Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st April 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi says Ahem though he does not like her, he has to bear her as she will not leave Kokila alone. Ahem says just like he hates her, even Meera and Vidya hate her as they know she ignored them for Rashi. She says this is not true and says when he knows the truth, why did he lie to Meera and Vidya. Kokila also wakes up and asks why did he lie and forgo Gopi’s sacrifices. Even Jigar says same. Ahem says he did not lie anything and Gopi did not give any sacrifices. She chose Rashi over her family and left him and his children alone. He says she can tell the truth to them and says he will stay here only if she goes. Kokila asks Gopi to leave. Ahem says he does not want to see her once he comes back.

Kokila says Gopi that she knows Ahem’s nature, so she should not feel

bad. Gopi says Ahem’s angst is valid as she was not there when he needed her more and Mansi took care of Meera and Vidya. Kokila says she asked her to go from here and not from Ahem’s life. Gopi says a lot has changed and she has to follow the time. Kokila says she is closer to her than Ahem and says there is a reason behind asking her to leave from here and says they have to think how to bring Ahem home back and plan wisely, asks if she will listen to her maaji/mom. Gopi nods yes and says Jigar let us go now. Kokila prays god to give her strenth to stop Ahem from doing wrong.

Rashi comes and asks if she can come in. Kokila asks from when she was listening to their conversation. Rashi says she came here to take her doll and says she saw mom and her talking seriously and tears from her eyes. Kokila asks if she saw her crying. Rashi says she can help her in sending back Ahem to Modi bhavan and asks to tell an idea. Kokila says she has an idea and can send everyone one by one. Rashi asks who will go first. Kokila says Meera will go first and tells plan. Urmila hears their conversation and thinks what if Ahem goes to Modi bhavan with Kokila, she will have to work herself.

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Tolu/molu at night tell Pari that they will meet Meera and Vidya and come back soon. She does not permit them. They butter her and insist. She agrees and asks to go in the morning. Hetal comes there and gets happy seeing their mother and children’s love.

Meera panics seeing mosquitoes and hard bed. Vidya says this is not our house, so she has to adjust. Rashi smiles seeing her drama. She enter in and sprays mosquito spray and tells there are a lot of mosquitoes here, so they use spray. She frightens her saying with mosaquito bites, she can get malaria, dengue, etc. Meera says Mansi they should check out in a hotel. They start coughing due to spray. Rashi gives them water. Meera asks what is in it. She says baby cockroaches and they get only in in their chawl. Meera spits water and panics. Mansi goes to ask Ahem to bring mineral water. She enters room and sees Ahem and Kokila sleeping on floor and Urmila on bed. Urmila wakes up seeing her and starts beating her with broom. Kokila says she got afraid seeing Mansi in dark. Ahem scolds Mansi and asks her to leave. Urmila says if she does mistake again, she will hit her with stick. She then says Kokila is her favourite servant and she will not tolerate anyone hurting her. Ahem gets irked, but calms down and sleeps back.

Jig sees Gopi in lawn sofa tensed and asks what is she doing here. Gopi says she is getting weird thought He says she should stop thinking much and leave everything to god. She says she did same all these years, but now she thinks even god is angry on her and thinks she is at fault, so her dear ones are not with her even being near her. He says what they could not do in 10 years, she did in a few days. Ahem came to Rajkot and will come to Modi bhavan soon.

Precap: Gopi tells Hetal Meera came home after many years, so she should perform aarti. Meera drops aarti thali. Gopi gets irked and tries to slap her. Meera asks dare not to touch her.

Update Credit to: MA

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