Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st December 2015 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dharam sits on sofa and dreams about Meera. Urmila comes and wishes him happy birthday. He says she wished him yesterday when she came out of table. Urmila says he and Meera are couple must be having feelings for each other. He asks what feelings. She signals those feelings. He gets shy. She suggests him to become modern like Meera and stop wearing dhoti kurta.

Sona applies dark lipstick and thinks her lips look like beedi smoker’s lips. Tolu enters to take something. He looks at her make up and says she should marry if she finds a right partner. Madhuben sees their conversation and gets happy thinking her plan is working.

Gopi looks at sleeping Ahem and reminisces their romantic days and his care for her. Ahem wakes up. She says she is also responsible for Meera and Vidya’s condition. She continues her usual emotional atyachar, crying….

Gaura waits for Dharam and asks Meera if he is in room. Meera says he has gone out on a business meeting. Gaura asks how can her son go out without her permission. Meera says he was her son but not now as he is her husband now. Dharam enters wearing western clothes with plant, blazer, boots, etc.. and asks how is he looking. Gaura asks what is he wearing, he should change to his usual self. Meera says he is looking dude. He asks doodh?? She says dude, means dashing, handsome and wiggles his cheeks. He gets happy. She holds his hands and takes him in.

Gaura starts dinner with family. She gets jealous seeing Meera and Dharam feeding each other and says Vidya that she needs great grand children soon, then says Meera should give her grandsons soon. Meera gets tensed.

Gopi comes to room and sees lights off with curtains on. She switches lights on moves curtains and sees Ahem sitting on bed and telling he does not need light. She says everyone is waiting for him for breakfast. He says he failed as a father and did not protect his daughters. She says he is not responsible for anything and instead she is. He holds her hand and says her daughters left him, will she leave him alone. She says no.

Precap: Gopi in front of Ahem takes god’s oath that she will get Meera out of hell and bring back home within 1 month.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. What is sona and tolu ‘s relation ? i m confused. Is Sona is gopi’s sister? if she is gopi’s sister ….
    then what is the relation for tolu n sona … Bhadae mom ki younger sister ……

    1. No sona is just like madhuben’s grand daughter…as she lived with her more than 10 years…

  2. This serial teaches us the importance of relations. Good job directors.

  3. I hope tolu dont fall for sona they come there to take revenge on gopi n i hope gopi keep her words this time

  4. Now they will draggg more……but how gopi will do dis???

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