Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st November 2014 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pari says Gopi and Kokila that Radha came to this house because of her and now she will delete all pics from Radha’s mobile. Gopi says we should first get pics examined if they are real or fake, may be Radha must be having many copies of it. Kokila says whatever has happened, we have to get out of this issue first. Gopi says again we have to get pics from Radha’s mobile and get them examined.

Urmila scolds Madhu for bearing a daughter like Radha and says Kinjal because of Radha, Urmila scolded her.

Radha looks at her and Jigar’s sleeping pic, thinks until it is with her, nobody can do anything to her. She keeps mobile and goes to washroom. Pari comes in and tries to unlock it, but could not. She hides under bed haring Radha’s sound. Radha comes

out of washroom and goes out towards Jigar’s room.

Radha comes to Jigar room, does not find him there, takes out his dress and keeps it on bed, and sleeps on his bed. Jigar comes out of washroom and gets annoyed seeing Radha. He asks what is she doing here. She says she came to take out his clothes, felt dizzy, so slept. He asks her to get out his room. She will be around him. He picks knife and tries to stab her, saying his life is ruined because of her. Gopi and others come and stop Radha. Pari pushes Radha and says she cannot touch her husband. Radha says maybe she is his wife, but she is his child’s mother and acts as vomiting. She then says she was just joking and walks out with a witch laugh.

Urmila meets Tolu/molu and asks them to keep away from Radha as she is very dangerous.

Kokila asks Ahem to take care of Jigar as he is very tensed, before leaving for office. He says he will and walks out. Urmila comes there. Kokila asks why did she come back even after being insulted. Urmila says she has come out to send Radha out. Gopi says even she wants to send out Radha, but very carefully. Urmila asks her to keep her carefulness with her. Savita comes with other neighbour ladies and says Kokila that she called them for muh dikhayi/face sighting ritual. Pari says we did not call you. Radha comes and says she called them. She says she is bahu of this house now and so she called them for muh dikhayi. Urmila drags Radha and says she cannot stay here. Her phone falls down and Pari transfer pics to her mobile. Radha asks Urmila to leave her, else she will file domestic violence case against them. Radha says Jigar married 2 girls. Madhu asks Kokila when she boasts about religion and rituals, etc., how can she let this injustice in her own house. Hetal asks her to stop taunting them and go from there. Madhu says even she does not want to stay with neighbours who are so evil. Gopi asks Radha why is she creating such drama. Radha says you people made my life a big drama. Kokila asks Gopi to stop getting angry. Once Radha goes from there, Pari says she got Radha’s pics from her mobile. Gopi says she knows a photographer who can examine it. She thinks Radha’s game will be finished now.

Jigar shouts at his employees. Ahem comes there and sends employees out of his cabin. Employees talk that Jigar has changed after marriage. Jigar says Ahem that he ruined his own life and does not have a right to live. Ahem hugs him and says everything will be alright.

Gopi says Kokila that she mailed pics to photographer. Pari says hope they are fake. Urmila taunts her that she did a lot of drama to marry Jigar, but her plan backfired. Photographer calls Gopi and informs that those photographs were real. Radha comes and says those are real.

Precap: Radha says Kokila that they are frightened before she took out her cards and says after this diwali, she will announce that she is pregnant with Jigar’s child.

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  2. Great serial. Radha u r making this show more fun.

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