Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st December 2016 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi tells Jaggi that she will find out truth and will prove Jaggi innocent. Urmila says let us get Jaggi’s bail first. Jaggi says, he cannot tolerate jail’s food. Urmila says it must be not that bad. Jaggi asks if she wants to taste. Urmila says no and leaves with Gopi.

Gopi with Urmila reaches home and asks Urmila to prepare something for Jaggi, they will give it to him on the way to meet lawyer. They hear sound from kitchen and see Pari and Mona blocking kitchen door. Urmila asks what is this. Pari says Kokila ordered not to let into kitchen whoever is on Jaggi’s side. Gopi says maaji will never tell this. Pari asks to go and ask her maaji itself. Urmila shouts at Pari to stop her drama. Pari says she will not disobey kakiji. Sona comes

and Pari tells her if she needs to prepare something for children, Mona will let her in.

Chanda thinks she will teach lesson to old lady Gaura. Gaura in her room thinks Dharam and his family will never find out her truth, soon she will destroy them all. Vidya takes juice to Chanda’s room. Chanda tries to tell her about Gaura, but Gaura comes there and sends Vidya out. She then slaps Chanda tightly. Chanda fumes and shouts how dare she is to slap her, even she is a beggar like her. Gaura takes out knife and warns her if she tries to be oversmart, she will kill her, says soon after getting Dharam’s family away from here, everything will be back to her. She asks if she wants to die or wants wealth. Chanda says wealth. Gaura asks her to relax then.

Urvashi gives Jaggi’s documents to Gopi for get Jaggi’s bail. Tolu says he will drop Gopi on the way to office. Gopi gets a message from Vidya to watch news. Gopi switches on news and is shocked to see news anchor like Kokila shouting the core of his lungs that in Rajkot’s respected family, one brother killed another brother and married his wife, detailed report will be aired in sometime. Whole family is shocked to see this. Vidya calls Gopi and asks what is all this. Gopi tells nothing of that sort happened and Dharam knows everything, he willl explain them everything.

Vidya informs Meera and Meera calls Dharam loudly and asks what is all this. Dharam tells them the whole story and says he was feeling guilty that he booked taxi for Ahem. Shravan aasks if Jaggi will get bail or not. Dharam says Gopi is trying to get bail.

Gaura feeds fruits to Chanda and says fruits are necessary for her baby’s growth. Vidya enters with food. Gaura says she thought she would be late, so she is feeding Chanda. Once Vidya leaves, Gaura stuffs fruit in Chanda’s mouth.

Kokila comes out seeing family discussing about Jaggi’s innocence and praising Gopi that if she decides something, she will meet her goal, she will get Jaggi’s bail for sure. Gopi sees Kokila and happily asks if she is fine now. Kokila in her usual style to the core of her lungs shouts how dare she is trying to prove Ahem’s murderer innocent. She continues her loud dialogues that Gopi forgot Ahem and wants to prove her new husband innocent now. Parag warns her to shut up. Kokila shouts in even louder voice on him that he forgot his son and is helping a murderer, he has lost right to shut her up on this issue.

Precap: Gopi asks Jaggi to be keep his calm till he gets his bail. Inmate badmouths about Gopi and Jaggi angrily beats him. Inspector tells Gopi that Jaggi shed blood, so he will be shifed to central jail and will not get bail.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Thank u everyone who had wished me

    1. Riana

      Happy bday fiza…sorry for late wishing??

    2. Guys I am kanya and a scilent reader,I saw the latest news of sns and I couldn’t control myself to comment
      The latest news says jaggi is turned out to be real ahem an gopi is going to spy on jaggi and comes to know he is real ahem
      Can I believe this one??what do you guys think??

      1. Boss(Siddarth)

        Yes kanya even i saw that Jaggi is none other then Ahem.

      2. Nandhini

        Thats great news kanya!

    3. Riana

      Thanks a lot kanya for sharing this news???

  2. Hi .sunshine friends How are you people?Episode is dramatic.

  3. Happy birthday Fiza.I wish you to get all happies in the world.

  4. Hello everyone..hw r u all?
    Happy birthday Fiza..
    Nce episode..meera n vidya luking vry ncee..nce to hear dat ahem is gng return bt I want jaggi to b ahem..i dnt like kokila nw a days..

    1. Chithu

      Priyanka I was going to say exactly tat. Now there costumes are coming out really good. Especially Meera. I love Meera in fusion or western wear. I somehow thought silk sarees don’t suit her well.

  5. i love that aham back and hi my friend rose and fiza happy birthday and today ep thoda drama thoda pyaar love dheera

    1. Hi pari How are you?Glad to see you here.time mila tho roj Atleast ek comment karna.

  6. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi Sunshine friends
    AverageGirl Hw r u all .
    Kokila is going to sacrifice her slippers to get justice for ahem .
    I guess wen kokila is trying to prove Jaggi guilty Ahem WL return .

    1. Chithu

      I felt quitting slippers sacrifice weird. She could have come up with something else

    2. Nandhini

      Hi Sid! It would be really nice for God’s sake if kokila sacrifices her loud pitch voice…

  7. Boss(Siddarth)

    Pratheek,Ashu,Arvind.AnnSimona we r u friends why no comments. Plz come,and comment.

  8. The scene in which When gaura was stuffs food in chanda’s mouth it really brought a big laugh on my face.

  9. Hi fz how are you guys?
    Reshmi sharma today’ s eposode really broken my mind.especially when kokila was shouts at the whole family.
    The dialoguee ” MR parag modi ,thumari gopi vahu,marahuaa mooh , sagi brother sagi brother ko mardala.etc.

    1. Nandhini

      Hii Nisha! This episode made me break my skull due to kokila!!??

  10. Parth Chrangoo

    Are yaar kokila ko sach kab pata chale, please is problem ko khatam kardo na please

  11. Parth Chrangoo

    Bohut hi boring ho gaya hai yeh serial

  12. Happy birthday fiza

    Nd guys I saw in instagram dat nazim ji posted a pic in the attire of last costume of ahem nd wrote ” after many days in the role of ahem” he is laying beside a tree and took that pic…

    Eagerly waiting…fr his mystery

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      Wow gr8 news chanu so we are going to see ahem after so many days ?. Then within 1week ahem might return back.

    2. Hi chanu, sowmya,sabadi,chitu,Nandini,Sid,prateek,priyanka akka,Aravind,Average girl,and all.How are you people?s.o means priyanka akka or Prateek?please tell me guys.

      1. Chithu

        Hi Rose. I am fine how r u? SP is Priyanka. KP is prateek

      2. Nandhini

        Hii Rose! I am good…how are you??? yeah S.P. is priyanka and KP is prateek…

  13. this paridhi is too much she,s trying to create rift between gopi kokila, i want pari to get punished, and her biggest punishment will be when she will be kick out of the house, and that will happen if rashi come back as jigar wife and throw pari out.

  14. Chithu

    Lol I liked MA narration that the news anchor like kokilawas shouting the core of his lungs sentence

  15. Chithu

    Today I felt Kokila has crossed the limits. She was just going on shouting and she called her husband as Mr Parag Modi. I understand how she feels for her son. But her behaviour was really bad today. Sorry guys no offence

  16. Chithu

    I think Chanda is herself very afraid of Gaura so she is doing all tat Gaura is asking her. I am sure Gaura will kick out Chanda in first place after delivery. Gaura is a good actor how quickly she changed from a caring elder to evil person by stuffing grapes into Chanda’s mouth. For a second I thought she is going to suffocate.

  17. At the age of 75 or 80 Kagdi shouts like a lioness, I think she drank lot of desi ghee, drank milk and did yoga to keep her this fit and young. They will make one more leap soon and will see Jai Veeru big boys and also Priyal too, but still all will be as it is and by that time Kagdi made century in the age as well as Hospital visit.

    1. Riana


  18. Such stupid completely robotic Hitler-like screaming shouts from Kokila Modi show how worthless an actor she is. She used to be good and impressive. Now she is imtolerable. Her presence makes the show difficult to watch.

  19. Riana

    I really think that Kokila should get a tight slap from parag…she shouts a lot….Gopi is trying to make her understand but she is not listening at all…Although the episode was avg…due to kokila’s barking…

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      Raina Parag hardly gained some courage to speak against kokila but he don’t hv courage to slap kokila so we cant expect that from parag ?.

  20. sorry for late wishes fiza belated happy birthday
    episode is good and i am expecting more from rashmi sharma in upcoming days
    good morning sid priya di rose chithu di chanu and nisha

  21. Boss(Siddarth)

    Nandini wer r u.

    1. Nandhini

      I am here Sid! Very sorry for the late comments…was caught up but i managed to watch the episode today at 1:30pm…yeah parag slapping kokila is next to impossible…why do kokila always swearing,,swearing,,swearing on something(this time her slippers)?? It would be better if she swears not to swear again!

  22. Naziya (Bangalore)

    hai gopi how r u ? iam a u r fan.u r roll i like very much

  23. Isaaq

    OMG john never commented??? they all got scared of me.
    Btw according to spoilers, Ahem is Jaggi and has been pretending to be Jaggi. Kokila and Gopi will reunite and investigate this

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