Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode begins with Samaira and her gang of friends driving past Modi mansion decide to drop in to Ricky’s house to meet him. They are looking for some free entertainment.

At Modi mansion Ricky is cleaning the floor.Mopping up the mess he made at meal time. Jaggi is watching and Ricky makes angry face at him. Right then Samaira and her friends enter Modi mansion and ask for Ricky. Ricky hides..but jaggi calls him out and introduces their cleaner boy Ricky. His friends laughs at him… crack jokes and taunt him him. Ricky is very angry and embarrassed.

Later the entire Modi family comes to meet n greet Ricky’s friends. The friends are offered refreshments and welcomed. Dai ma introduces them all to the family. The friends decide to leave.Ricky decides to see them off but Jaggi

asks him to complete his unfinished task when he had spread the raita he had to clean up. His friends ask him to complete his leaning up. Ricky feels very angry n embarrassed again.

At SV house Bhawani remembers Meera’s challenge and decides to take her revenge. She invites her friends and tries to make Dharam get rid of Meera and keep only Bhawani but Dharam gets infuriated and throws her friends out.

Samaira and her friends have a great laugh over the free entertainment provided by Ricky.Also Samaira says now that she has met the entire family she can get on with her plans.

Ricky is in a fit of fury in his room and shatters and breaks few vases and furniture…Dai ma is shocked n upset seeing him in this state.she calms.him and console him. Ricky laments that it would be less embarrassing for him in Singapore jail or better still. it would be less painful to suicide. Dai ma is alarmed and becomes emotional.

Gopi supervises Jaggi’s exercising and notices his progress. Gopi Jaggi become closer friends.

In the dining room the ladies are preparing for the family’s dinner. Sita offers every one tea. Jaggi gets gajra for all ladies. Gopi is mixing besan so she is unable to wear gajra. Urmila asks Jaggi to put it on her hair goli and Jaggi have a cute moment as he puts gajra. Koki and sita, Sona, and Urmila watch the two.

Precap for tomorrow.
Gopi regrets wearing Jaggi’s gajra …forgetting her love.for Ahem.she feels.disgusted with herself and throws the gajra from her hair. Kokila comes and asks her to stop thinking of her son. Ahem and accept Jaggi in her life

Update Credit to: Sutapasima

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  1. Well Ricky cleaning the floor was funny.???????

  2. Isaaq

    Samira is essentially Radha’s niece if Umang and Radha marriage was real.

    Get ready to see more torture on the Modis. I think Samira isn’t going from this show for another year now

  3. The upcoming episode of SNS will witness a lot of twists and turns.

    Ricky loves Samira so he gets married to her without telling anyone about his marriage.

    Samira does not love Ricky but gets married with him because she wants to take revenge from Gopi for Anita’s death.

    When Ricky and Samira reach modi mansion, everyone gets shocked and they get furious

    Kokila and Gopi scold Ricky for getting married with Samira without telling anyone.

    Sita gets shocked as well and shattered because she loves Ricky a lot and she did not expect that he will get married to someone else.

  4. Ricky deserve more embarrasment, bhavani should get exposed infront of dharam, and dharam should throw that bhavani out of the house and accept meera.

  5. Nandhini

    If sameera was radha’s daughter raashi,, then it would have made some sense….this is really ridiculous! Whom she wants to revenge except kokila?? The main responsible person(ahem) is dead..then the next responsible person gopi got married to jaggi..that ricky is useless as he already hates his family…sona, tolu, molu, jai, veeru, urmila dont have any relevance to anita…then why this unnecessary track?? Makers if you cant get any sensible ideas, then you can borrow it from our talented fan fic authors Isaaq, Riana, Mansi and some friends…or else you can just end the serial…now it just looks like comedy serial in the name of revenge…anyways yesterday Gogi’s scenes were good…

    1. Riana

      Now Saathiya should be renamed as Revenge nibhana saathiya…????

      1. Isaaq

        Wasn’t that my original name for Gopi Destiny????

  6. Riana

    Simply illogic n Nonsense…I just hate Saathiya now…?????…Let Ricky n Anita’s so called daughter go to hell!!…????…Who cares??…

  7. Isaaq

    SNS is the most rubbish show I’ve ever seen. There’s never happiness and it’s always misery

    Yeh Hai Mohabbtein is better

  8. Aastha1

    can anyone help me with who this anita is? Is this the same lady whom ahem used to love before marrying gopi? If yes then how come her daughter? did she marry again?

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