Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st November 2015 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vidya asks Gopi to let Meera do what she wants and she will understand with time, what is wrong and what is right. Gaura tells Meera that Modi family is looking happy and you might their adopted kid. She instigates her against Gopi and says you can’t win with her. She says they are celebrating and we are upset. Meera hears ladies gossiping that Kokila taught a good lesson to Meera for marrying an elderly man. Meera gets angry and thinks to insult and teach them a lesson which they will never forget.

Kinjal and Urmila argue with each other. Shravan asks Gopi and Vidya to come and play dandiya. Gopi refuses. Vidya says her family don’t like to play dandiya. Meera calls Dharam, and says suniye ji, please come. Dharam thinks she might be doing a drama. She says I was saying.

Dharam asks her to say straight. Meera says we are married, and asks him to hear her carefully. She whispers something in his ears. Dharam asks are you sure that you want to do this. Meera says yes, I want to do this.

Meera announces about the special performance. Gaura thinks it is Meera’s voice. Kokila gets worried thinking Meera will do some new drama. Meera dances shamelessly with Dharam on the song of Lahu Muh Lag gaya………………Kokila and her family feel ashamed. Gaura says they are looking good together. Ahem gets angry. Vidya calms him down. Shravan tells his mum that he will stop dharam. His mum says your Papa has never accepted me as his wife and will never be. Meera hugs Dharam to irk her family.

vidya and Shravan goes to dance, and says it is their turn now. Meera asks what the hell. Vidya pushes her while dancing. Kokila asks Gaura what she will do now, as Shravan and Vidya have failed her conspiracy. Gaura tells that her son dharam is pure and innocent and her grand daughter has tried to woo his son by acting like Menka. Kokila says our age is same, you are fighting your fight alone, but I have my whole family. She asks her to look at Vidya and says she will give her a good reply.

Gopi tells Meera that she knows that she hates her. she says still there is time and asks her to return home rather than becoming puppet to Gaura. Meera reminds her that she is her samdhan and asks her to talk with respect. She says your daughter will not return in this birth, as I will never get happiness in your Modi Mansion. Gaura laughs and says she keeps Meera on her hand and says she uses her grand daughters.

Kokila gets angry and asks her not to shout. Gaura tells everyone that Kokila thinks I have grown old and don’t have strength. She challenges Kokila to compete with her on dandiya dance. Kokila says you will fall on her feet. Gaura says precious anklet will be presented to the winner and the iron anklet will be given to the loser. She says she has won since childhood. Kokila says I am not your friend, but representative of Modi family. She says I will take revenge from you and will show you tandav. She announces that whoever loses in the competition will get to wear feetcuff by Meera. Kokila and Gaura start playing dandiya. Gaura hits kokila with dandiya. Kokila shouts. Gaura smiles.

Kokila hits Gaura while playing dandiya and asks Meera to put feet cuffs on Gaura’s legs. Gopi smiles.

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  1. Are kokila modi badal rahi hei. Ek naya kokila.plz come back old kokila

  2. Issshhhh….meera is so cheap dancing with old man in the song lahu muh…chhiiii…vidya’s dandiya was nice and energetic…

  3. lahu muh lg gya wowwwwww meera n dharam’s romantic dance kya baat kya baat kya baat
    romance ka dour h serial me bhi aur yaha bhi. right sweet akki???

    1. yes u r right

    2. hey…Aise koi baat nahi….

  4. hahaha right kudi meera ne kamaal kr diya

    1. vidhya too


    dekha dekha meri beti meera ko kitna acha dance aata h wah meri meera

    1. wo bhi ek old man k sath

  6. yes gopi

  7. sweet sweet sweet

    1. hmmmmmm u miss her?

    1. hello sweet kokila hits gaura. do u like it? it will be good if kokila beat dharam.

  8. kya hai..Diva…aap ko kya huva??

  9. Yeah Janu…aIways listen Bollywood songs……….

    1. ok plz listen sathiya movie’s title song yes its dedicated 2 u by me. i hope u like it.

      1. Ok Janu…i will hear

  10. Chii meera vidya u rocks

  11. Meera ki acting bakwas hai bt vidya’s act is superb

  12. want more vidya shravan scenes

  13. Hey dhoni you will be my friend

  14. Kokila mujhe achi nahi lagti sali moti so fat snsrocks

  15. Kokila ki acting toh superb wow kya acting hai zabar dast air vidya ki bakwaas

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