Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with Meera breaking everything and listening to Gaura’s taunts. Meera sees Dharam walking up and starts her drama. Dharam sides with Meera and tells her to let it go. He gets a phone call and leaves. Meera taunts Gaura which makes Urmila happy. She too taunts Gaura.

Gaura left alone vows to teach Meera a lesson.

Sona is dancing in MM. Madhu watches and laughs. They have words and Sona speaks about her marriage. Madhu tries to get some info and pampers her. She asks if Sahir has said anything to her. Sona asks what she is thinking. Kokila hears part of the conversation and asks. Madhu says it’s nothing and sends Sona away.

Kokila question Madhu about the goings on n the household. Madhu tells her that there is nothing. Kokila accuses her of causing misunderstandings. Madhu tries to clear herself by being concerned for Gopi, unlike Urmila. Kokila is not convinced and silences her. Madhu becomes suspicious. Gopi calls for Kokila. Kokila hugs Madhu, for show and warns her. Gopi and Kokila leave a vengeful Madhu.

Meera is shown in the Suryavanshi corridor, plotting. Vidya comes along and lectures her. Meera tells Vidya that if she cannot support her then back off. Urmila tries to smooth things over. Both women worry for Meera. Urmila has a plan.

Gopi is in thoughtful mood. She discloses that she feels that someone in the family is behind recent events. Kokila agrees but doesn’t name anyone. Gopi does not believe that Gaura is behind it. Madhu hides and overhears that Urmila has been sent to Gaura’s house to help Meera.

As the twos conversation is finished Gopi walks away. Madhu hides from her and is not discovered. However, Kokila sees her and confronts her.

Pre cap. Gaura asking Vidya to quickly make her a great grandmother but first she wants Meera to give her another grand child first. Meera feeding Dharam is shocked and drops the food leaving Dharam hanging.

Update Credit to: Xarina

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