Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gaura calls neighbors for Meera and Vidya’s muh dikhayi ritual. Ladies starts taunting Meera that she married man of her father’s age. Meera fumes. Vidya asks them not to insult her sister. They start yelling at Vidya that she must have forcefully married her sister’s fiance Shravan, so Meera eloped with Dharam. They then badmouth Modi family that they saw a rich family got their daughters married. Vidya asks Meera if she cannot see their parent’s insult and asks ladies to mind their tongue and not insult her parents. Meers sits silently. Ladies continues yelling. Gaura calls her choti chatanki and asks if she is angry on her insult. Vidya says she does not feel it is her insult and says she is ready for the ritual. Ladies says they will not perform muh

dikhayi. Gaura asks them to stop and says they should perform it with usual style, one they like with sandalwood paste and one they don’t like with charcoal paste.

Gopi prays at temple to solve her problems. While walking out of temple, she clashes with a lady by mistake and lady falls from stairs and gets unconscious. Gopi sees her face and is shocked to see her mother.

Kokila calls Vidya, but her Vidya does not pick phone. Gaura’s puppet ladies apply sandalwood paste on Meera and charcoal paste on Vidya. Gaura sees Kokila’s call and picks it. Kokila asks where is her granddaughter Vidya. Gaura says it is her muh dikhayi today. Vidya shouts at ladies to leave her. Kokila asks why is her granddaughter shouting. Gaura switches on speaker and asks Vidya to speak. Vidya says she is fine. Kokila warns Gaura not to trouble her granddaughter. Gaura smirks and disconnects call and murmurs that she was waiting for this day, now it is Kokila and her family’s turn to cry.

Gopi cries and asks her mom to open eyes. Ahem and Jigar come, pick mom and take her to hospital.

Meera taunts Vidya that she must be feeling the same pain she used to when Modi’s used to insult her repeatedly. Vidya gets up after muh dikhayi. Gaura stops her and says still she has not finished and applies charcoal on Meera and sandalwood paste on Vidya and asks if she is feeling pain. Vidya gets up again, but Gaura stops her again and says still her mother-in-law is there. Durga comes forward. Gaura asks her to go back and asks Meera to come forward. Vidya asks Meera if she will also… Gaura says Meera is doubly related to her, so she has made special arrangements for her.

Precap: Kokila calls Ahem and asks if he, Jigar and Gopi are fine. Someone throws stone on car window. Gopi shouts Ahem ji….

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. gaura looks like devil. but acted so beautiful.

  2. Another fabulous actress is entering the show. Poooooooo

  3. oho new twist writer is crazy?? according to spoiler madhuben n her “”another daughter sona”” back to modi bhavan??? writer plz take suggestion from viewer if u have scarcity of new story or twist

  4. OMG!!! Another daughter!!!
    What d hell
    Whr was she all these years
    Pls cmplt gaura’s track first n add other twists later
    Meera is highly irritating
    Pls someone kill her just they did for radha
    n Ahem luv ur dialogues they r damn true
    What is d point of worrying abt vidya now

  5. Writer is out of mind. Pls take some rest .

  6. i think the whole cast and the production team are only good for eating shit,i wonder how star plus can air such crap,wake up india.

  7. what u sow that what u reap ,there is no such thing as god ,only a belief which is very dangerous.

  8. Wat the hell now it vidya n why is guaranteed still living

  9. Sorry Gaura

  10. Please anyone tell me who is sona when she was born earlier she was not shown only radha and madhuben was there were did sona come from please anyone help me in this confusion

  11. and one thing after 10 years this stupid Gopi didn’t even try to find her mother what rubbish only concentrating on her in laws ignoring her mother how stupidity thus is then how come this Gopi is great for greatness award she should concentrate on both not one side her old mother after radha when God she gave birth to Sona earlier nothing was shown like that

  12. Tv k sabse bakwas serial

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