Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st August 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gaura applies mehandi on Kokila’s hand and they both reminisce their childhood mehandi competitions and how Gaura used to apply cow dunk on her friend’s hands. Gopi brings milk for them and gets happy seeing Kokila so happy. She walks out asking closing their room door.

Ahem tries to enter when Gopi stops him and says mom is busy and if he does not have important work, he can talk to her tomorrow. She says mom is happy after coming back to modi bhavan and after gaura came, she is more happy. She asks if he has any best friend. He says no. He asks if she has. She says she did not attend school and even her neighbor girls were 8-10 years younger to them, so she did not have best friend. Ahem says she has a bestfriend and it is him. She says then she is his best friend.

He smiles and nods yes.

Gaura tells Kokila that she will go and sleep now as she has to go with an alliance for her grandson in the morning.

Meera sees her siblings sleeping and tries to escape, but hears tiger’s roaring sound and sleeps back zipping tent. Tolu/molu laugh seeing this as they played roaring sound on their mobile.

Gaura comes for breakfast in the morning. Kokila says after yoga, she should eat light food and gives her dhokla. Pari says kokila is right. Gaura says she does yoga for mind and body’s fitness so that she can confront her enemies and orders pari to get her butter paranthas. She brings. Ahem comes and tells Gopi that he has an urgent meeting at office and cannot have breakfast. Gaura with her usual arrogant attitude calls him duffer and asks him to tell where the address comes. Her says she should have taken Gopi’s help instead and says Shah house is nearby and his driver will drop her. She ask what has happened to him. He says he has business meeting. She laughs like an evil and says she was joking and he leaves. Kokila suggests her to call Shah’s here itself. Gaura asks why will her bahus take trouble for her bahu’s enemy, poti bahu. Gopi says she would be happy to serve them.

Tolu/molu tell Meera that they are going back home. Vidya says before that boy meets her in jungle, she wants to go. Meera says she wants to trek a far hill. Molu says it is very tough and they should go home. Meera says she will go alone and leaves smiling with her evil plan.

Kinjal and Urmila gets irked seeing mosquitoes at guest house. Dhaval brings them breakfast and asks Kinjal what is she doing. She says she is killing mosquitoes. Dhaval gets call from office and leaves.

Gaura enters kitchen and sees Pari and Gopi preparing dishes. She tastes kheer with chutney spoon. Pari says she should not have done that as Kokila does not like it. Kokila comes and Gaura says her bahu is taking her class like teacher. Gopi says she will prepare another kheer. Gaura with her evil laugh taunts that Gopi works like a servant round the clock. Kokila asks her to stop taunting. Gaura says they will divide kheer into 2 and keep her tasted one behind. Kokila asks Gopi to prepare halwa for god’s prasad instead of kheer. Gaura laughs and takes Kokila from kitchen.

Meera escapes from her siblings saying she dropped her bracelet and runs. Vidya realizes that she did not wear any bracelet and she runs behind Meera with Tolu/molu. Meera meets Sanskar and they both start running. Meera’s leg stucks in a hole and Sanskar tries to pull it up. Meera sees scorpions coming towards her and shows them to Sanskar. Sanskar runs from there leaving her alone. Meera shouts Tolu/molu and Vidya for help.

Precap: Kokila asks Gaura why did she reject alliance for her grandson. Gaura says she needs a tigress like her for her grandson and not wet cat.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Meera the tigress ?

  2. Whats going on guys ??? I never wanted mother in law like bullsheet GAura !!! Get it!!!

  3. Nice episode..great saathiya??????☺☺

  4. This Meera is an incarceration of Radha.

  5. paridhi jiger modi

    yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee meera will go to marry all viewers are invited on wedding at modi house khub dance karenge main kaki saas banne wali hu yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee hurrrrrrrraaaaaaaaayyyyy

  6. Main apni beti mera ki swayamwar karne javraha hu aur sabhie lafange ladke swayamwar mein invited hain agar aap bhi lafange hai to must come.

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