Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st May 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi wakes up feeling Ahem’s hand. She feels good and touches his face. Kokila coughs. Gopi gets conscious and checks Ahem’s place, sees it wet, cleans and sleeps on his place.

Mansi goes to Kinjal’s room and sees her murmuring in sleep. She sprinkles water on her face. Kinjal wakes up and asks why did she wake her up like this. Mansi says when she called Ahem, Gopi picked phone instead. Kinjal says Gopi is very intelligent and is trying very hard to get closer to Ahem.. Mansi says let us go and see now. Kinjal says they will go in the morning and sleeps back.

Urmila comes to Kokila’s room, sees Gopi and Ahem swapping places and asks kokila why did they swap places and says her servant is very intelligent and is up to something. Gopi gets shy and

Ahem angry. Kokila smiles.

Pari and Kinjal call Gopi and taunt what did she do with Ahem last night. Baa asks not to taunt her Gopi bahu, takes phone and asks why did Ahem remove his T-shirt. Gopi gets shy. Pari says Gopi that she has a master plan. Kinjal hears that with Mansi and tells Mansi that they have to follow Pari to know her master plan.

Pari goes out of house. Kinjal follows her with Mansi and sees her going to neighbour’s house. She asks Mansi to kneel down, climbs her and peeps window to see Pari and neighbour sucheta aunty talking to each other. Just when she is about to record their conversation, somone throws garbage on them. Mansi gets up. Kinjal asks her to kneel again, but by then Pari finishes her talk and leaves. Kinjal says she could not record Pari’s conversation.

Ahem goes to chawl tap to fill water. Sucheta aunty coems there and starts fighting with him. She scolds him that he is neither a good son or husband and because of him Kokila and Gopi are suffering. Gopi interferes and says Ahem is a good husband, father and son and nobody can be like him. She says there is a drift between them now, but he always took care of her and to take care of Kokila, he left his place like house and is staying in chawl. She continues that Ahem married an illiterate like her and gave her a place in his life. He gaves her 2 children. Ahem reminisces he and children insulting her. Urmila says hunterwali is in form today and asks Kokila why is hunterwali fighting for servant. Gopi continues that it is her past life’s good deeds that she got Ahem as her husband and warns her not to insult Ahem, else she will not spare her.

Meera gets emotional hearing Gopi’s confrontation for Ahem. Once Ahem comes in, she asks if he is fine. He says he is fine. Kokila praises Gopi for taking Ahem’s side. Kinjal and Mansi enter and tell it was all Gopi’s plan. Ahem asks her to stop.

Precap: Kinjal asks Pari to call Sucheta and thanks her for her help. Pari hesitantly cals Sucheta.

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  1. surya

    no d best is john…
    john u have such good qualities dat u c only good in evrythng..
    u r a gud optimist…..
    u r an example to all

    • nee patti ya da

      If u are supporting john,then u are nothing but stupid.Why are u so shameless.Don’t spoil our surya’s name

  2. sandhya

    its ok leave it guys…
    may b john and surya like dis serial so they gona suport it…
    lets leave all n stay chill…
    y to take tension 4 a soap…

  3. swapna

    evadi istam valadi…
    naku kuda ee serial istam
    so nenu diniki support chesthanu…
    i suuport john and surya…
    john and surya r not fools..

    ala opinion chepthunapudu fools anadam correct kadhu

  4. njan pavam

    I will not reveal my name.achu if u can,translate what i have said to that fool

  5. swapna

    i said here any one can share their opinions..
    like john and surya i too like dis serial and i support them

  6. ragini

    john u r an idiot..
    y u iritate inocent people..
    y should someone say against of someone…
    enjoy d show in healty way
    poor gal swapna

  7. njan pavam

    John,achuvinode engane samsarichal nenee njan thenga pothikumbole pothikumede chulan cheruka

  8. njan pavam

    Let us look who will win the theri malsaram against john.liya and achu.u also say something like riya

  9. njan pavam

    Wow,liya is only missing.A last sentence for u john
    Poda chori thavale,mara makri,Undakanna, thadiya,bhonachakke .
    I think i call all theri is remaining.

  10. Gopi

    Drama is going very backwas…and add some cute and happy scenes not only dramatic and fights please it is getting boring

    • ikra

      hey john in girls ki bato pe dhyan mt do kyunki ye tumse bat krna chahti h jb tum in se bat nahi krte to bhi ye tumhare bare me hi comment krti h taki tum in se bat karo ye sab in girls ka tarika h kuch na kuch bolkar tumhe pareshan krne ka

  11. omi

    Khaghi pad kinjal e. Nakami potanu ghar muki bhai nu ghar bagade che. Bekar chokri che n ohh mansi shameless padi che bija na husband upar dora nakhva.

  12. Achu and all the girls who have a problem with me, u should do one of two things; either u shouldn’t read my comments or don’t read the updates.

    • ikra

      john i agree with u agr wo girls tumhe pasand nahi krti h to tum pe dhyan kyu deti h tumhare bare me kyu comment krti h in girls ko ya to koi aur kam nahi h ya fir ye khud hi chahti h ki tumse bat krna isliye tumhe pareshan krti rahti h

  13. kkb fan

    U fools ds i a comment section where u should dscuss abt d show bt here u all talk sm scold sm confess wat d hell

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    Paranju,tn-il ninnu may 1stnu varum apol chechiyude phone-il serials kaanum.

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