Saath Nibhana Saathiya….2014/15) Pt 1

The Episode Begins With Radha…Trying To Kill The Baby Meera And Get Revange On Meera…So Let’s Start

The Ep Begins With Modi Family Going On A Picnic Rashi Finds Out Rashis Plan….And Gets Shocked That The Innocent Radha Is Trying To Kill Meera…So Rashi Tries To Tell Gopi But Radha Is Almost About Succeed In Her Plan But Rashi Slaps Her Kokila Asks Rashi Why She Slapped Radha Radhas Truth In front Of Everyone. Everyone Gets Shocked Gopi And Kokila Says That Why Are You Lying Rashi Bhen…Rashi Shows Her Proof Radha Stills Denies Until Kokila Chokes Her And Then Radha Admits She Was Trying To Kill Meera!!! Gopi Slaps Radha And The Whole Family Beats Up Radha…Ahem Calls The Police…Radha Gets Jailed Gopi Hugs Rashi And Thanks Her Screen Freezes…

Precap: Gopi Is Doing Aarti And Then 2 Little Girls ( Vidya And Meera) Are Calling Gopi..Meera And Vidya Say “look” Kokila Is Shouting At Rashi For Not Taking Responsibility.. they Both Argue..Gopi Feels Sad And Wants Kokila And Rashi On The Same Page

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