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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dharam tells he feels bad when he scolds her and loves her when she smiles. She says whatever. He says he loves her and agreed to whatever she said, he even accepted Gaura on her insistence. She looks cuit smiling. Meera says cute. He says he wants her to be happy and move ahead in life.

Gopi teaches Sona how to tackle Sona. Pari comes down and sees Sona with Gopi and Kokila.
Dharam silently checks if Gaura is in her room, sees her in washroom, silently goes to Meera’s room and asks why did not she wear his gifted sari yet. Gaura enters and taunts that Meera insulted Dharam’s feeling and will not wear sari. Meera says she is waiting for the right occasion. Dharam leaves. Meera warns Gaura to be in her limits.

Pari sees Sona munching rotis sitting

on stairs and asks to show what she got. Sona taunts Pari with her usual witty dialogues and jokergiri. Kokila and Gopi smile standing at a distance. Sona says she got something which will prove that her value is more than her wealth.

Dharam with family performs holi pooja and then serves charan amrit to everyone. Gaura starts yelling at choti chatanki/Vidya and scolds that she added loads of lemon in charan amrit. Vidya says it is not sour. Dharam gives her to taste and says it is fine. Meera then tastes ands says it is sour.

Sona orders Tolu to sit on one plate of weighing machine, else she will suicide. Kokila smilingly says Sonaaa.. Sona says she is joking. Tolu sits on one plate. Sona sits on other plate and says she is more heavier than Tolu and more worth than Pari’s wealth, she has her hug and love as jewelry, etc… Kokila and Gopi smile. Sona asks if she is right. Baa says she won over Pari. Kokila also says Sona won. Sona then hurriedly tries to pick jewelry and money telling she won both Tolu and Sasuma’s wealth. Kokila stops her and asks her to return jewelry to Pari. Sona returns jewelry to Pari. Pari pushes her and asks Kokila if she cannot see Sona’s childish behavior, they don’t know whose illegitimate child she is and she will not accept her as her bahu. Kokila starts shouting.

Precap: Pari tells Gopi that she will examine Sona repeatedly till Ram navami and she can help yer, if Sona fails, she has to leave this house and Sahir.

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