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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dr. Krishna’s mother Premila comes to meet him at Modi bhavan and loudly pampers him. Kokila greets her. Jigar with family comes down and asks who rang bell so loudly. Premila says it is her and asks Dr. Krishna where is her bahu. He points at Gopi. Gopi tries to touch her feet, but she backs off and says she wants meet Gopi Raheja and not Gopi Modi. She looks at muhurath and calls her servants with gifts. She then gives red pubjabi dress to Gopi and asks her wear it. Gopi leaves taking dress. Premila talks in Gujrati. Urmila is surprised to hear that. Premila says she was born Gujrati Premila Popat Patel and become Punjabi after marrying Dr. Krishna’s father.

At Dharam’s house, servants clean house and cupboards. One of them picks Naiya’s box

from cupboard and tries to open it when Naiya enters and snatches it and scolds her to just clean things and not open anything. She then opens box and picks key and smiles saying it is the key to her brighter future. She walks holding it and slips on Priyal’s doll. Priyal is playing with keys and Naiya’s key gets mixed. She starts searching nervously. Vidya comes and asks Priyal to play with dolls and not keys. She sees Naiya searching key and asks to check all keys. Naiya says she has duplicate key, but then thinks she has to get it back from Vidya somehow, else her plan will fail.

Gopi meets Premila wearing her given punjabi suit and tries to touch her feet. Premila says younger ones hug and not touch feet in their culture and hugs Gopi. Dr. Krishna asks her to sit. She says house is not according to vastu, sofas are on dining table’s place, dining table is on TV’s place, clock is on wrong wall…Dr. Krishna shows her sofa. She sits.. Pari and Mona smirk that she will torture Gopi now.

In the morning, Kokila on dining table while having breakfast says Pari had to go to Delhi as her father got a heart attack again. She asks Mona to call Pari and ask if she reached safely and if her father is fine. Mona speaks over phone and says momji reached safely and her dad is fine now, thinks momji left her alone to tackle Gopi. Kokila says Premila did not come yet. Premila comes and says she did not sleep whole night as nothing is according to vaastu. She will go home and have food now.

Gopi is busy chatting to her craftswomen and saying they should work overtime and she will pay them and even work with them. Premila hears that and seeing her in sari asks why did she change, she was looking beautiful in punjabi suit. She asks what is all this, she wants her to go to their house now. Gopi says she cannot come, Dr. Krishna must not have informed that she has a lot of responsibility towards her maaji and will not come. Premila asks Kokila this is what she has taught her daughter. Kokila says she will explain.

Precap: Dr. Krishna explains Premila that it is question of Gopi’s self-respect and he will not let it shatter. Kokila tells Gopi that she has to go to her sasural.

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  1. Shakaib

    When will ahem come back, Dr. Kriskna is not good , please come back ahem.

    1. You are absolutely correct
      Dr.krishna is not good how ahem was……. ………………

      1. How much ahem was…………………………

  2. I don’t think gopi should go because they ry up to something n plan to do something to her

  3. I thinks he will comeback son but not now
    Maybe October months cv is not stupid .. Cv know if Ahem come back SNS become nr 1TRP also and There are many conquérants on any tv show

    1. Soon not son

  4. She will go or not?!?!?!?!?!?!
    Oh confusing………………

  5. What Dr. Krishna calling his mom?????????????????

  6. hey guys can someone tell me what is going on? i have been off for some time have a lot of catching up to do is dr krishna a villian? and ahem is dead right? so how can he come back? so confusing

    1. Absolutely right can a dead person come back? Rubbish na???????????????Everyone know that too .still the makers want to make us fool.
      Don’t know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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