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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi asks Radha, what happened? you seems sad. Radha says, I am fine. Kokila wipes something from Radha’s face. Radha smiles. Tripti thinks, Radha is looking happy and opines that they are with Modis. Gopi, Kokila, Rashi and Radha leave in the car. Tripti follows them. Rashi sees Tripti following them. Kokila signs Rashi to keep quiet. Radha thinks to talk to Tripti somehow. Urmila comes on the bike wearing the helmet with Dhaval. Ahem and Jigar follows Tripti’s car. Rashi tells Kokila that they shall have icecream after going to temple. Kokila refuses and says we will head back to home. Urmila snatches Kokila’s purse from her car. Kokila shouts for help and asks the driver to catch the thief. Rashi says, we shall go to the police station directly. Gopi also insits. Kokila

asks the driver to take them to the Police station. Urmila opens Kokila’s purse and gets nothing, but a note for Urmila.

Gopi, Rashi, Kokila reach police station via their car with Tripti following them. They enter police station. Tripti angrily says that her doubt that Radha has shaken hands with her relatives is right. She waits for them to come out. Rashi and Gopi hide out behind a wall and watch Tripti from there. Tripti says Radha betrayed and she will punish Radha now.

Kokila, Gopi, Rashi reach home. Hetal asks Kokila if the work is done. Rashi sees Radha behind and signals her. Gopi says Hetal that someone stole her wallet, so she had to go to police to complain. Radha goes from there saying she will go and clean the room. Once she goes from there, Rashi scolds Hetal for acting immature. Kokila scolds her for talking to Hetal rudely.

Kids are playing with a Baa’s hearing aid. Hearing aid falls down and Radha steps on it unknowingly, breaking it. Kids push her and ask her why cant she see and walk. Radha scolds her why can’t they see. Meera asks kids not to misbehave with Radha as she is elder. Kids say she is very bad. Radha says kids are bad as their mother. Kids ask her not to speak to them like that and say their mom will punish her and send her to jail.

Radha asks what they mean and what mistakes she made. Meera asks Radha not to pay attention to their words and takes kids to their room.

Kinjal sees Dhaval and Urmila coming home. She asks Dhaval if work is done. He goes in without saying anything. She asks Urmila if work is done. Urmila says nothing impossible for Urmila and gives her Kokila’s wallet saying her mother is so rich, but did not keep money in her wallet. Kinjal sees a note in Kokila’s wallet and laughs.

Vidya asks her brothers why did they tell about their plan to Radha. Tolu/Molu says Radha was rude with them, so they got angry. Meera says we should not tell anything to Radha and takes their promise. Radha watches them from behind and thinks she was right, they are hiding something from there. She thinks only Kokila knows her reality and her memory is gone, so she won’t tell anything. She sees Hetal and thinks she can get some information from her. She comes down and starts acting like cleaning. Hetal sees that and says she does not have to work as we do it to only show it to Kokila. Radha asks howmany lies she will tell and says one day we will be entangled in our lies. Hetal says we have to do it for some more time and does not have any other option. Radha says y0u act well, nobody can identify if it is drama or reality. Hetal gets tensed and goes from there. Radha sends SMS to Gopi from Hetal’s mobile to reach Kokila’s room. Gopi sees that and goes upstairs. Rashi also sees SMS and tries to go up. Hetal closes the room door once Gopi and Rashi come into the room. Radha hears door closing sound and thinks there is something going on.

Rashi asks Hetal why is she tensed. Hetal says she is not finding Kokila at home. Radha climbs room’s balcony by pipe. Kokila comes from washroom. Radha hears their conversation and thinks Kokila’s memory is back. Hetal says Radha was behaving wierdly today and it looks like she knows everything. Kokila asks her not to worry. Hetal says she might harm us. Rashi says she does not know anything and cannot harm us. Kokila sees a shadow near window and goes to find out. A car comes there, and she sees Radha’s shadow outside window. She calls Hetal, Rashi, and Gopi and shows them Radha’s shadow.

Precap: Radha calls Tripti and says we are trapped, they know everything and asks to meet her. Kokila and her bahus tap Radha’s phone and hear her conversation. Kokila says we should follow Radha now.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. What’s the hell is is happening there Yaar…….full of idiots…….what they can’t keep the secrets………they are talking secrets in such a way that not only that Radha even tripti can also hear to them sitting in her home….idiots…..full of idiotic script and………………some what better than they previous episodes please….please….please …..end this drama soon…….n start another investigation…………

  2. Ooh I love this and shut up lokeshwari

    1. Hey samata its my own view n no need to do such over action n who are you to ask me to shut up mind ur language by seeing this saathoya u to became like Radha n doing overactions like gopi interfering in others matters u keep ur name as GORA from today.’MANNERLESS’

    2. who d hell r u to ask someone to shutup..u guys r the reason fr such stupid scripts running endlessly …

    3. Hey verasamata who are u to ask her to shutup mind ur language …..u r right Lokeshwariji this a super flop script keep comments ji I like ur comments

  3. Raadha did not send msg from hetals phone….. hetal her self send text to gopi n raashi

  4. Wht d hell is going on ds serial…gopi tk oath to teach radha nd tripti a lesson..i was hpy that fr frst tm gopi will tk a stand but no she is doing nothing..rashi is mkng plans all d plns nd gopi is just flwng the lst of ds stupid drama gopi will tk all d crdt nd rashi will gt nthng but only kokila’s taunt…stupid shw just go off air nd free d 7 pm slot for a btr stry

  5. omg stoppppppppppppppppp- this series is getting ridiculous

  6. Shut up lokeswari anyways what kind of name is that this program is really interesting if you hate it so much why do you read or watch it then your the idiot no them and meghana why don’t you shut up yourself no one was talking to you
    And again another weird name Lol

    1. Guys, why are you fighting for just a serial. They are posting their views in their point of view. So please dont use vulgur words.

  7. Lucky .. u dnt have right to talk about names, and whoever it may be they are just sharing their opinions and if u dnt like it, leave it as u are suggesting us not to watch show or comment if we dnt like the serial…
    Be aware that We have right to talk and No one has right to taunt about what we talk …

    1. Achi everyone has the right for freedom of speech is a law in my country and I’m just saying what s the point in complaining about program so much if you read about it

  8. Yeah madhu is right

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