Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gaura orders servant to bring special paste to apply on Vidya’s face. Servant brings bowl. Meera sees it and says it is cow dung. Gaura laughs and asks Meera to show Vidya how a saas punishes her bahu for misbehaving with her.

Gopi takes Madhuben in car and asks Ahem to drive fast towards home. Meera wears gloves, picks cow dung bowl and walks towards Meera. Gaura walks behind her smirking. Vidya gets nervous seeing Meera walking towards her.

Kokila tells Hetal that she is worried for Vidya. Hetal says not to worry, mata rani will protect Vidya. Flower thorns pierce Kokila’s hands and she shouts in pain.

Meera slips and cow dung falls on Gaura. Dharam gets angry and pulls Meera’s hair. Vidya intervenes and says it is not Meera’s fault.

Ladies discuss that Dharam is jallad/cruel, so his first wife left him, now second one will also leave. Gaura hears that and asks Dharam to leave Meera. Dharam asks ladies to leave now and they leave yelling. Meera tells Gaura that she called ladies to insult her family, but they insulted Gaura and Dharam instead. Dharam angrily tries to slap her, but she warns him dare not to come in front of her, else she will give police complaint against him. Gaura asks him to go to his room and he leaves. Vidya then says Meera that she was obeying strangers politely and even tolerating illiterate Dharam’s torture, but when her family tried to correct her, she blamed them. Meera shouts that all this happened because of her and continues shouting..

Kokila calls Ahem and asks if he, Gopi and Jigar are fine. He says yes and is driving car towards home. Just then, a lady throws stone and breaks cars window. Gopi shoust Ahem ji.. Call disconnects and Kokila gets concerned for them that an accident must have happened. Lady comes near car and shouts how dare they are kidnapping her mom. Gopi says she is her mom. Lady shouts she will cut her tongue if she calls her mom as her mom and asks where was she when her mom was left dying. Madhuben wakes up and calls lady as Sona and says Gopi is her elder daughter. Gopi says when she came from jail, she searched her a lot, but did not find her anywhere. Now, she wants to take her to her home. Sona says she cannot take her mom.

Dharam reminisces Vidya confronting him and tells Gaura she would have let police come here, he would have taught lesson to choti chatanki at least. She asks him to be calm and see how Meera is opposing his sister and even ready to apply cow dung on her face. She is their trump card to against Kokila and family…

Precap: Madhuben tells Gopi she does not want to come to her home as she cannot tolerate Kokila. Ahem and Gopi are shocked to hear that.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. is sona result of extramarital affair of madhuben??? or children of either 1st wife of gopi’s father or 1st husband of madhuben???? meera has lost her analytical capacity what rubbish!!!!!!!! how can meera n dharm marriage is valid without dharam divorce?? meera ko writer ne itna to pada likha mana h ya nahi??? is shravan also unaware about it?? he can complain in police but he keeps quiet!!!!!!!! how many sisters dhaval have?? gopi rashi radha paridhi all in one family. now ready for 5th sister sona n 6th for jiger

  2. awesome??????????

  3. how can tolu molu fall in love of their Maasi sona?? what about ahem’s bekry in mumbai? are tolu molu going to college or they left study?? mindless writer is dragging story without logic n knowledge of humanity n relation.

  4. how can durga devi tolerate her soutan?? she can also complain in police

  5. Ha ha ha…gaura was looking funny in cowdung..

  6. Where does the directors and produces get such beautiful actresses. Good.job. Hats off to this show.


      i must agree with you
      indian girls are the most beautiful in the world

      1. I don`t really agree because I think all girls are pretty no matter Indian or not

  7. Meera is soo pretty
    she is soo hot really love her

  8. I want to no what kokila did to gopi mom now n y is everybody hating her now

  9. Waste bakwas show..the show is getting worst..

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