Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th March 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ahem tells Gopi that he is getting engaged to Mansi. Jigar says he worked really hard to keep the family united, whole family needs Ahem and Gopi did not forget Ahem since 10 years, so he should think about Gopi before taking any decision. Ahem goes to Gopi and asks if she really loves him. She says yes. He asks if she can do anything for him. She says yes. He says then she should attend his and Mansi’s engagement. She says if he wants to prove her love for him, she will definitely attend his engagement tomorrow and it will be her gift for him. He says thank you so much.

Jigar says Ahem Gopi considered him as her god, but he gave her this reward, he would have at least thought of Kokila, what will she feel if she will know that he ill treated Gopi. Once he leaves, Mansi

asks Ahem if he is alright. He walks out without replying anything.

Kokila cries hearing about Ahem’s engagement. Rashi comes and asks why is she crying. Kokila wipes tears and says she is not crying. Rashi gives her promise and asks why is she crying. Kokila says today Gopi had a big exam of her life and she failed in it. Rashi says even she failed once and she told not to feel defeat and work hard for he next exam. Kokila relaxes hearing this. Rashi says he will get kulfi for her and leaves.

Gopi calls her and she asks what did Ahem tell. She says since she told about Ahem’s marriage, she is thinking how to bring him back without harming his second wife. Gopi says Ahem did not marry Mansi. Kokila gets happy. Gopi says Ahem has invited her and Jigar for his engagement with Mansi tomorrow. Kokila gets sad again.

She says it cannot happen, she knows Ahem loves her and cannot do this . Gopi says Ahem gave his promise and asked her to attend his engagement. Kokila says she cannot go there and make a joke of herself. Gopi says she cannot reject Ahem’s promise. Kokila says Ahem does wrong and gets adamant to make it prove and in turn harms himself, she will not let Ahem harm himself. Gopi says she trust god and god will bring Ahem back to them. Once she cuts call, Kokila thinks she will not let Ahem do this mistake.

Kinjal tells Baa if Ahem comes here with his second wife, where will Gopi go. Pari asks her to stop her negative thinking. Kinjal says she is telling truth and says Gopi wanted to kick her out of house, but now she will be kicked out, jaisi karni waisi bharni. Pari says she is right and says Gopi and Ahem separated due to situations, but she separated with Dhaval due to her wish, so proverb fits on her best. Kinjal gets irked. Hetal says whatever it is, Gopi is elder bahu of this house and will be forever.

Jigar tells Gopi that her and Ahem’s jodi are like ram sita jodi, then how can it break. Gopi says what she can do. He asks her to go and convince Ahem and needed fight with him.

Precap: Meera yells at Gopi that she spoilt Ahem’s sherwani and cannot see their happiness.

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  1. Brock

    Do you need a german superflex from me again john?I kept my name brock because of your name and comments.

  2. Yyy do yo try to show meera on negative character wen she s gud n truth n lovin in her childhood… Basic characters can not change yy do yo all confused the script to the co …thinking like bringing a twice don’t drag n make it bore once again

  3. Aski

    It would be fun to see Meera yelling at Gopi saying I wish you were dead.this shocks Vidya and she tries calming Meera be Meera slaps Vidya.mansi on the other hand tries to kill Vidya cause she still loves Gopi.gopi figure this and saves her.vidya thinking for Gopi changes and she goes to modi bhaven.ahem and Meera gets shocked to see Vidya with modis and ahem tries to slap Vidya but Tholo Molo hold his hand.tholo and Molo starts showing to Meera about all the gifts that baddi maa got them he holds the gift that Gopi bought for meera in front of meera’s eyes.meera complains that she wants it but Tholo says get it from her mother manis.another fun part of saathiya will be when Tholo Molo Vidya and pappu will discover the truth that pari killed radha and Gopi saved pari.they all decide to reveal this to modi haven when mansi’s identity will be revealed to ahem and will be fun to see this track

  4. Indi

    Why does Vidya and Meera call Mansi “mom” if she is Ahem’s friend? How can Ahem get remarried without getting a divorce? Gopi is acting like she is so weak. Why should any man insult a woman so much and she just stands there taking it? If she thought Ahem had remarried, why did she go back to give him the mangalsutra? Just put it in the trash with his memories. Too bad her daughters are already adults. If they were not adults yet, she could have taken Ahem to court for bigamy and got joint custody of the kids and she could be a new evil Gopi instead of dumb Gopi.

  5. ur a stupid girl rajna taras. Mind ur own business. Coming from out of nowhere n scolding me. Ur actions tell me u r crazy.

  6. ha ha i know what every body thinks of u. U also know it urself. Stop pretending, silly girl.
    Friends, what do u think of this crazy girl out here? Meethi,what about u? N all the sns family. Show this quarrelsome mad girl her place.

  7. Jo-Ann

    The family should find gopi a nice guy and let her remarried and also invite ahem. Bull all of this what he is doing to gopi what more porve he want she killed her own blood goes to jail for him and his family. Things have a way to come back around to bite you in the ass but he is going to learn it too late.

  8. meethi

    my john is very handsum n al gals r crazy abt him. I bet u cant lure him. Lets see for whom he falls, rajna or me. Lets compeat

  9. meethi

    y shud i c u at 3,idiot? U jst giv sum gud lectur 2 my bf 2 lv me not u. If he lvs u stil, i’ll not forgiv u

    • sonydcurz

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  11. meethi

    how dare u all? U all must gv him a gud lecture today. N why does both of u think he dnt love me?

  12. gopi

    meethi tum pareshan mat ho, dekho mein kis sthiti se guzar raha hoon apne ahem ji k saath, deverji dhawal bhai samjhaiyien meethi behen ko

  13. meethi

    no its nt john , he is in my home n he is cooking diner for me. we love each oder dearly. we r in a live in relationship n whu is comenting in my name?

  14. meethi

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