Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st August 2016 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jai and Veeru play prank with Mona and Mona tries to slap them. Sona holds her hand and warns her dare not to try hit her sons and scolds her. Mona fumes in jealousy.

Jigar’s car breaks down in rain. A lady sees him standing in rain and comes out to help. Jigar is surprised to see Mansi. Mansi says he will not get mechanic in this area and asks him to come to her house and asks her driver to get Jigar’s car repaired and bring home. Jigar accompanies her.

Mona sees Sona over phone and to take revenge spills oil on floor. Mona slips and falls and hits her stomach on floor. She shouts in pain. Gopi and other ladies gather. Kokila says her labor pains have started and they need to rush her to hospital. Urmila calls ambulance and says phone is not connects.

Gopi calls Dr. Krishna, but gets disconnected due to bad weather. She says they have to rush Sona to hospital right now. Premila comes and says she will not go anywhere.

Mansi takes Jigar to her home and says she lives in US and has come here for a business meeting. She asks how is his family, Pari, Kokila, Hetal, Ahem. Jigar sadly says Ahem is no more. She is shocked and asks when and how did this happen. Jigar says he passed away 5 years ago in an accident. Mansi gives her card and asks him to call her if needed and says her driver will drop him home. He leaves.

Premila says Sona is not in a condition to go to hospital, so the need to perform her delivery right here. She asks Gopi to get hot water and asks Mona to bring towels and blankets. Kokila, Urmila, Mona surround Sona with bedsheets. Premila asks Sona to push. Sona delivers baby girl. Premila happily says it is a laxmi. Urmila says onemore is yet to come and another baby girl is delivered. Premila congratulates Kokila for 2 laxmis and rounds money on babies as shagun. Molu congratulates Tolu and Mona fumes in jealousy. Jigar comes home. Kokila congratulates him for becoming grandfather of 2 baby girls. Pari asks where was he.
Gopi calls Vidya to give good news. Vidya cries that Meera sent Priyal to boarding school and tells her whole incident. Gopi says she will come there right now and informs family that Vidya is in trouble and she needs to go there right now. Meera hears Vidya’s conversation and yells at her why she informed stranger. Vidya says Gopi is her mother and more than her life for her. Meera argues and Vidya retaliates.

Precap: Meera tells Gopi that she officially adopted Priyal and has legal rights on her. Gopi asks where is Priyal. Meera asks her to forget Priyal, she will never come back in this house. Gopi raises hand and Meera holds it.1 cv

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  1. How cruel is this mona?
    And about meea,hoom ,”i think meera is cruel than mona .she is the most evil type of the serial.

  2. Where are you akshày baai ?are you busy with study?

  3. Accha serial

  4. Then,where are you issaq?

  5. I’m not surprised to see all this going on….

  6. Mansi!!!…oh now i got it that 5 years ago mansi kidnapped ahem and sent a dummy to modi mansion…

  7. Poor Sona! I HATE the character Mona she is so rude! How could she try to kill two babies just because Sona yelled at her for being horrible to her children.

  8. Mona is so evil n so sorry for sona n gopi should slap meera hard n help vidya find priyal

  9. Surely mansi has some evil plans against gopi and modi parivaar….she will actually play ze role of krishna’s sister n premila’s daughter!!…in the previous episode mansi met jigar and actually learned from him zat ahem is no more….but actually she somehow or indirectly is connected to ahem’s death…mansi was anyway in love wiz ahem…and now she is back to make gopi’s life a living hell?!!!!

  10. I understand monica is a negative character and ways too annoying and bad nature figure but paridhi!!!how could she??!!did she forget zat if she is a part of modi parivaar then its only due to gopi n kokila n now when her gopi behen n kaki ji are facing tantrums n difficulties in their lives…instead of helping them…she is conspiring n zats also wiz zat witch monica!!!did she forget all the sacrifices gopi made for her in the last 5 years n bechaari gopi return she got only insults n humiliations???

  11. I agree totally wiz u?

  12. Completely agree wiz u….but unfortunately some peoples change wiz time n along wiz it they completely forget ur love, caring and sacrifices….?paridhi always wanted an educated n modern bahu just like her…and we all know zat she was never happy wiz sona….since she was uneducated..illiterate n down market(according to her)

  13. Love u meera ….hot character n as always stylish in gorgeous sarees…hmm your leap look is absolutely fabulous…i really love it??????but pls stop using..:”Understand …u better understand!! When threatening people.
    …because if they have really understood they wouldnt have given uu the opportunity to repeat it again..otherwise ur talents n skills are ek dam kammal hain????????????????

  14. Oh hello …mansi hasnt done anything as such…dont expect ahem to return to the only krishna will play the male lead role…so forget about ahem…the latter clearly said before quitting the show zat he is not fond of playing the role of a stop zat stupid comment of urs

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