Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st May 2016 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Angar Jail
MJ and gopi, along with kokila are distraught, as they find the hangman, having pulled the lever, on meera, as she plunges inside. dharam is apalled, but they manage to convince the police authorities, as they point out the obvious fact that he is alive, and meera cant be accused of a crime that didnt even happen.

Scene 2:
Location: Gaura’s and modi’s residence
Meanwhile, gauri continues to taunt the family, as to how she shall celebrate on meera’s funeral pyre. the samdhan slaps her tight across the face. all are shocked. Aham finally gets gopi’s call. after much deliberation and courage, Aham receives the call hesitantly, and is shocked at what he hears. gopi tells him that meera is alive, and is standing

in front of them, safe and sound. kokila asks him to tell the news to everyone. aham collapses on the floor, desperately in tears, while they are all distraught and nervous, and continuously ask him to spill whats it, hoping that the worst hasnt happened. gaura is boggled too, but continues taunting. when he tells them, they are overwhelmed with relief, while gaura is shocked. they all ardently pray to the lord to thank him, and now its their turn to taunt gaura. they all hug each other celebrating the happiness, while gaura is disgusted. she is taunted by everyone, that the truth shall always triumph. They decide to do justice to gaura too. they pin her upside down, and continue taunting. gaura begs to be pulled down, while all watch with amusement. The younger daughter says to urmi that they should have tightened the noose around the neck instead of legs. dewan is asked to stop it now, as meera is alive. but they say that she deserves this, as she plays with the life of others. she continues her taunts with the rest of the children. they are reminded of the chilli powder still remaining ajnd decide to shove it down her throat. Mj and the seniors are apalled, while the younger ones have a field day with gaura. the aunt tries to stop urmila, while MJ asks her to let it happen, as she deserves this. gaura curses him. the aunt reprimands her and then asks urmila to continue. urmila gets more drastic, and decide to electrocute her. gaura is petrified. the younger girls ask urmila to in form the police and get her arrested, but they decide to wait for meera to come back, with dharam.

Shekhar calls up baa, and tells vidyamani, and baa that meera is safe along with dharam. she is ecstatic, as he narrates everything. they are overwhelmed and then she tells this to everyone. they all pray to the lord, for having saved their children yet again. she says that they still have their hopes pinned up on him. Later, baa is given water by vidya, and she instead asks her to take care of herself and the baby, as he would soon come to take hwer. she is tensed and says that he shall, but should she really go with him.

Scene 3:
Location: Somu’s residence
Somu hears that dharam is alive, and is shocked. when his sister hears this, she is emotionally overwhelmed, and also knows about how dharam saved meera. they decide to go and meet them. she says that this means vidya was right. he says that she is always right, but he never understands her, and that he made a huge mistake. she assures him that vidya shall forgive him, and that they should get going.

Scene 4:
Location: Angar Jail
The police tells the family, that they have talked to the judge, and after some minor formalities, meera is allowed to go home. they are happy. dharam says that he needs to talk to gaura now, to settle scores with her. Meera says that she is right, as its time now for gaura to pay for her sins. kokila and gopi are tensed.

Scene 5:
Location: Gaura’s residence
As dharam, enters with meera, gopi and kokila ben, he is confronted by the widow, who rushes to him and hugs her. meera steps away instinctively. kokila and gopi are tensed. all are emotional seeing dharam and meera. meera rushes to her father and hugs him. kokila asks him why is he crying now, as she is safe and sound. he is unable to control tears, and says that if anything had happened to her, he would have died, and today he knows, why children are the apple of the eye, as if anything happens to them, then they are shattered. he says that he has lost meera once, but not again. she hugs him, tears streaming down her cheeks, asking him not to cry. gopi then tells her that he cried like this, when she was born, and today she has been born again. Dharam is shocked to see gaura hung upside down, while she tries to instigate him, as they did this to his mother. the men hurriedly pull her down, and gopi reprimands the ladies as to why they did this. she is made to sit, while urmi pulls them all in on her scheme. then dharam asks for water, and she gasps for breath, as she sits down. she hurriedly takes water and gulps it down. she starts her emotional rant as to how they punished her and humilated and tortured her, while protesting vehemently that she didnt do anything. she demands to have them thrown out. all are tensed. The screen freezes on meera’s tensed face.

Precap: Meera tells her that now she shall rot in prison for her sins, while gaura is shocked. dharam screams and says that there shall be no punishments of any sort. gaura gets emboldened and says that this is her son, and she is his mother. but he pushes her away, screaming at her, that neither is she his mother, nor he her son. gaura is stunned, while all others watch, shocked and distraught.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. High pitched drama! Great episode! I just want to watch the part where Shravan asks forgiveness from Vidya…

  2. Im so confused, who is shekar, who is mj?

    1. I think rimjhim did a mistake by writing shekar instead of meethi….and who is vidyamani….?????????

  3. I hope vidya tells her husband to get lost.

    1. Yes in a video vidya shiuts at shravan on top of her vioce chali jaayiye shravan ji

  4. Shravan doesn’t deserve forgiveness. Idiot. Glad to see dharam back. Why didn’t you write about the face Meera kissed dharam when he saved her?

  5. This serial is full of shit and utterly nonsense.They think themselves as detectives

  6. A small request to the author…if you cant update properly then please dont take up this job…Give it in a simple english and dont mess up the characters…please dnt take up the job if you cant do it right!

    1. Rimjhim

      sorry dear apiksha….m new to this serial…and hence there was a minor updfating issue…hopefully it will be all good from hereon…..thanks for ur suggestions….

  7. you can improve the way of explaining the story.

  8. Firoza Lunat

    Mj and shekhar, which planet do u live on luv

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