Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st May 2017 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jaggi hears door knock and angrily says Gopi that he does not want to talk to her. She walks in with doctor and says he is a famous doc and will make him walk. Doc says Jaggi that he is lucky to have Gopi as his wife, she brought him here out of his busy schedule without appointment. He asks Gopi to get hot water and towel and she goes to kitchen. He asks Jaggi to try to get up and walk. Jaggi tries to get up and falls down. Gopi enters and tries to lift him, but he warns to stay away. Doc says let Jaggi try to up himself and walk like a child. Jaggi tries to walk and falls repeatedly. Doc helps him.

Seeta goes to a night club to meet Ricky. Ricky is seen with girls boasting about himself. She starts searching among youngsters. Two men sipping alcohol try to oversmart with

her and asks if she needs a drink and dance with them. She confronts them and asks if they have milk, they must be having it at home. If a girl does not want to talk, they should not trouble her and asks them to move aside. She continues searching Ricky. Ricky continues chatting with her girlfriends and boasting about herself.

Gaura searches Jaggi’s chain and locket and thinks if Kokila took it. Divya wears locket in her room and thinks out of Gaura’s many gifts, this is the best. Kokila blesses Vidya and tries to leave. Bhavani comes out in widow avatar. Vidya asks if Seeta did not inform her anything, Keshav died. Kokila says that is why Seeta is sad, but did not tell anything because of her father-like Jaggi’s condition. She confronts Bhavani that she does not look like in sorrow. Bahavani counter comments. Their argument continues. Vidya says she will come tomorrow to meet Jaggi kaka.

Kokila reaches home and consoles Seeta. Seeta cries loudly. Jaggi says he calls Seeta as maa, but she is like his daughter and he will take care of her hereon. He taunts Gopi a bit. Gopi tells Urmila and Kokila that they should Jaggi’s room. Urmila walks into Jaggi’s room and says she is cleaning room. Jaggi asks to remove show piece and things he does not like, says it is looking good now. Urmila says obviously as it is Gopi’s idea. Jaggi fumes. Urmila leaves. Gopi peeps in and drops marriage album silently. Jaggi looks at marriage pics and tears them angrily. Gopi feels sad.

Precap: Kokila asks Divya how did she find this chain and locket. Divya says Gaura gifted her. Kokila takes it and opens locket and sees blood note Gaura is murderer. Jaggi says it is his chain and locket.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Bhavani deserve tight slap on the face by seeta, precap look interesting, look like gaura will get expose soon

  2. It was kind-of nice to see Gaura worried today. Worried about losing her locket.

  3. Dezine

    where did meera go?? plz anyone tell me!!!!!!

  4. Meera goes bhavani village

  5. Riana

    Episode was okay…Sita was Minblowing ???….Precap was Nice…?

  6. Why no one nominated from the serial sns in star parivar awards injustice towards the serial which is running successfully from years if they consider this as old serial then why yrkkh and yhm are nominated this is geniuene question to starplus

    1. Riana

      I saw in music video….That Ricky n Sita r nominated even Gopi jaggi too…but arent shown in the music video

      1. Riana

        Only Ricita was there

  7. I agree with you jabki sns yhm se jyada trp thi 2nd reason ye balaji kar hai to boh apne serial ko hi lega

  8. Nandhini

    Love jaggi and seeta! They are soo cute to be dad-daughter?? now Gaura will be caught..i am thankful to the producer who made this miracle happen very soon???

  9. Yeah balaji is sponsoring but others also nominated like avni niel Mahesh bhatt production and in 4 lions and others and I’m fan of shivika no offense but at least sns team ko ek category may bhi nahin mila that’s so unfair towards them so many characters are there in the serial but why not even one nomination let’s wait and see bcz there is no villain nomination may be they’ll give directly in spa guara can be nominated as best villian

  10. Riana

    I am actually a Very big Faaan of Shivikaaaa…???…But most of the time they r only concentrating on them n Kaira couple…Dont why they ignores other couples…And if Ishra is there as a couple n why not Gogi…Even now Gogi is better than ishra…

  11. Raina par mei nomination dekhi this hotstar mein sns se koi nahi hain lekin haa music video mein hai haa ur ri8 ishra hai toh gopi aur jaggi kyun nahii I think we have to wait coz there r no nomination s for fav maa paapa saas etc may be sns can get and I want shivikaa to win ?? best jodii vote bhi kiya tha

    1. Riana

      No Helly…In the 2nd half of music video Ricita (Ricky+Sita)was also there…Btw i want Shivika to be the best Jodi…international jodi…

  12. feeling bad for Gopi. Like Ahem, Jaggi is blaming her for no reason. Good to see Seetha in bold avatar her response to the person who was taunting her was good.Thank god Kokila read what was written in the locket. Hoope Gaura goes to jail forever

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