Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Radha laughs seeing Kokila rubbing her nose on floor. Hetal calls Kokila and Ahem, but does not get any reponse. She worriedly calls her husband and says she is worried about Kokila and family as they are not picking call. He says he will find out. Baa cosoles her by saying she is sure her children will be safe, though sin wins at the beginning, truth always wins, baby Rashi and others will come back soon. Hetal says she is worried truth will pay a huge penalty.

Kokila tells Radha that mother is not selfish and she always protects her baby, and if she kills her own baby, belief on motherhood will be lost.

Parag and Chirag go to police station and request inspector to save their family from Radha’s clutch. Inspector asks if she is the same Radha whom they withrew

cases earlier. They say yes and say Radha has eloped with Jigar’s baby Rashi and is trying to kill their other family members. Inspector calls Omkareshwar area inspector who informs that Modi’s did not contact him since yesterday. He informs about it to them and they get worried.

Gopi is still under water. Ahem searches her repeatedly and does not find her. Kokila gets more worried for her.

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Hetal prays lord Shiva idol to protect her family. Kinjal and Urmila also pray to save Rashi. Hetal starts chanting mantras and performing pooja.

Radha shouts at Kokila that she does not need her pravachans as she is not illiterate. Jigar tries to move, but Radha warns him not to move.

Madhu’s turn starts and she prays god that her one daughter is trying to destroy her sister’s family and other daughter is even risking her life to protect her family and prays if Gopi loses over Radha in this fight, it will be even god’s loss.

Radha asks Modi’s to back off, else she will throw Rashi in river. Kokila senses the opportunity and holds Radha’s neck and asks her to give Rashi back.

Urmila’s turn starts next that her Gopi should win the battle and if she loses it, people belief on truth will be lost, prays not to let her lose her faith.

Radha leaves rope and Rashi is about to fall in river. Everyone shockingly get busy to save Rashi. Radha slaps Kokila and makes her fall on floor. Hetal and others on the other side continue their prayers to protect Gopi and Rashi. Gopi touches god’s idol under water and wakes up.

Precap: Gopi comes out of river and kills Radha will trishul.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. thank you for updating faster

  2. I will miss u Radha but now its Pari’s turn to shine. Good job Mr.Writer, its just getting better.

  3. Yayy good job devoleena aka gopi

  4. I didn’t dare to watch this from 2days to c such an psychic …. Pls don’t spoil relations… Its horrible… Wack

  5. I feel gopi n ahem r in swimming pool ….n nt in narmada river…,,,,,,

    1. You are right. when Ahem was swimming then clearly showed the swiming pull’s lower part.I think that tree , Rashi was hangging ,was made by set designer.

  6. Radha ko aise hi maar diya…. Jitni usne sabko torture kiya… Usse bhi torture karke maana tha na… Aur radha ne jab kisiko maara to…. Jail se cchod diya…. Lekin gopi maregi to 20 saal jai… Itni Bakwaas show dekha hain na dekhungi

  7. omg finally d day hav come for my masters to shine yay

  8. kripa karke mujhe aaplog joker mat samjhiye..mere nak lal radha k wajay se hua…itne jor se pathar me nak ragarne dia uoo ma
    guess who m i?
    Tee hee mein hoon kagri yani aplogo k kokila aunty

    1. tu joker nahi tomato lag rahe ho

  9. It’s enough,pls end this show atleast now.seekaram muttai mudichai kattunga.

  10. apunar ji kobo ase hindi othoba engrajit kouk aibur buji nupua bhakhat dile mur tingish k murtu garam hoi..anugrah korisu anekua bakhat dile muk atukur baraf dibo

  11. Really bakwas serial hey…. The writer s rolling around the same story in different ways… Yak.. Boring serial I ever seen…. Bring old rashi back atleast..

  12. Paribean and jig wasteman lyk y no slap radhli ben

  13. Logon Radha mar jayegi….aage ki kahani kya?????..Radha bhoot bankar sab ko satayegi.

  14. The amount of violence in this show is so unnecessary … Let’s get a fresh story soon please

  15. Ha ha ha, vinod u r right, diector will drag the story by making radha as bhooth , who else can write such story except this director,,,,,, then modi family members will go in search of person who treats bhooth , ha ha ha…. all these days they were complaining to police now new twist ….complain god do poojas and all such things , gopi will remain as devi ma ,, disgusting….

  16. thank god; horrible radha finally died

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