Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st November 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi, Kokila, and Urvashi check girl’s photos brought by Kamla ben. Kokila says her and Gopi’s opinions are same, so she wil not see girl’s pics. Gopi selects a girl. Kamla ben says this girl Radhika is very susheel and sanskari and works in some charitable organization. Urvashi says if Gopi is okay, then they will call this girl and asks Kokila if this time there will be any problem. Lokila sys nothing will go wrong.

Chanda resting on her bed thinks something is wrong in this house. She reminisces Meera and Dharam’s love for each other and even Shravan and Vidya’s.

Vidya tells Shravan that Chanda is getting habituated to good food and good lifestyle in this house, so they have to send her out, else she may not agree to go after sometime.

Shravan says she is right, he did not think about it. Meera comes and asks what are they talking aout.

Gopi tells Jaggi that Radhia and her parents are coming to see him. He says he told her already that he does not want to meet anyone. Gopi insists that he has to sit. Jaggi says he will not. Urvashi says why will he not sit. Gopi insists and says girl’s family will be coming any time. Radhika’s family comes and asks for Urvashi. Urvashi says she is Urvsahi. They say they came with alliance for Jaggi. Urvashi and Gopi converse with them. Radhika sees Jaggi and thinks he is so hot. Radhika’s family likes Jaggi. Jaggi says okay then, they will have engagement tomorrow and marriage day after tomorrow and leaves. Radhika’s mother says Jaggi is bold and not shy.

Meera yells at Vidya and Shravan that when she and Dharam don’t have any problem keeping Chanda here, when what problem they have. Vidya says it is illegal to keep Chanda here. Meera says child is very important to her and if Chanda goes from this house, even she will go.

Meera prepares juice for Chanda in kitchen. Vidya comes and asks if she is angry on her. Meera says no as she knows her lovely sister always care for her. Vidya asks if she is preparing juice for Chanda. Meera says, her child will be healthy.

Jaggi sits in his room sadly. Kokila comes and congratulates her. Jaggi she should be congratulated instead for winning her bet. He could not make Gopi realize his love, he could not even know if she loves him or not. Gopi hears their conversation standing near door. Se walks to her washroom and reminisces Jaggi hinting her repeatedly how much he loves her. She cries loudly sitting on floor.

Precap: Gopi in front of whole family asks Kokila why did she hide from her such a big secret. Kokila asks what. Gopi says that Jaggi loves her. She looks at Jaggi emotionally. Whole family and Jaggi stand in a surprise.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. hi…….sunshiner’s hw r u all GM,hw was all ur diwali frnds .waiting 4 2day’s episode 4 gopi’s emotional confession 2 jaggi

  2. Boss(Siddarth)

    Good morning Sunshine friends ?59 comments good. Akshay I enjoyed diwali did Laxmi Pooja bursted some crackers and we got 5 boxes of sweets from relatives my favourite sweet is barfi and Rasgulla,Jamun. I am living with Mom&Dad Akshay . Waiting for today’s episode and I want to see kokila’s reaction.

  3. Riana

    Yesterday episode was surprising….Hope gopi will realize jaggi’s love…

  4. Isaaq

    LOL sorry guys I meant adithya guy-sorry akshay for naming you

  5. Isaaq

    Chanda reminds me of Radha- she looks as young as Radha. I think Chanda will be the new Radha. Radha was also jealous of Gopi and Ahem and wanted to marry Ahem. Chanda will also do the same.

    I think Gaura will brainwash Chanda the same way Tripti brainwashed Radha. If Chanda is the new Radha, then I’m very happy!!!

    1. Isaaq

      I think Chanda might run away with Meera baby and there might be a leap. I just feel like Chanda will be the new Radha…

  6. Boss(Siddarth)

    Issaq,Saba b4 two months wen we made sunshine group Adithya used to comment a lot but after 5-6days one day at odd hour at 3 am he posted 1 msg in his mother’s name that he is dead wen everyone refused to beleive he started cursing all and even he was telling that we betrayed him and 2 days he was commenting that we are cheaters and later he stoped commenting here . Afterwards ysdy only he commented here in his orginal name I dont know hw cm he changed suddenly .

  7. Boss(Siddarth)

    Adithya still u hv not given ny reason why u did this .

  8. Boss(Siddarth)

    Priyanka SP dnt say dat u dnt hv any right to tell . Here All Sunshine friends are equall and All Sunshiners are leaders k . So everyone cam say their opinions .??

  9. hey sunshine friends always remember your opinion counts in friendship there are no sorry and thank you,some persons are annoyed because we share each others feelings on this forum but because of this sharing and bonding on this page i am sure have saved many lives i know we are suppose to comment on issues pertaining to SNS but we do that and [opinion are the cheapest commodity on earth] we do not have to pay for it so do give your opinion anytime friends well guys i had my day off and back to work take care friends until!!!!

  10. Ok sidharth..n I enjyd Diwali alot vit my son bt litl bit sad bcoz fest is on son misd holiday?..
    Will u guys accept Aditya nw?
    Many of our like sweets here evn I also?..
    Waiting for d episode..n very big haii to evry1..
    Do u guys watch big boss? I lov to watch dat shw nw..

  11. Shakaib

    Hi sunshiners,sowmya,akshay,nandhini,nandhini,needhita,raven,sid,tuffy,Aisha,S.P,Chanu,Saba,isaaq,sheeba,ramoan,rianaa and all here. Sorry for missing someone’s name and sorry too for not commenting,I’m busy these days a lot because of my busy schedule. Only once my exams get over,I’ll comment regularly.
    I enjoyed today’s episode a lot.
    And all guys who are not forgiving adi HP ,I’m absolutely with them an guys who are accepting his sorry please accept my humble request. Don’t to forgave him,he is totally evil,he is so stone heart, he played with our emotions ,he fake of his dead. He has not also a big reason for this. Guys, maybe he want that we quarrel with each other because of him. So,we’ll not discuss about him.
    Isaaq,yes I too think that chandna will be new radha. I’m so excited for gaura’s entry. Hope she will enter soon as evil,the way she torture modis. I enjoy these a lot.
    And please accept my humble request not to forgave adi HP.
    Keep rocking.

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