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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila praises Gaura that she gets into her character during drama. Meera continues to disturb Vidya and Shravan during their date. She offers Shravan chillies. He says he likes spicy food. Meera says even she likes chillies and spicy food. Vidya asks when she likes bland food, then why is she lying. Meera says she is not. Vidya offers gulab jamun to Shravan. Meera gets jealous. Shravan then says Vidya that he wants to ask something. Meera gets tensed that he will ask vidya what she told and purposefully clashes with waiter and falls. She starts yelling at waiter. Vidya asks her to get up. She says she cannot get up. Vidya with Shravan helps her and take home.

Meera reaches home limping with Shravan and Vidya. Gopi asks what happened to her. Vidya says she slipped in

restaurant. Kokila asks what was she doing in restaurant. Gaura says she must hve gone to protect her sister. Kokila asks how did she slip. Gaura tants that she must have slipped worrying about her sister. She then starts yelling at Meera why did she go to a restaurant in which her sister went on a date. Meera says she went to meet her friend. Gaura asks she is from Mumbai, then how come she has friends in Rajkot. Meera says social network friend. Gaura says she must be having friends in chennai, delhi, etc.. Meera says this woman is too much and leaves towards her home limping.

Gopi asks Gaura to stop troubling Meera. Gaura as usual calls her chatanki and starts yelling at her. Gopi leaves behind Meera. Kokila asks Gaura to stop insulting Meera as Gopi does not like anyone insulting her daughter. Gaura yells that Gopi does not want this alliance. Kokila says if she was not, why did she send Vidya with Shravan, this alliance happened because of Gopi only. Gaura thinks Gopi will create a problem and will ruin her plan, so she has to do something to her.

Kokila tells Gopi that she sometimes trying to protect Meera misbehaves with Gaura. Gopi says even she feels, but what can she do when Gaura repeatedly insults Meera. Kokila says Gaura is her childhood friend and she knows Gaura will not think of harming her daughters. Gopi says she will be careful hereon.

Vidya applies balm to Meera’s leg. Meera says she felt Shravan still likes her, the way he picked her and held her hand, she did not like it. Vidya gets tensed. Meera says she is concerned about her and does not want her to take life’s big decision in a hurry, so she shared this with her. she then hopes her plan of discouraging vidya for marriage gets successful.

Vidya goes to Gopi with teary eyes. Gopi asks why is she crying. Shravan on the other side tells Gaura that he does not think Vidya is happy with this alliance. Gaura says her wish does not matter, he has to marry her at any cost. Shravan says Vidya is a good girl and if she does not want to marry him, he will break engagement. Gopi asks Vidya again if she is hiding something. Vidya asks if Shravan really wants to marry her. Gopi asks her to stop thinking bad and directly ask Shravan.

Precap: Gopi sees Kokila telling Gaura that they will be samdhis from friends soon and tries to tell Kokila to stop this marriage. Vidya hugs her and says she got a soulmate of her life as Shravan and thanks her.

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  1. Thnx 4 fast updates…nyc epi…bt meera yaarrrr ….n… Precap osm… What r shrawan n gaura upto?????

  2. Ohh no that’s Goura was a great drama queen,which type of language she use my god .
    I think meera do something against Goura…………….

  3. Friends any one tell me the meaning of “khota sikka”. ????

  4. Khota sikka means fake coin

  5. Wasteless penny i think am not too sure dont know hindi very well

    1. Hope gopi finds gauras truth Devolena is a good actor

  6. meh di parrivar ,meh shravan, Khrisve sehee conga baas Kokila and parrivar egdam duffur Ahem saman Videy property necent Videya shadey carogee with shraven

    i’ll destroy the modi family ,me Shraven and Khrishve my brother. Kokila and the family and duffer Ahem will pay and I will get justice and Videya will mary Shraven as per plan.


      jai shree krishna gaura masi aap ye kya bol rahi h ahemji maaji aap aap kaha h? mujhe ye shadi kisi bhi haal me rokni hogi hye kanhaji ab main kya karu?

  7. Oh tnx gaura for info…..but y to destroy them

  8. Episode is only fine

  9. I think meera will find out gaura truth n stop the wedding

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