Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st March 2016 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meera shouts for help seeing her room full of rats. Dharam comes hearing her voice, opens door, sees floor full of rats, and carries Meera out of room.

At Modi bhavan, Gopi asks Vidya where is Meera and Dharam ji. Gaura says they may not come. Vidya says di will come and calls Meera, but her phone is switched off. Meera comes with Dharam. Gopi sees injuries on them and asks what happened to them. Meera says 100s of rats engorged her room and when she tried to go out, door was locked from inside. Dharam ji saved her today, else don’t know what would have happened to her. Gaura asks Dharam why did he go between so many rats. Gopi looking at Gaura asks how can so many rats come at once. Gaura asks not to look at her as she did not do anything. Dharam says let us drop this issue now, he will investigate and will do justice. Kokila says they trust her.

Pooja starts with Ahem and Gopi performing aarti. Dharam angrily performs aarti with Durga followed by Shravan and Vidya. After pooja, Ahem says there is happiness at home after a long time, so he wants to do garbha with his lonely wife Gopi. Gopi gets shy. Kokila says even she wants her Gopi bahu and Ahem dikra do garba. Gopi and Ahem start garba and whole family joins them. Sahir sadly tries to walk out, but Vidya and Shravan drag him to dance.
Madhuben takes Gaura out and says she cannot see Modi’s happily dancing, so she will do a dhamaka today. Gaura says she will not help her this time as she has promised her son that she will not create any problem here. Mudhuben says says she will do dhamaka alone today and hopes Gaura also dies with Modis.

Sona sees Sahir and feels sad that she cannot dance with him. Her pallu falls down and she gets tensed seeing Madhu standing beside. She throws mud on Madhu and wears pallu. Madhuben yells at her.

Meera goes to Dharam and brings him to dance floor holding his hand. He gets happy. She says husband and wife should do garba and asks him to dance with Durga. Dharam gets sad while Durga smirks.

Precap: Madhuben plants bomb in cow dung cakes and thinks once Kokila burns them, dhamaka will happen. She gives match box to Kokila and asks to burn cow dung cake.

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  1. Why does Sona have to expose Madhuben. Please continue the Madhuben storyline for a couple of weeks.

  2. where is khanikar n rajna ??? i miss their comment

  3. what a load of s–t yaar come on its beyond a joke this sns

  4. es serial mr paridhi aur nahi aayegi kya??
    Bohut miss karta hu paridhi ko

  5. Oh so Durga is bad?

  6. ya paridhi ke niece (vidya) ki shadi thi tab gayi thi apane papa ke pass bcz of his heartattack aur uske baad ghar me bahot kuch hua.infact usske bete ki shadi hui abhi tak vo ghar nahi aayi hai.
    plz bring paridhi soon

  7. Is paridhi comming back or not???
    At least give us an info.. It’s being a long time.. And the current track involving sahir and sona definitely needs her presence..

    1. Shivam saxena

      Gopi’s real mother is so so so bad ? and hateful for Gopi kokila God bless ? yew

  8. I hope they throw the cow dung cake in madhuben face i light it boom

  9. What’s happening??meera love dharam or she wants him to join with durga?

  10. Durga is really bad…..seperating the love birds in sns i hate her a lot…

  11. Haaa dis dirty gaura n madhuben r very idiotic ladies…. Even i am too missing paridhì alot

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