Saath Nibhana Saathiya….2014/15) Pt 2

5 Years Later……

So Everything Has Changed
Rashi Has Changed
Meera Has Changed….
Kokila Has Given Up On Gopi

The Ep Begins With Gopi Doing Aarti…When Vidya Runs To Gopi Crying…Gopi Asks What Happened Vidya Replies And Says Meera Di And Tolu Molu Were Bullying Me…Gopi Asks What Were They Doing Vidya Said They Were Pulling My Hair, Calling Me Names And Meera Do Slapped Me…Gopi Shocked She Calls Tolu Molu And Meera Downstairs. But Until They Come A Lady Shouts (Rashi) Rashi Is Wearing A Western Sari And Is Wearing Lots of Jewlerry Rashi Says That Gopi Is Shouting And Has Nothing Else To Do! Gopi Says “But Tolu Molu And Meera Were Bullying Vidya” Rashi Says ” Shut Up Okay! Do You Have Nothing Else To Do??? You’re Always Trying To Get Involved In Every Matter Like Shut Up. Kokila Inturupts And Says “Baas Rashi I Have Heard Enough And You Gopi Do You Not Wanna Say Anything Back To Rashi? Remember What I Told You! STAND UP FOR YOURSELF Ahem Had Enough Of You Getting Embarrassed All The Time That’s Why He Left You.And Then Kokila Tells Rashi To Do Some Work…And Tells Gopi To Take Vidya Upstairs Now! Then The Screen Goes To A Meeting Room With Ahem!! Ahem Is Finding A New Model For His Business Poster!! After The Meeting Ends Ahems Son..Comes (Akash) And Asks Ahem Why Not Get Married To His Mom (Akashs Mom) Payal As He Is Never Going Back To Gop…Ahem Inturupts And Says Don’t Say That Discusting Name Again And As For Your Question My Answer Is No…Until I Know I Want Your Mom To Be My Wife.Got It. meanwhile In Urmila Mansion A Lady (Urmila) Is Dancing With Her Dancing Club Urmila Has Become Really Fit And Leads A Dance And Yoga Club. Anways Kinjal Tells Urmila To Put The Music Down They Argue Kinjal Says She Is Going Shopping Urmila Doesn’t Let Her And Says Your Always Going Shopping Kinjal Replies At least I’m Not The One Eating Food From The Orphans..Urmila Tells Kinjal To Shut Up Kinjal Leaves Urmila Smirks ? Meanwile Gopi Is Crying After What Kokila Said To Her..Screen Freezes

Precap: Kokila Calms Gopi Down and
Apologises…They Hear Vidya Screaming They Go Downstairs To The Kitchen And The Room Is On Fire

Who Put Vidya On Fire

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