Saath Nibhana Saathiya….2014/15) Pt 3


Reacp: Everything Has Changed After 5 Years….Rashi Doesn’t Care About Gopi, Kokila Has Given Up On Gopi Ahem Leaves Modi Bhavan, Vidya Gets Bullied By Her Older Brothers And Sister (Meera And Tolu Molu)

So Let’s Start

Kokila Sees Gopi Crying She Calms Her Down…

Kokila- Sorry Gopi bahu I Know I May Have Told You To Many Things But My Point Still Stands

Gopi- Maa GI Its Not Because Of That It’s Because Modi Bhavan Has Split…Everyone Hates Eachother Hetal Inturupts

And Says That Gopi You Can Fix Everything Just Like You Always Have Gopi Says Maybe…Maybe…Yes I Can Gopi Starsg Shouting Kokila Smiles Seeing Gopi Getting Strength… Gopi Says That She Will Fix Everything Hetal Smiles…..

Ahem Reaches His New Home

Payal- Babe Your Home? Early

Ahem- Yes Love I Came Home For You

Payal- Well Then Come In I Made You Some Daal And Akash Come Here For A Minute

Payal speaks to akash And Ask If They’re Plan Has Suceeded?? Or Not Akash Replies No He Says That Dad Said Until You Don’t to Him That Your Worthy To Be His Wife He Wont Marry You Aliya Gets Shocked…And Says She Will Marry Ahem Just Wait…And Watch

Gopi, Kokila And Rashi Visit Urmila Mansion Kinjal Meets With All Of 5hem Meanwhile Urmila Just Hugs Rashi And Asks How Everyone Is His??

They All Start Talking Rashi And Urmila Talk In Private , Rashi Says That Kagree Is Thinking About Giving The House Keys To Gopi Which Will No Happen.

Rashi And Urmila Make A Plan!

Gopi And Kokila Return Homs Meanwhile Urmila And Rashi Returned Before Them Kokila And Gopi Start Talking When They Hear Vidya Start Screaming!!!!

Gopi And Kokila Rush Donwstairs Vidya Is Crying…. Gopi Tries To Save Her Rashi Stops Her And Asks Everyone Who Was Last In The Kitchen Gopi Says She Was…..Rashi Tries To Speak But Gopi Pushes Rashi And Runs To The Kitchen

And Saves Vidya….Rashi Tries To Slap Gopi, Gopi Stops Her! Kokila Shocked…Kokilas Shocked Face Turns Into A Smile

Screen Freezes On Gopi And Rashi

Rashi- The Truth Is You Want Vidya To Die
Gopi- Baas!! And Slaps Rashi
Gopi Throws Rashi Out Of The House…

Credit to: Aliya

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