Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th May 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th May 2013 Written Update

Koki is supervising decorations in the main hall and Meera is walking there with the help of a walker enjoying the decorations. Gopi comes to Koki and asks what to make for Prasad..sheera or laddoo. Koki replies both. Meera calls Gopi “Mumma” and Gopi goes to her smiling and kisses her. She tells her to play and says she will be right back. Baa asks Hetal if she has informed the pandit and Hetal replies he will come on time. Jigar helps Rashi to sit on the sofa and Gopi gives her tea. Meera giggles and claps seeing Rashi keep the tea cup on her tummy. Rashi mock scolds her and says her tummy is so big that she has to use it as a table. Koki picks Meera up and asks her whose GB is it and Meera says Mumma. She corrects her saying its maasi’s GB. Baa

gifts jewelry to Rashi and Rashi is happy and trying them on. Koki tells her to wear what she wants and Rashi replies that she will wear them after coming back from parlour. Koki is shocked.
Kinjal checks a chain and Urmi says it’s nice and Rashi will like it. Dhawal comes and Urmi shows the chain to him praising Kinjal saying her choice is best-m-best. Dhawal scolds Urmi that they are going to be divorced now so there is no need to call Kinjal his wife. He leaves and Kinjal goes away crying. Urmi is worried wondering what to do.
Rashi tells Koki that its her GB so she wants to look different and the best. Koki explains that it’s her 7th month and she needs to be careful. She has been feeling weak and tired. Rashi tries to explain but Koki tells her that Gopi will help her get ready at home. Rashi still wants to go but Koki tells her to stop being stubborn and get ready at home only. Gopi tells Koki that they can call the beautician at home to help Rashi get ready. Rashi and Koki are happy with the idea but Koki tells Rashi not to exert herself and Rashi agrees.
Rashi screams when she sees the mirror as her make-up is too loud. The beautician asks Rashi if she liked her look and Rashi scolds her saying how can anyone like it, she looks like a witch!
Urmi worries thinking that she had hoped KinWal fight will sort out their differences in these 3 months but they are not listening to her. She calls up Rashi and tells her that KinWal are determined to get divorced and she will have to do all the housework if Kinjal goes away. Rashi tells her to solve her own problem as she caused this using Canada kk. It’s her GB and she wants to enjoy it. She tells her to come on time and disconnects the call. Rashi tells the beautician that she wants to look the best today and beautician assures her that she will do the best makeup. Rashi checks her face in the mirror after make-up is done but the make-up is too loud and she screams in shock. The beautician asks Rashi if she liked her look and Rashi scolds her saying how can anyone like it, she looks like a witch! The beautician is sad that Rashi did not like her make-up and argues that she only had wanted something different. Rashi retorts back that she wanted different not dreadful! Gopi comes with Meera and Meera laughs at Rashi. Rashi tells the beautician that even this child is laughing at her. She pays the beautician and drives her away after scolding her and tells Gopi to do her make-up. Gopi tells her not to worry. Beautician walks out of Rashi;s room complaining and Koki sees her and wonders. She enters Rashi’s room and asks Gopi why she is doing Rashi’s make-up and where is the beautician. Rashi says she didn’t like her make-up and Koki scolds her saying she had told her first only and she wasted time with the beautician. She tells them both to hurry up and leaves. Meera watches Gopi doing Rashi’s make-up and Rashi is pleased with her look. Gopi helps Rashi wear her jewelry and compliments her that she is looking as beautiful as a bride.
An old couple bless Rashi outside the temple and she thanks them happily. While Rashi is opening the car door Koki asks her why her hands are oily. Rashi notices her bangles are missing and cries that the old couple might have stolen them. She sees the couple leave in a scooter.
Gopi goes to Meera. Rashi picks Meera and asks her how is she looking and nothing can go wrong now. She suddenly realizes that Meera did susu on her and scolds Gopi that she did not make Meera wear a diaper. Gopi tells Rashi not to worry and gets water to clean it. But Rashi is angry that it’s looking worse and scolds Gopi that she does not have another dupatta to wear with this lehenga. Gopi says she has a dupatta which will match. Koki calls Rashi from the main hall as they have to leave. Rashi tells Gopi to get the dupatta. Gopi leaves Meera sitting on the bed with Rashi and leaves the room. Rashi removes her bangles as she is waiting for the dupatta. Gopi returns with the dupatta but Rashi does not like it. Rashi cribs and says she will have to wear this only. Rashi wears the dupatta and Gopi smiles and compliments her saying the dupatta looks lovely on her. Rashi wears her bangles but her gold kangans are missing. Gopi starts searching for them. Meanwhile in the main hall, Koki tells Hetal she will check on Goshi. Rashi sees Meera playing with her kangans and tries to take them from her but Meera starts crying. Gopi tries to make Meera understand but she is not giving them. Rashi says Meera is eyeing her jewelry from now only and Koki scolds her hearing this. She asks Rashi angrily how can she talk to a child like this. She is a child and does not understand. She leaves after scolding Rashi. Gopi offers her bangles but Rashi scowls and says she will wear imitation bangles. Gopi looks unhappy. Meera leaves the gold kangans and Gopi returns them to Rashi but Rashi angrily refuses to take them and leaves the room. Gopi is unhappy.
Modi ladies with Meera are in mandir praying. Panditji blesses Rashi. Hetal takes Meera from Koki and they leave the temple. Koki tells Rashi they should leave for home so that they are in time for GB preparations. An old couple come to them and praise Rashi and compliment her. The old lady says their DIL is of her age only and the she blesses Rashi holding her hands. Rashi thanks them happily. While Rashi is opening the car door Koki asks her why her hands are oily. Rashi notices her bangles are missing and cries that the old couple might have stolen them. She sees the couple leave in a scooter. Rashi shouts behind them and Hetal is shocked that there are thieves in a temple. Koki reminds Rashi that she was wearing imitation bangles and Rashi remembers and thanks God. Koki tells her to thank Meera as she did not wear her gold bangles because of Meera. Rashi goes to Meera and brags that she is her favourite maasi.
KinWal and Urmi get down from the auto rikshaw and Urmi warns them not to reveal their differences in front of others as it’s Rashi’s big day. Kinjal tells her not to worry and leaves in a huff leaving Urmi behind. Urmi complains that because of them she late for her daughter’s GB. Rashi is sitting on the sofa in the main hall as the guests and Modi men watch. SB brags to NB that her DIL GB function was in a 5 star hotel and NB calls the function downmarket. Koki overhears and asks her why she came. She points out that outsiders are invited to 5 star hotels but people like her should be invited there only.

Tomorrow’s Precap
Dhawal is standing outside Gohem room and tells a shocked Gopi
(who is standing with her back facing him) thinking she is Kinjal, that he cannot carry on this pretence anymore and they should tell the family that they are planning to get divorced. He leaves and Gopi turns around super shocked.

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