Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th March 2014 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th March 2014 Written Update

Episode begins with gopi comes to the dining table and thinks the times she spent there the love and joy she shared with family. Meethi comes and is asked to serve the dinner to the rooms. Gopi asks if this is done just because she’s here but meethi replies that its the daily practice from last 8 years and no one knows how to eat together now. Gopi is sad. The scene shifts to ahem coming to room. Vidya is seeing a pic of ahem and asks where gopi is in the picture. Ahem keeps quiet when rashi comes and says she’ll stay with samar and sahil. Vidya is excited and goes with rashi. The kids are happy that they are going to be in the same room. Samar names it as their room.

Gopi is standing in front of mandir and thinks how the whole house has changed. She

thinks of meeting vidya but remembers kokila saying not to go to his room. On the other hand kids goes to bed and ahem gets flashbacks of him and meera . He goes to vidya’s room.. He cares vidya’s cares and says that she gave him a reason to live. Gopi comes to ahem’s room and sees the condition of the room. She feels bad and wonders about the picture of both of them. Ahem is on the way to come back to his room. Gopi hears the sound and hides behind the door. Ahem comes and sits in chair. Gopi looks on at him and feels bad.

Baa tells gopi that she’s happy that she came back and now she can see a ray of hope that she will re unite the whole family. And she want to see that before she die. Gopi says not to say like that. Its the morning and rashi is making her face pack in the dining table. Hetal comes and asks for breakfast when she says get from meethi. Everyone comes and gets breakfast from meethi in kitchen. Gopi looks on and is sad. Rashi says when she’s done with kitchen go and make the kids wake up.

The kids wake up. Sahil opens the cupboard and sees a cloth of radha. He throws it on radha who gets angry. She in turn throws the things away. Vidya says not to mess with her brothers. Radha calls her ill mannered. Vidya pushes her and in turn radha pushes her too. Vidya fell down and starts crying. The kids are coming to the living room. Ahem is about to go to office when kokila asks her to finish all the work as its holi the another day. Vidya is crying. Ahem asks her what happened when the twins says radha pushed her. Radha says why’d she lie when rashi says to stop her. Radha says they’ve no proof that the one they’re caring the most is one from their family either. Kokila says her to shut up. She knows how to judge people. Ahem says her to keep quiet. Everyone smiles happily seeing kokila and ahem support gopi.

Precap- Hetal and baa says both kokila and ahem love gopi alot. And today they supported her. Gopi is thoughtful.

Update Credit to: Muskii

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  1. I m very happy coz now kokila and ahem are supporting gopi directors please let the truth out that radha tries to kill meera not gopi otherwise people will stop watching this serial and plz explain me that vidya is meera or…U know what i think.

    1. vidya is not meera but a sis of meera

    2. gowri is mera

  2. this serial is very good.

  3. Vinay Tripathi

    Vidya is Gopi and Ahem’s second daughter.. Gopi was pregnent when she was shunted out of the house for not been able to take care of Meera…

  4. Vinay Tripathi

    But Radha’s character is becoming irritating day by day….!!

  5. What! vinay so what happened to meera and plz explain me did radha push her or she had fallen because of her own mistake.

  6. I hate radha coz she is so rude with gopi and vidya i think that radha will be thrown out of modi bhawan but without her tolu molu will tease whom i love the kids in this show.

  7. I love this show of course……………………and how Kind was Umang from this Radha! He never planned to kill a child like this!
    Well………………………leave that………………Telly Updates is Posting this Written Update very late please……I request to Post them Faster!

  8. Pls update faster and wholly…………………………..just cant wait for that as am busy sooooo cant watch show on tv………….just can read it is posting to late so! I wish that you people may post it early! pls pls pls pls pls

  9. Guddiya Agarwal

    Loving its dramatic situations….

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