Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pari asks Radha to eat the ladoos. She says that if she doesnt eat she will force feed her. Radha tries to scare Pari saying that after the baby is born she will become a servant who will just look after the baby 24/7. She further says that she wont have time for herself. Radha says that she has been telling her baby everything and once its born it will ruin all of u. Pari doesnt listen. Radha tries one last time and Pari says that she doesnt want to look after kids and that the only reason she is here is cause of Jigar as she loves him a lot. She says that she will take Jigar far away from this house and family and that they will live together alone in peace. She turns and is shocked to see Kokila there.

Kokila shouts at her. She says that i stood by you when no one else was supporting

you. Radha tells Kokila that there is one more truth. She says that it was Pari’s idea to trap Jigar and force him to marry her. Radha says that she turned around the game and drugged Pari. Kokila asks her if its true. Pari doesnt answer but seeing her face down she gets that Radha is telling the truth. She says she regrets trusting her as she thought that she would make Jigar happy. She says that she never thought you would be like this. She says she regrets not trusting Gopi and going against her even when she stood by me during bad times. She says I thought you would change Jigar’s life for better.

She says she was wrong and blames her for trying to break the house. She asks her to leave the house. Radha is happy. Pari tries to put her point forward but Kokila wont listen. She says that cause of you Pari, Radha is here who is making their lives hell. She says that she wont allow anyone to do it. Baa tries to reason but Kokila doesnt listen. Pari’s father asks for forgiveness but Kokila shouts at him and doesnt listen. Kokila throws her but Gopi comes. Kokila says that you were right and that she is sorry for not listening. Kokila tells her that she saw Pari’s true colours. She tells Gopi everything about her intension and that cause of her Radha is here cause of whom we are seeing this day. Gopi stops her from throwing her out. Kokila is shocked along with Radha. She asks her to let Pari stay. Kokila cant believe it after all that happened.

She says that she made a mistake of not trusting her as she thought that Pari was trying honestly and that she thought she was nice but was wrong. Pari asks for forgiveness but Kokila doesnt listen. Gopi says think about Jigar and what he will go through and that after a while his life is becoming normal and we cant disrupt it. She says that they got married and most importantly Pari loves Jigar. She says that Pari did mistake but is changing. She says after Rashi went Jigar was broken and if he knows of this he will completely break down. Gopi asks her to let Pari stay here.

Precap: Kokila still wants Pari out of the house. Hetal oposes her decision.

Update Credit to: Ritu

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  1. why so late ritu……..pls update fast from tomorrow

  2. Please post the updates quickly. I just love this show.

    1. lols john

  3. Confused man!pari nd radha r bth b*t*hes.btw pls post update quika nxt tym.thnks ritu x

  4. I think its pari and the families trick to teach radha a lesson and todays episode maybe they were actung

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