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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila gives Meera’s shopped gift to Meethi and Meera shouts. She says she will shop more tomorrow. Kokila asks Tolu to bring Meera’s laptop, tab, everything which she does online shopping on and he leaves. Meera says she cannot do that. Kokila says she can and soon she will get her married to a good guy. Meera says she is a tigress and nobody is dare to control her. Kokila says she is a ring master and knows to control her. Meera says she is a free bird and adult and nobody can stop her here. Ahem says she is a kid. She says she is adult and he does not want to accept it. She tries to walk out and Gopi tries to stop.

Meera smirks and thinks they will plead and stop her and then she can throw her conditions and rule over them. Kokila says nobody should stop her

and she is free to go. Meera walks out. Gopi pleads Kokila to stop Meera or else let her also go. Kokila tells everyone that they trusted her till now and should trust even now.

Kinjal looks at her jewelry boxes and gets happy thinking she will sell jewelry and live rest of her life lavishly,, but finds her jewelry missing. She yells that Urmila must have stolen it. She starts checking Urmila’s lugguage and alleges her that she is a thief.

Meera walks out of main gate and thinks her family stopping seeing them watching from window. Kokila loudly says to take care of herself. Gopi pleads, but Kokila stops her again. Rain starts. Meera runs on road. She busy umbrella and seller asks her to pay 150 rs. Meera says she does not have money and gives her ring. Seller says she does not need her fake ring and needs only money. Meera steals umbrella and runs. Seller catches her right in front of Modi bhavan and pushes her on ground after snatching umbrella. Gopi sees that and pleads gopi to spare her Meera. Kokila pleads her to spare her to teach Meera a lesson.

Meera sits on footpath and thinks Modi’s are so cruel to not call her back. Ahem looks at Kokila and she asks him to wait and watch. Meera starts feeling cold.

Kinjal ransacks Urmila’s clothes. Urmila holds knife on her and says she knows how to tackle thieves like her. Kinjal sprays pepper spray on her eyes and realizes that she is not mad. She calls police.

Gopi continues pleading Kokila to forgive Meera and Kokila in turn pleads to spare her and says it is very important to make her realize that she is nothing without her family. She loudly asks Meethi to prepare pakoras for everyone and takes everyone in, asking Tolu/molu to keep an eye on them. Meera fumes that nobody is bothered about her.

Precap: A few goons misbehave Meera and try to kidnap her. She shouts dad….daadi…

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Good job koki!!

  2. Meera u r very foolish
    understand u have now values without your family….

  3. saath nibhana saathiya`s not so big fan since rashi left

    Gopi is getting on my nerves,, why cant she be shown brave and giving a tight slap to meera. Nonsense writting.

  4. Nice epd kokila you did a gud job

  5. nice episode …koki u hve dne great job..

  6. we need a gud slap frm gopi to mera!

  7. Good job koki…nice ep.

  8. Good job urmi n koki ??

  9. # need Gopi to be brave concerning meera’s behaviour and she should slap meera

  10. Gopi should slap meera

  11. Awesome episode!!!

  12. Rocking show

    1. Who d hell r u?? Fake dump ppl

  13. Today episode was nice

  14. Good job kokila

  15. Good work done by the modi’s.meera please understand your mother’s love.

  16. Guess who is back. I have been gone for 2 weeks but this show is still the same. Same excitement and more fun. Hail this show.

  17. R u the guy who sends mails to pradishma n threaten her?

  18. Good let dem kidnap her for real dis time n thumbs up kokila modi

  19. Yep, Gopi need to wisen up….she is making the same mistake as she did with Radha…being soft…I just can’t believe that Meera has turned out to be such a “b***h…


    my favorite serial
    keep it up
    rock the modi family………………

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