Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi tells her family ladies that she is worried about Meera. Kokil says both Meera and Dharam are acting immature and they should make them realize their love. Ahem comes and says they are doing wrong by thinking getting Meera married to an old man Dharam and walks away from there. Kokila says Ahem will accept Meera and Dharam’s relationship soon.

Gopi walks behind Ahem, but Ahem shuts door on her face and says he will not let her ruin Meera’s life. She says he is not understanding Meera will be happy with only Dharam. He says she and Kokila are always wrong and ruin everyone’s lives, he will not attend any function. Gopi returns back and informs Kokila. Kokila says Ahem is adamant, but will accept Meera and Dharam’s relationship soon.

Dharam is busy in sangeet function arrangements. Naiya enters Dharam’s room and says he did right by divorcing Meera, she is not fit for you, why are so eagerly arranging Meera’s sangeet here. Vidya enters and dorns red sari pallu on her head and says she has a long life to live and should not wear black sari now. Naiya comes wearing redi sari. Whole family gets happy seeing her new avatar.

Meera enters with family for sangeet. She dances on Mai kya karoon raam mujhe budha… Dharam retaliates with dancing on Gore rang pe na itna gumaan kar…song..

Gopi enters Ahem’s room via window and slips. Ahem holds her. She says he did not open door, so she had to come via window.

Kokila and Hetal’s perform on a padosan movie song…taunting Sanskar. Meera fumes.

Precap: Dharam slaps Sanskar. Meera shouts how dare he is to touch her fiance.

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  1. Ineya

    I hate naiay because she’s an stupid person and gocpi is right to be scared because meera is not ready for marriage life

  2. Akshay

    hi hi hi mast serial h sare modi family k piche pade hue h
    1. shah family k sari betiya rashi gopi radha paridhi sona( gopi ki muhboli bahan 🙂 ) modi family k bahu bn gye
    2. ab suryavanshi family se dharam meera, vidhya shravan n upcoming epi me molu naiyya set ho jayenge

  3. lara

    What will happen if Meera marries Sansu baby OMG pls let her know that u r happy with Buddha I mean Dharram.As this is Saathiya so new twist comes, dead and behind jail comes back, hope Gaura and Madhu don’t come and spoil everything, sure she will take help of Madhu and break prison with help of rat, then they will give again injection to Dharam so he will be behosh and make Sanskar behosh and then somehow Gaura will hide her face and will lift Sanskar and do feras and then marriage gets over,the end of Dharam marriage.I heard that they will bring Radha spirit and put in Naiya, and she will do all Radha thingies. She will be after Jigar and will punish paridhi, and Madhu after Gopi Ahem and remaining Modi Parivar, Gaura as usual behind Meera Vidya, but trio main target will be Kokila this time they will crush her below Bulldozer still she will come rise from sand with help of kanhaji.I love this serial so much.

  4. Nis

    Hi.. Im a silent reader..
    Y do i have a feeling tat tolu an naiya vl b a pair in te futur,, as ty hav transformed her avatar..
    Wat do u all tink??

  5. Joyce Samuel

    I also feel dat way too Nis,u re in spirit,tanxs 4 clearin my doubts,meera is a terrific actress especially her fav dialogue ….samji tum,u better understand…


    Arey yaar yeh kya ho raha hai…meri meera ko ab kis kise shaadi karna padtha hai…aur gopi ben how many times wl u get married prior lo u wl get married to ahem bhai n now u gonna get another bhai for me….

    • agree with you dear… I think that writers are trying to show that age doesn’t matter for love but atleast relationship matters… Dharam is vidya’s father in law which isequal to father.. Then he will be father to Meera too…. Now what will Vidya’s baby call Meera ?? Dadi or Maasi

  7. prachi

    Writers are not trying to convey anything that’s non of their business the only thing are concerned about and paid for TRP ratings and money arushi.

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