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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gaura tells Modi family if they are insisting so much to open her suitcase, she will. She opens lock. Kokila opensit and removes eye glasses, lens, and blind man’s stick. She asks what is all this. Gaura removes lens from her eyes, shows white eye. Kokila is shocked to see that. Gaura says this is the truth she was hiding from everyone, she is blind from one eye. Shravan consoles her. Kokila asks how did this happen. Gaura reminisces burning her eyes while trying to save her brother Karunesh, but lies that she burnt her eyes while she was practicing a drama. Kokila asks why did she hide such a big secret. She says except her son and grandson, nobody knows about it as people don’t like blind artist.

Dharam says Gopi that she insulted his baa and he will not

forget it in life. Gaura also starts and says she knows Gopi does not like her, but she should understand there must be some reason behind it. She will not forget her insult in life. Kokila apologizes her and even Gopi does. Shravan says Kokila she has every right to examine his family as she is getting her married to him. Gopi says she made a mistake and apologizes. Shravan says anybody would have done same, she is like her mother and should not apologize. Dharam says we should forget this and start preparing for engagement. Whole family walks out.

Meera thinks she thought with naani’s drama, this engagement would break, but it did not, now she would have to do something and break this engagement.

Once everyone leaves, Dharam locks Gaura’s door and enters in. Gaura asks how did he change ash pot with lenses. He reminisces hearing Urmila insisting to see what is inside suitcase and getting into room via pipe, hiding ash pot into cupboard and adding whatever he found outside. Gaura says he must have felt a lot of pain, soon she will punish Kokila and take her revenge.

Kokila scolds Gopi for believing Urmila and insulting Gaura. She says Urmila she should have asked Gaura directly instead of creating a drama. Her friend must have felt really bad.

Gaura tells Dharam that her secret of blindness is out now and she will take even this revenge with Kokila. Karunesh’s soul will not rest, until she punishes Kokila. Dharam says he is with her, but he is worried about Shravan, he is getting attracted to modi family each day. Gaura asks him not to worry about Shravan as he has promised to help her and will get her whatever she needs.

Kokila asks Gopi why she doubts Gaura and insults her often. Gopi says she is worried about Vidya and wants to interrogate Gaura’s family. Kokila says that means she did not like her decision of getting Vidya married to Shravan.

Precap: Gopi tells Kokila that Karunesh’s mama’s number is of Gaura’s neighbor’s and not Karunesh mama. Gaura gets tensed hearing that.

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  1. God, how good will this serial get.

  2. जबतदस्त एपिसोड था मुझे बहुत पसंद आया।

  3. Wow..nice episode

  4. most boring and stupid serial



    vidhya gaura bahut chalak h tum meri tarah seedhi mat rahna halanki main aane wale episode me tumhari shadi rokne ki koshish karungi pr tumhari shadi ho jaygi meri bachi tum apna khayal rakhna

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