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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Samar and Sahir inform family that when they came to Vidya’s hosital room, they saw a masked wardboy here. Dharam scolds constable. ACP says that means someone wants to kill Vidya and says he will watch CCTV footage and asks if they saw what was the culprit wearing. Sahir says wardboy dress with mask. Kokila says Samar and Sahir protected Vidya today on raksha bandhan. ACP says she is right. They all walk out of room and ACP sees wardboy’s clothes in dustbin and says for sure someone wants to kill Vidya. Dharam says it is proved Meera is innocent and says let us watch CCTV footage. They all watch footage in which wardboy removes Vidya’s oxygen mask and runs when Sahir and Samar come in. Samar says this is where he escaped. Constable says he searched whole

hospital and did not find him anywhere. ACP says culprit is in hospital itself roaming after removing wardboy clothes and knows which camera is working and which is not. Prakash walks out with constable. Naiya says she will go to Vidya’s room. They both meet out and praise each other for hospital idea but then get said that their target Vidya escaped death.

Kokila speaks to Krishna and informs that Vidya got discharged from hospital. Krishna says once Gopi wakes up, he will bring her home. Gopi wakes up and says she wants to go to Vidya. Krishna asks her to relax as Vidya is fine and is discharged. Gopi says she wants to speak to Kokila once. Premila says if Kokila hears her distressed voice, she will get tensed. Mansi says tomorrow we will go to meet Vidya. Premila says tomorrow is Krishna’s aunt’s barsideath anniversaary. Krishna says he has night shift today and is leaving. Premila asks Gopi to rest and goes out witih Mansi. Mansi injects hypnotic medicine in apple and says she likes variety, says get ready Gop Modi your madness starts now.

Dharam goes to police station to bail Meera, but is denied bail. ACP says until it is proved someone else wants to kill Vidya, Meera will not get bail. Dharam insists he can send 100 constables to guard Meera and should bail her. ACP says he cannot change rules. Dharam says he will come back on visiting hours. ACP then goes to Meera’s cell and asks why is she doing this. Meera says until she finds Priyal, she will not go from here and will not meet anyone. ACP says he will find out Priyal within 24 hours and thinks Meera is different.

Mansi gets medicine laced apples to Gopi’s room and insists her to have it. Premila also insists and feeds her apples. Gopi falls unconscious after finishing apples. They both go and watch movie. Gopi wakes up and finds herself locked in a cupboard and pleads Mansi and Premila to save her. They both increase volume hearing her voice. Kokila wakes up at midnight and says she is feeling uneasy, Gopi must be in trouble. Urmila says Krishna is with Gopi and she is fine. Premila asks Mansi to get Gopi out as it is 3 hours already. Mansi says she will not spare Gopi so easily, she has to go to metal assylum also. She then goes and opens cupboard and acts how did she come here and calls Premila. Premila asks what happened to Gopi, how did she come in cupboard. Mansi gets Gopi out and asks again how dd she come into cupboard, they should take Gopi to some good psychiatrist. Gopi pushes her and gives a tight slap. Premila shouts how dare she is to slap Mansi, if she is mad. Gopi says she is not mad, she realized what they are up to, earlier they mixed gunpowder in ajwain and seeing both bottles in dustbin, mixing sedative in medicine, marbles on stairs, etc. She asks Mansi if she cannot understand what was doing, what did she do to her. Mansi says she ruined her life, she gave 10 years to Ahem and his daughters, but Gopi ruined her 10 years of sacrifice in seconnds, she loved Ahem and he was only her.

Precap: Gopi says Premila and Mansi she will not live in this house and they should not think she is helpless. Krishna comes and Gopi complains him against his mother and sister.

Update Credit to: MA

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