to be angry at him for scolding them. Rashi shuts him up. Radha makes kada for ahem and asks koki to give it to him as he would get angry seeing her. Koki is thoughtful. Kinjal says that TM finally got the punishment for their deeds and now pappu can stay happily. Urmila is very angry. Radha sends hetal to ahem asking her to take care of him. Hetal leaves and baa praises her for taking care of the family.

In Ahem’s room, koki is taking care of ahem and hetal tells her to rest for a while as she has come now. Kokila disagrees but hetal asks if ahem isn’t her son and she cant take care of him, koki agrees and leaves. Hetal sits beside sleeping ahem. Radha gives medicines to koki saying she isnt taking care of herself and leaves. Hetal sees this and is thinking.

Saher and samar(TM) are talking to each other that they are changing schools and now definitely their parents wont leave them. Vidya and pappu are also there. The principal comes there with RaJi. They are angry but vidya tells its coz of her everything happened. She confesses that she took them to jungle to teach them a lesson and pappu confesses her that its coz of him and his friendship she did all this. The principal and RaJi are shocked but finally they forgive saher and samar. Jigar thanks vidya while rashi looks at her lovingly and as if she knows her closely. Vidya tells jigar that its coz of her mom she toldthe truth as her mom explained that she would lose 2 friends if she didn’t confess. Everyone are happy. Principal apologises RaJi and they ask if they can take kids for ice cream. Everyone are excited and RaJi with 4 kids go to ice cream parlour. Rashi speaks about how much the family misses saher and samar and etc and vidya is a bit sad. Jigar asks her if she stays with her family at somghad and she says its only two members in her family. Jigar gets call from hetal who is hoping that kids should come home, but is disappointed to hear they aren’t. she asks RaJi to come home soon as ahem isn’t well and koki has to speak something. They go to the school and vidya tells them bye and runs towards gopi who is worried about her. Gopi hugs her and tells her not to leave her anytime. Rashi is about to go to her and jigar stops her saying they will meet later as they need to leave. They tell the kids bye, warns TM and leave. TM and pappu come running and tell gopi that their parents wanted to meet her. She goes and finds them already leaving.

Precap: koki asking if radha is ready to start a new life with ahem, and radha agrees to be a part of the family. Rashi enters and yells it will never happen and if it does everyone will see her dead.

Update Credit to: MADHU

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