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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ahem sees Kokila crying looking at Meera and Vidya’s childhood pic and gets sad. Gaura sees Durga slipping and falling and yells she is busy serving only her son and says she is manhoos/inauspicious that she came just today and her bahu left her son and house. She continues that she will die one day as lawarish laash/unidentified dead body. She should not worry about Meera and serve her like she will serve Dharam and her and if she wants to stay with Dharam for 1 day and then live with its memories, she should convince Shravan to call Vidya and convince her to come back. Once Durga leaves, she tells Dharam that their plan is on right track now.

Durga goes to Shravan’s room shivering. He asks what happened. She says she slipped and made a mistake. He makes her sit

on bed. She asks if she can request him something. He says yes. She says she wants to stay here for 24 hours like a bahu and see her papa and live rest of her life with those memories. Gaura enters and says durga is telling right, what if she dies after 24 hours, so he should let her stay for 24 hours here. Shravan asks her to shut up and says Durga let us go from here. Durga requests him again to let her stay for 24 hours here. Shravan agrees.

Ahem carries Meera’s items and asks Vidya and Gopi not to stop him. He walks outside and throws them on floor. Whole family follows him. He takes photo from kokila’s hand and tears Meera’s pic and then pours kersoone on items to burn them. Kokila asks him not to take any decision in anger. He says hea says does not want anything that reminds him of Meera. He continues that Meera is dead for him, reminisces Meera insulting him, burns her items. Gopi comes running and tries to pick items from fire. Kokila asks to get away. Gopi gives her oath and asks not to stop her. Kokila throws water and sets fire off. Gopi shouts at Ahem if he thinks he can get rid of Meera’s memories by burning her items, then he should burn her first as Meera is part of her soul. Vidya sees her hand burnt. Ahem asks why did she burn herself for Meera. Gopi shouts Meera is her daughter and just for her mistake, he cannot get rid of her. Ahem says she made many mistake and he forgave her, but today she made a sin. Gopi shouts that if they punish Meera, they will feel the pain and says when children make mistakes, it is parent’s responsibility to correct them. Ahem shouts he did not break relationship with Meera, but Meera herself broke her relationship with him.

Precap: Kokila says Gopi she ruined her children’s life, so she cannot apologize or expect forgiveness from her. She touches Gopi’s feet. Whole family is shocked seeing that.

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  1. Just high voltage ⚡ drama….

  2. Dramebaaz!!!! Want some Shravan vidya scenes, please!!!

  3. Go pis girls are adults not children and instead of mollycodling them if gopi had given them six of the best(using the cane) meera would not be so badly behaved now. Gopi needs lessons in parenting. She is to blame for all the mess

  4. Is kokila ok she looks old and ill. When she did the strong character in the serial this soap was very interesting, not anymore

  5. Awesome acting by Ahem.and Gopi. Please director’s keep coming up with amazing.plot and storyline. Best serial in

  6. ahem & gopi both are doing overacting.its gating bore day by day.

  7. this serial is a disgrace for indian tv.what lesson are we learning from this revolting program.the cast look so pathetic,just shouting about.

  8. T think meera is planning something for gaura n dharam before she leaves n gopi needs to stop over acting

  9. One word stupid serial sense less director and producer

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