Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi takes over Modi bhavan with new husband and Kokila and asks Jigar and his family to respect Kokila, else get out of her house. Pari says how can she say that. Gopi continues yelling. Monica interferes. Gopi gives her 2 tight slaps and shouts to be in her limits.

Gopi continues shouting at Jigar and family and asks Monica and Pari to prepare food for her maaji. Monic asks what….Pari says they will not prepare food for her and she can order it from outside. Jigar confronts and says thought she owns 51% property and house share, she cannot insult him and his family like this. Gopi shouts he forgot to respect elders, and instead of becoming Kokila’s support, he ransacked her. Kokila asks Gopi to let it go and not stretch the issue. She walks with cane. Gopi takes her cane and walks towards Jigar and raises it. Jigar bends thinking she wants to hit him, but she breaks cane and shouts she will be her maaji’s stick from hereon, it is Gopi Kokila Modi’s promise. She takes Kokila to show her room.

Dr. Krishna smiles looking at Jigar’s situation. Jigar asks why is he laughing. Gopi returns and shouts to respect Dr. Krishna as he is family member now. She takes Krishna and gives him Ahem’s room. Jigar comes with Pari and Monica and says Gopi she was teaching them moral gyaan, but she herself forgot it, she forgot Ahem so easily and gave Dr. Krishna his place. Gopi slaps him and says she loves only Ahem and yells he will not understands this…

Precap: Kokila tells Gopi that her both daughters’ lives are shattered and she has to go and stabilize their lives. Meera yells at Vidya and her daughter. Gopi enters and watches her yelling.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Brilliant ep… gopi….???????????????????????????????….love the scene when monica got slaps…??????????

    1. Ikr looooooool she deserves those slaps. Now naiya needs some slaps too. Imatinee if Rashi was still alive. Do you think she would treat Kokila like Paridhi did?

      1. Rashi will never do this….actually for paridhi also its not possible but monica had provoked her in all of this….

  2. but where is rashi? we want to see grown up rashi..

    1. Rashi is in us

  3. fabulous episode…wow this show just rocks loved it????

  4. It was really Nice episode I really like it I thnk is Monica ko or do lagani chahiye tha ……….

  5. Nyc job gopi is doing nyc bahu role claps to her

  6. Wow gopi monika ko kya slap kiya h. Badi momji ka slap akal thikane le aayega.

    1. haha true! now this will act as a path changer to show

  7. Can anyone tell me where’s ahem? Alive or not?

  8. Just one issue. How can Gopi take care of a business when she is not educated enough ? She only knows basic education, how can she be an expert on business? She doesn’t have an MBA either.

    1. Nandhini

      Good question….but logic doesnt work here in rashmi sharma’s serial….because she came as a teacher earlier wen she was wit vidya…and take for instance….she was out of her senses for 5 years and suddenly she came to her sense in her marriage when dr.krishna was about to apply her sindoor…and a lot more to say…maybe i think jigar may ask her educational qualification wen arguing abt taking over the business….she may say some gyaan dialogs like it is not necessary to have an education or experience to take care of business,, will power is enough blah blah blah…..or logically they may show like she attained her MBA wen she was in jail for 10 years for killing of radha….

      1. To Nandhini and Riana plus other viewers- my new FF will start daily from Thursday. It will be set ten years after Gopi’s Destiny.

      2. Nandhini

        Great Isaaq!?? Looking forward….

    2. OMG…Gopi will start her own business of saree not she will take care of modi business….

    3. I m excited for your new ff….

    4. Nice excited for new ff….

  9. Well not sure but Gopi was a teacher when she had Vidya and also that monica looks older than Pari lol. altho Sona is not very pretty, but she has a clean heart. they shud educated her now. I wonder if Ahem is alive. and why Dr, Krishna is just following Gopi around? this sounds funny. poor dr, Krishna, hope he makes a place in gopis heart or something.

    1. I think Sona is pretty. Shes my favourite character now in SNS. Shes better than that troll Monika.

      1. If monica dresses like baa she will be elder than her also…

      2. Monica is so annoying when she speaks English.

  10. It’s gone back to the beginning. Kokila forced Ahem to marry Gopi but Ahem didn’t like Gopi.
    Now Kokila forced Gopi to marry Krishna, Gopi doesn’t like Krishna.
    Gopi tried to im press Ahem, the same way Krishna will try to impress Gopi.

    1. Gopi’s attitude towards Krishna reminds me how Ahem treated Gopi first.

  11. Wow gopi u rock show them who is boss now

  12. Hi guysThe upcoming episode of Saath Nibhana Saatiya will expose the reason behind enmity between Meera and Vidya.

    According the track, Meera is pregnant and Vidya takes care of her sister.

    Meera loves Vidya and her daughter Koyal a lot which makes their sister in law Naiyya jealous.

    Niyya believes that she lost her mother and grandmother because of Meer and Vidya.

    Naiyya thinks that if Meera’s baby comes then Dharam will not care of her so she makes a plan.

    Meera blames Vidya (Sonam Lamba) for her miscarriage

    Naiiya pours oil on stairs and Meera falls from the stairs for which she got miscarriage.

    Naiyya creates a situation where Meera believes as Vidya is responsible for all this.

    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

  13. Isaaq.. Even i thought this. Even she doesnt know to speak english properly.. Then how come

    1. I remember when she couldnt even say happy birthday. She was like “birthday happy ahem.” Looooool

  14. Its priyal not koyal

  15. One thing I don’t get is Gopi saying that a daughter can look after their parents in their old age better than son’s than Gopi is one hypocritical person. Firstly, she never cared about her own parents after coming back into the Modi Mansion after her jail sentence. First person she asked for was Kokila. ( Not her mother but mother in-law) Hypocrite. Then when her mum starts to appear again she only worries about Kokila and not Madhu who is her mum and gave birth to her. Gopi’s gyan can only to a certain extent she hasn’t really done a great job with her parents and thinking about them. How can she blame Pari and Jigar. Like this does not make sense. Gopi is really really annoying and a hypocritical character.

    1. Gopi didn’t care about her own family. It was her responsibility to look after Radha and she failed.

  16. oh God!! please give the writer of dis serl some logic and sense. day by day all the characters of dis serial are becoming boring and annoying at the same time. plz plz make dis serial interesting.plz make some sense.

  17. It is in a good track..

  18. Jigar && pareethi the evil persons.

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