Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th February 2014 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th February 2014 Written Update

Rashi throw back to Hetal wht she has say all to her whether she forget since frm 8yrs she handling all alone.. Hetal says thats all her responsiblity being bahu of the house but when ur position getting stronger then respondibilities getting more tuff.. Rashi cut her in middle by saying enough she listening to much already.. and leave!! Baa and Hetal think now how they findout perfect match for Ahem.. then Radha come forward n stand infrnt of them Hetal again start thinking seeing her face

Gopi reaching there where kids stuck in hole.. she rescues allthe kids one by one ask them why they all come in jungle dont even they know how dangerous this place is. Samar and Sahil says we dont want to come here Vidya gave us challenge or bring us here.. Pappu

also says that he stop them but they wont hear him.. Gopi scold Vidya running away frm school thats her routine and today she involve them also along her.. just look at ur condition if anything wrong could happened with you all then wht they giving answers to their parents.. Sahil & Samar get emotional and huged Gopi Miss Pappu also and say sorry to her.. she ask them all to promis her they will never repeat this mistake again. they promis her and huged her lovingly.

Gopi and kids back to school where principle waiting for them angerily.. she scold Sahil Samar and Pappu.. Pappu applogise and Sahil Samar says they not do anything however it happen was just coz of Vidya only.. but Principle didnt accept that Vidys had done anything wrong. since she decide to take them back in their home.. Kids says sorry and keep repeating.. Gopi also tries to take their side but principle says if we not sending thrm back though others kids also take bad influence thus she decide to their parents in morning to take their childrens back. or kids leave first to dcotor and then their room.

Gopi then asked Vidya why Sahil and Samar keep saying that u provoked them.Vidya says no all mistakes are their only good they get back their home if wont they come nor if i do???// Gopi say wht u do?? Vidya making excues being sleepy and they leave.

Sahil and Samar being worried tomorrow they had to send back home.. or if they get know jungle incident then Mummy and Pappa both will beat them.. both says coz Vidya whole day they running and now their leggs are paining alot also they cant even sleepy. Gopi enter in their room along Haldi Wala Malik and tell them to drink it good for them also she tries to waking up Pappu but he was asleep so she told Sahil Samar when he wakes up to ask him to drink the milk. seeing Gopi loving concern Sahil Samar start devloping softconer for their Gopi Miss.. for the first time someone took their side. and understand them.

In morning Rashi ask Meethi that today is sunny day so she quickly put chilles out in sunlight they making pickel of them.. Radha watch Rashi behind piller thus she seeing Hetal walking down frm stairs she come out and start asking to Meethi either she had clean Ahem Jijaji room or not.. Rashi didnt like it she says to Meethi wht she told her.. Hetal come n ask Radha wht happen?? Radha says her that she says to Meethi clean Ahem room first his room messing up badly though Ahem come home after so many days they should take good care of him.. Rashi again says but wht she has say thats also important Meethi clean Ahem jiju room later. Hetal stop Rashi says have patience Meethi do ur work later now let her clean Ahem’s room first. Rashi gets badly pissed off !!

Utmi calls Rashi ask her abt Sahil and Samar how they are?? without them she felt upset but Rashi start telling wht Radha has done with her.. she says to Urmi find girl for Ahem now she cant tolerate all.. Urmi says finding perfect girl for Koki bahu so it takes time.. she have to keep patience.

Gopi once agsin tries to convince Principle ask her to refer her decision again.. but Principle stuck on her decision evenshe try Jigar number to inform him come and take his kids back but his phone were busy.. then she try Rashi her phone were also busy.. but Rashi call her back then Principle tell Sahil Samar story ask her to come in evening and take ur childrens back frm her..

Rashi get worried and tell Hetal school throw Sahil and Samar out due to their naughiness now they call me and Jigar.. Hetal is happy to know that but she hide her happiness

Sahil and Samar threaten Pappu they went back to home but when he comes there in vication so who gonna save him where his Vidya wont be there for him.. Pappu get scared and ask Vidya for help but Vidya had flashback of yesterday incident her regret lying with Gopi. so she refused come along him. Pappu get upset seeing Vidya behaviour.. otherside Sahil Samar tossing the coin.. after toss heads come so they upset to go back home and Pappu happy that they both going home.

Radhi enter in Ahem room along his green tea.. Ahem searching his file on table.. Radha says she bring tea for him. Ahem angerily say why?? either he ask her for tea then why she bring it. coz drinking tea his headache getting better or whom file he searching so maybe Meethi put it cupboard coz today she ask Meethi to clean the room so might be she kept their.. Ahem get more anger nd tell her not touch his stuff he ask her to get out frm his room She says so i keep ur tea on table Ahem get more annoyed and shouts says keep ur tea and get out frm his room. Koki sees it Radha while leaving room mumer to Koki seems Ahem Jijaji is not well. Koki come in and tell Ahem that neither he take care of himself nor he allow to others.. seems he forget that beside work he have his family his home also.. today he come home after so many days.. she ask him to take hot water steam he feels better she bring frm him.. but Radha already brings hot water steam for Ahem. seeing Radha over dose of concern Ahem gets fully angry.

Precap: Gopi ask Sahil and Samar ur parents had also come there.. they says yes come they gonna meet her with them.. but when Gopi reach Jigar and Radhi sitted in car already.

Update Credit to: NazimKiDewani

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