Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ricky counts money and hides it when Seeta enters. He yells why did she come back. Seeta says she saw him with a girl and she does not seem good. Ricky laughs that she is jealous of Sameera and is not that great to read anyone’s face. Seeta says she is telling what she felt and he is not that great that she will get jealous with anyone for him.

Ricky calls Sameera, but she disconnects his call repeatedly. Sameera cries and shouts in her house that she hates Ricky and his whole Modi family as her mother Antra died because of Modi family. She says Ahem rejected her mother and she died thriving for him whole life. Her foster brother Pinku comes with juice and asks her to relax, Modi family’s destroyal has started. Sameera burns Ricky’s photo and fumes.

Modi family

sits for dinner. Jai and Veeru say Jaggi that today it is dal dhokla. Jaggi says attack then. Seeta serves him dal. He yells who asked her to serve him and throws dal on floor. Kokila shouts his misbehavior is not tolerated, he should apologize Seeta right now or get out of this house. Gopi says same and asks him to clean floor. Ricky shouts she cannot scold him often and he will leave. Daima asks him to apologize and clean floor. Ricky is shocked, but obeys her.

Bhavani sees Dharam trying to leave room seeing her and asks what is wrong with him. Dharam says what she did was wrong and he is not ready for that. She asks what. He says he can say just to stay away from him and leaves. Bhavani reminisces falling asleep after drinking tea and realizes Vidya and Meera must have done something. Vidya and Meera are busy having food. Meera says she likes Vidya’s prepared bhindi and even Dharam likes it. Bhavani comes and pulls food down. She yells their tricks will not work on her and she is Dharam’s wife now. Meera says she is Dharam’s wife forever and Bhavani will be kicked out soon.

Gopi pulls Jaggi’s wheelchair chatting with him. Jaggi sees Seeta sad and says something is missing. She asks what. He asks to bend down and says her smile, she should not spoil he mood because of Ricky. Seeta says Ricky is different and his thinking is different, etc. Jaggi asks to smile. She does. Their conversation continues.

Ricky cleans dal from floor yelling on Modis. Daima comes. Ricky says Modis trouble him repeatedly and he is shocked that Daima also took their side. Daima says she is helpless as he cannot go back to Singapore, else she would have taught Modis a lesson.

Precap: Sameera comes with her friends and asks Jaggi to call Ricky. Jaggi says here comes Ricky urf Ramu kaka. Friends taunt that he is working as servant in his own house.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Shocking to know sameera is none other than anita,s daughter , for anita death ahem or the family is not responsible , ahem told anita earlier when she tried to kill gopi, he love only gopi, then ahem and gopi made anita patch up with nilesh then why do anita need to blame ahem, vidya meera should teach that bhavani a very nice lesson.

  2. Riana

    Sameera is anita’s daughter…. noooooo… ????????????????

    1. Isaaq

      I knew it! I guessed she was someone’s daughter…

      No other vamp could want to get revenge other than Rashi Jr or Samira.

      Tripti is in jail. Mansi won’t have a child at this age. Radha is dead. Gaura certainly won’t have a child???
      Umang is dead?

      Have you guys realised that Umang is the biggest villain of SNS?

      Umang turned Radha negative. Umang and Anita have troubled the Modis since 2010 and now Anita daughter wants revenge.

      When will Umang family ever leave the Modis alone???

      For 7 years, this evil family has been troubling the Modis- Umang, Anita, Tripti, Radha and now Samira.

  3. Noooo????she is Anita daughter

  4. what a rubbish…the story isn’t make sense…now anita daughter cames, maybe later manshi daughter cames or maybe the evil one..radha’s daughter rashi…can we just a little see romance between jaggi-gopika?it’s so bored..too much villain in this show

  5. Who’s Anita ? someone tell me ?

    1. Isaaq

      Anita was Ahem girlfriend before Gopi and Ahem got married.

      Kokila forced Ahem to forget Anita and marry Gopi instead.

      Then Anita returned and tried to separate Gopi and Ahem. Finally she tried to kill Gopi but failed. Ahem told Anita that he loves Gopi now, not Anita.

      Anita blames Gopi and the Modi family for Ahem family forgetting her.

      Anita was last seen leaving Ahem life and married to Nilesh instead.

      Anita is also Umang sister. Umang was Radha dead husband. So technically Anita was Radha sister in law

  6. Isaaq

    Ok now I’m going to take this really seriously.:.

    Firstly you don’t know me. You don’t know who i am so I can you Possibly think I am an arrogant person?
    Secondly who gives you the right to call me arrogant? Who do you think you are to judge me? You’re not God to judge me… have some shame.
    Thirdly I don’t want to be friends with you sorry.
    Fourthly, get a life because you are seriously freaking me out. You have no right to tell me what to do because you don’t know who i am.

    Thank you

  7. Isaaq

    Sounds like you are jealous so let me repeat it again that please stay out of my life… do you understand?? Nobody gives you the right to judge me!

  8. The upcoming episode of SNS will witness high drama

    Gopi and Kokila said to Ricky that he will not drink from now on or else it will not be good for him.

    But Ricky does not listen to them . He gets drunk and enters Oberoi mansion.

    Ricky gets so drunk that he does not know what he is doing. He mixes alcohol in water tank and then he faints.

    When everyone comes to know that Ricky did this because he was drunk so then Gopi punishes him and asks him to clean the water tank.

    Ricky gets irked and starts cleaning the water tank just then Samaira comes there with plumber and help Ricky.

    Kokila gets angry and lashes out at Samaira for helping Ricky.

  9. Makerz are mad cows. I think this show should be named as saath nibhana villainiya.. so many villains. Makers wont get sleep i guess if they dont see 5 6 villains in the serial.. this is y there is no trp rating for this show..

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