Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila tells her family that her decision is final and everyone knows she does not break her promise. She continues no matter if everyone hate Gopi, she was and will be with her always. Gopi emotinally hugs her.

Kinjal calls Mansi and asks her to convince Ahem and children to go back to Mumbai and even shatter Kokila’s image. Mansi agrees. She goes to Ahem and children’s room and tells they have to take a decision now after Kokila’s confrontation. Meera says she does not believe Kokila as she is just painting Gopi’s image good. Mansi says even she believes same and it is high time they leave back to Mumbai. Vidya asks Ahem if Daadi is lying as he was present at the incident. Ahem hesitates. Power goes off and he goes out to check.

Kokila asks Dhaval

to take out candles as power is gone. She sees candle’s paraffin droppping on Gopi’s hand and asks her to remove her hand. Gopi behaves weired and sad. She says she it is too late and she will go and sleep. Kokila gets concerned and prays god to protect her Gopi bahu.

In the morning, Jigar prays god after every dark moment, brighter moment comes, but why it is not coming in Gopi’s life. Gopi sacrificed her 10 years of life for family and stayed away from her children, but she never complained. Till when she has to stay alone and prays to reunite her with Ahem and children, else she will shattter. Pari and family join him and Pari asks him not to feel sad as god is with them and Gopi and will fill her life with happiness. Hetal says Pari is right. Parag says everything will be fine. Jigar asks where are Tolu/molu. Pari says they are missing since morning.

Tolu/molu touch Gopi’s feet and plead her to forgive them. She asks him to get up. Molu says she should twist their ears. She says they are grown up and wise now. They ask if she forgave them. She says a mother cannot be angry on children for a long time.

Mansi tries to brainwash Vidya against Gopi and gives her example of their old servant who stole and continued even after warninging. Vidya asks what does she mean. Mansi says Gopi did not hesitate to kill her sister for getting close to Ahem, so she may even kill her. Vidya asks her to calm down as she is with her and walks out of room. Mansi fumes in anger and says her fear is coming true, now Vidya will forgive Gopi soon and she will never let that happen. She hits wall repeatedly in anger and electric wire breaks and falls, before walking out.

Gopi comes near wire and is about to touch live wire when Vidya sees and rescues her on time and calls her mom. Gopi is surprised to hear mom from her and asks her to repeat. Vidya starts crying and apologizing her and says she did not know about the truth before. Gopi hugs her. Vidya says she know knows she cannot do wrong to anyone and says she is with her along with Kokila.

Precap: Vidya promises Gopi that she will reunite her family and live with Gopi, Ahem and Meera.

Update Credit to: MA


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  2. little Rashi

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  91. Kishani

    Very nice today’s episodes about time for the family to reunite. It’s been long I waited and thank god vidya realized her mom Gopi is innocent and I cried and cried when vidya called “mom” at Gopi. Very emotional and touching point during vidya’s apologizing. Can’t stop my tears. That poor women Gopi suffers a lot for longer period of time. Needs a treat and family gathering at restaurant will be exciting!!!

  92. Khanikar

    Hay liya,who are u to say r status is high,if ur status is high,then what happened with ur brother

  93. Liya

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  94. Liya

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  95. *Sonia*

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