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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ahem walks into garden with wobbly gait after smelling toxic fumes. Shravan comes and asks if he is fine. Ahem says he is fine and is just relaxing here. He then falls down. Dharam enters and throws cracker in front of him and Ahem gets unconscious with fumes. Gaura then enters and says Kokila’s life Ahem will die for sure today and throws another cracker on grass around Ahem. Ahem is caught between fire.

Gopi reaches with Vidya and Meera and shouts Ahem ji get up. Meera and Viya also shout papa get up. Shravan also reaches and tries to cross fire. Ahem wakes up remembers all the past incidents from his childhood till the present day and then sees Gopi and daughters shouting to get up. Gopi goes near fire and her pallu catches fire. Vidya shouts maa pallu caught fire. Gaura laughs and says Gopi will also die today along with Ahem.

Gopi tears her pallu and jumps into fire. She takes Ahem on her lap and asks him to get up. He apologizes for troubling her and says he loves her a lot. Meera and Vidya bring water and throw it on fire. Gaura and Dharam smirk. Ahem asks Gopi to go and gets unconscious.

Kokila reaches with Jigar and Hetal and shouts Ahem, Gopi bahu. Dharam says Kokila came back from death. Gaura says it is good, she will see her beta and bahu burning and be shocked. Vidya says she will bring water. Kokila sees wooden baboos nearby and shouts Ahem get up. Gaura sees that and makes wooden bamboos fall on Ahem. Shravan enters and holds bamboos and throws them away. Dharam and Gaura shout to come out of fire. Shravan then brings Ahem out of fire. Gopi and whole family cries Ahem get up. Gaura loudly says Kokila that she killed Karunesh and whole family was crying once like she is crying with her family.

Precap: Gopi in hema malini’s style says Gaura that she made a big mistake trying to kill Ahem and asks Jigar to call police and get Dharam and Gaura arrested.

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      Gaura and Dharam are really getting on my last nerve so evil that Gaura lady

  1. Thanks a lot for update

  2. Realy Saathiya is India in No:1 best Drama serial i like i love you saathiya Family

  3. Hema malini style..what do you mean???

  4. But today’s ep.was awsome and exciting and emotional….hope ahem will not die..

  5. Jenish kakadiya

    Really saath nibhana saathiya is no.1 serial. I very like kokila, Gopi & Ahem

  6. I know it is the number 1 serial the episodes are always nice.

  7. Seriously?! It looks like this drama will never end!! Rubbish storyline, annoying characters who bore the viewers (Gopi, Meera and Gaura as always.)
    This used to be a good drama but stopped watching after Rashi’s death.

    1. I too agree

  8. all positive reviews wowwww bestum best sns

  9. Such a rubbish daily soap… they made fun of relations

  10. Dialogues are good
    Ahem will not die ,because he is in lead role

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