Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st June 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Molu kicks Dr. Krishna out while he continues telling Kokila that he loves Gopi a lot and doe s not eye badly on her, he will keep her happy and she will not need anyone else’s help. Jigar punches him and closes door. He shouts at Kokila that he told her many times not to trust strangers, but she did not listen. If this doc comes home, he will kill doc. He asks Pari to call nursing home and call doc, he does not want to take risk with Gopi’s health. Pari says yes. He leaves. Monica comments doc is mad, does not know what he saw in her.

Kokila goes to hme temple and cries that she made a big mistake by trying to trust stranger. Dr. Krishna goes to his home and reminisces Kokila’s words that she did not know he would eye badly on Gopi, he cannot take Ahem’s


Monica checks Gopi’s face and murmurs what did mad doc see in old woman, it is strange. Kokila comes and asks what is she doing here. Monica says she is talking to Gopi. Kokila asks her to leave Gopi alone as she needs rest. Monica shouts if she is asking her to get out. Kokila says she did not mean it and just want Gopi to rest. Pari enters and asks what happened Monica. Monica says she came to check Gopi, but Kokila asked her to get out as she think she is disturbing Gopi. Pari shouts how can she talk to Monica like this. Kokila says she did not mean that and takes them both out.

Dr. Krishna applies dettol to his punch wound and shouts in pain, talks to himself he nursed other’s wounds and now realized how it is to feel pain. He realized how it is to express his love, Kokila saved him, else he would have been beaten severely.

Kokila asks Pari and Monica not to shout in Gopi’s room. Pari yells that because of her leniance, Dr. Krishna thought vulgar about Gopi. Kokila says whatever happened, she wants some other doc as Gopi needs injection daily. Pari asks Monica to call nursing room and fix doc’s appointment at home. Monica thinks she should inform Meera about this.

Dr. Krishna cries emotionally that he does not want to take Ahem’s place, Kokila called her son, but behaved rudely. He loves Gopi since 4 years, but expressed it today and got hurt. He reminisces braiding Gopi’s hair and wiping her face. He continues his emotional talks.

Meera keeps clothes in cupboard yelling at servants. She sees a baby kurta and throws it angrily. Monica calls her and says whatsup. Meera asks why did she call. Monica says she has a gossip for her. Meera says she is not interested. Monica apologizes for yesterday’s event. Meera says fine. Monica informs Dr. Krishna came home in the morning and told Kokila that he wants to marry Gopi. Meera shockingly asks what…Monica says shocking naa..Dr. Krishna came with sari, bindi, kumkum, bangles, etc..and directly proposed. Meera says she is telling such a big issue as gossip, what were they dare doc is trying to take dad’s place, they should not let doc in their home again. If they cannot, she will come and beat doc.

Meera turns and sees Vidya standing. Vidya asks what is all this. Meera says idiot doc wants to marry maa. Dharam also comes and shockingly asks what…Meera says she knew it, doc had bad eye on mom, he is eyeing on money.. Vidya says doc does not look bad. Meera asks how does she know. Vidya says mom’s marriage. Meera asks what is she telling, if she is out of her mind. Dharam tries to intervene, but stops. Meera asks how can let someone else take dad’s place. Vidya asks Dharam to explain. Meera yells Dharam even forgoes her sins and if she tries to create drama again, she will kick her out of house. She then pushes Vidya out.

Kokila comes to Monica’s room and asks when will doc come. Monica is busy munching fruit and thinks she forgot, lies that Dr. Falguni will come. Kokila says if Gopi does not get injection on time, she will…Monica asks so what, she will not die. Kokila warns her daer not to think bad about Gopi. Pari comes and asks what will she do.

Precap: Kokila thinks it is already 9 p.m. and doc did not come to inject Gopi, later sees 12 midnight and thinks why doc is not coming still.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Rubbish serial y can’t they finish it with a happy ending

  2. Ahem is dead and Kokila is walking with a stick where did Pari get so much power from to insult Kokila so much and where is Hetalji? because Ahem is dead everything gone haywire utter rubbish and why is meera behaving so rude? Vidya needs to move out from there and Gopi is way more beautiful than monica if i never saw a square face i am seeing one for the first time its monica her face is square no disrespect jigar needs to wake up from his slumber and kokila needs to be in control again

    1. Hetal QUIT THE SHOW raven.And the SHOW goes to drainage.the show become a very big crap.rashi ke death ke bath the SHOW BECOMING boring to me.because of radha I left the SHOW.and now ye paridhi monica big torcher to me. Blahs

  3. I agree that Monica is very harsh I wonder why directors gave pair s mother not daughter in law
    Monica looms bigger than paridi

  4. monica looks older than paridi

  5. niceeeeee…… ?????

  6. stupid monica is squinted eye…gopi iz better

  7. Monica says gopi older….monica herself looks like facing malnutrition…

  8. OH MG
    ” FANCING MALNUTRITION ” what a comment h yar?

  9. Where is akshay brother,john uncle,issaq,abhi etc

  10. Without them commenting is so boring.

  11. going now

  12. thanks Jaz for letting me no Hetalji quit the show i heard Jigar Vidya and Gopi is also leaving then what will we be watching? monica and paridi face?

  13. i meant know

  14. what a faaltu episode

  15. Where is Mrs. Hetal and kokilas husband? This drama has become crazy and Monica is worse than anything.they should change the script

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