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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kinjal shouts at Sona and gathers whole family. Kokila asks what happened. Kinjal says she lost her eyebrow because of Sona’s face pack. She drops Meera and Vidya’s photo in a fit of rage by mistake. Gopi picks broken photoframe and starts crying. Pari laughs that Sona did what Gopi did with Ahem’s laptop long ago. Kokila asks her to stop laughing and asks Sona what did she add in face pack. Sona says olive oil and rose water. Kokila says that means there is something wrong with face pack and not mix. She sees Gopi crying and asks what happened. Gopi shows broken photo frame and says Meera and Vidya are in danger.

Gaura stops Durga and asks where is he going. He says to tell Vidya that she does not have to give her child to Naiya. She stops him

and asks if he has gone mad, they married Naiya and should not keep her at home. He says they are wrong and should not ruin children’s lives because of their ego and he will never let that happen. He leaves angrily. She yells that because of Meera, her son has changed and soon because of Meera and Vidya, she will lose control over her family.

Gopi tells Kokila that she wants to meet Meera and Vidya right now and runs out. She clashes with Ahem’s car and falls down. Kokila and Hetal pick her up. Ahem and Jigar come out and ask where is she running blindly. Kokila says Gopi feels Vidya and Meera are at risk, so she is running to their home even though she spoke to them just some time ago. Gopi says Kokila that just like she gets intimation when Ahem is in trouble, she is also getting intimation for her children.

Meera feeds soup to Vidya. Vidya says it is not right to frighten anyone with sword. Meera says she will stab if someone does wrong. Vidya says if Shravan does not reply her, she will go to Modi bhavan. Meera says until Suryvanshi family is quiet, she is quiet and if they provoke her, she will spare them. Dharam calls Meera and asks her to meet him as he wants to talk about Vidya and her child and it is directly related to their relationship. Meera says they don’t have any relationship now and since it is regarding Vidya and her child, she will meet him.

Pari hopes Meera and Vidya are fine. Urmila brings Kinjal from beauty parlor. Kinjal yells at Sona. Sona says she should apply coconut oil. Kinjal shouts. Sona says she knows herbal remedy also. Urmila says she likes bald Kinjal more. Sona says like Shakal. Kinjal runs behind Sona to beat her. Sona runs away. Pari provokes Kinjal against Sona and says even she does not like Sona here, so she should help her in her plan to kick Sona out of this house. Kinjal says okay done.

Dharam waits Meera on terrace and thinks he was very tough and arrogant, but Meera thought him language of love, so he will kneel down and apologize her. He practices what to tell her when she comes and will say he is imperfect and she will make him perfect.

Kokila , Gopi, Ahem and Jigar travel towards Gaura’s house and hope Meera and Vidya are fine.

Precap: Dharam while proposing Meera slips and falls from terrace and hits his head on stone. Meera shouts Dharam ji…Gaura shouts Dharam…

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Dharam you were awesome..hope you will be alright…Love U!!!!!…….

    1. He will be fine

  2. Dharam doesn’t die this is all revenge game from gaura it’s confirmed on sass bahu sazish

  3. Dharam and meera will be together? Their age… And he is married… Well age doesn’t matter in luv but Dharam is already married…

  4. I think durga will die written in punjabijunktion
    And about dharam,amar confirmed he is quiting the show written in spoilers
    Love u dharam hope u will be back soon
    Waiting for u and meera reunion
    Really love ur duo
    Yhe only reason for watching this show is for ur duo
    I’d stopped watching this show years ago but after ur marriage with meera i started watching only for ur pair

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