Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi gives moral gyaan to Vidya that she should aim at her target like Arjun aimed at bird’s eye. She then gives gift box to Meera. Gaura asks if she bought cheap sari to her bahu. Gopi says it has Meera’s memories. Meera opens and sees her favorite short dress. Gaura shouts how can she give short dress to Meera, if she forgot sanskar. Gopi says sanskars are in behavior and not in dress. She tells Meera that her papa still loves her and she should not forget that she is his favorite. Gaura says let us have sweets now and tries to feed her laddoo. Gopi holds her hand and says she came here to celebrate her daughters’ first diwali, but remembers that her maaji/Kokila’s life is in danger.

Gaura brainwashes Meera that she should not get happy seeing

this dress and remember the torture Modi’s gave her. Gopi says they will leave now. Gaura says they have to have food and then go, else it is an insult to their suryavanshi family. Ahem says he will not have even water of her house. Meera says they don’t know to enjoy life. Gaura asks to have something from Vidya. Gopi smiles and asks Vidya if she will get her tea. Vidya happily nods yes and goes to kitchen.

Ahem goes to washroom. Gaura asks servant to spread smoke in whole house to kill mosquitoes. Servant starts smoke. Gaura tells Dharam that Ahem will fall downs soon. Ahem comes out of washroom and walks without any effect.

Kokila wakes up from coma remembering Gaura’s words that she will kill her Ahem. Hetal and Jigar enter in. Kokila asks where is Ahem. Jigar says he went to attend Gaura’s diwali party. Kokila says Gaura told her that she will kill Ahem, his life is in danger and she wants to go there right now. Jigar and Hetal take her in car in hospital gown itself without any discharge formalities or doctor checkup.

Ahems walks towards washroom again. Gaura shouts at servant to finish his work. Servant runs and throws some powder on washroom candle and runs back. Ahem enters washroom and gets dizzy smelling powder smoke. He joins back Gopi with wobbly gait. Gaura smirks and tells Dharam that she told her plan will work. Ahem and Gopi tell they will leave now, but Ahem falls down.

Precap: Ahem is trapped in fire and Gopi gets concerned for him and shouts Ahemjii….

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Awesome serial, nothing has changed. I hope it continues for another 1000 years. All hail saath nibhana saathiya.

  2. Idiot john i dont how u like serial stupid dafer

    1. I agree with u Alisha I don’t know too how he is behind this stupid serial he want it to continue or another 100th yrs that stupidity….John gonna go mad with this serial…

  3. Y r they letting gaura talk to them n plz do something with that brat meera

  4. alisha ji go watch chota bheem #yu lol

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