Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pari makes Tolu sit on one side of weighing machine and keeps all her wealth on other side and says she is keeping all her FDs, bank balance, jewelry, property papers, etc.. Sona gets happy that her sasumaa is very rich. Pari asks Sona to pick all this wealth.

Dharam searches Meera at home, finds her in kitchen, and starts shouting why did she call Dukhiyari bahu sanghathan to punish Baa. Meera tries to explain. He says he is fed up of he and baa’s fight. She shuts his mouth with clip and tells how Gaura brought Dukhiyari saas sanghatan and rest of incident. She says she will retaliate if Gaura troubles her.

Pari asks Sona to pick all the wealth. Sona greedily picks all jewelry praising Pari. Kokila as usual shouts what is this, she is not doing right,

etc. Pari says she proved that she loves her children a lot and asks Sona to bring what she has. Sona stands in a shock. Gopi says this is wrong. Pari says she knows she will give her wealth to Sona and will make her win so that she reloves around her. Gopi starts again. Pari says she wants Sona to prove her worth by tonight and prove that she is fit for Tolu.

Dharam apologizes Meera and she says she does not need his apology. He gifts her sari. She gets happy. He says he gets happy when she gets happy and sees only her all around.

Sona yells at Tolu that she was getting wealth, but his make up ki dukaan mother took it back. Kokila asks her not to badmouth her saas and says Gopi will teach her what to do. Gopi takes her and tells Krishna and Sathyabhama story where Narad muni tells out of so many wives, Krishna loves Rukmini. Satyabhama brings whole wealth and keeps Krishna in one plate of weighing machine and all he wealth in other plate. Krishna’s plate gets heavy. She then goes to Rukmuni and requests her to give a solution. Rukmini gives her tulsi leave. Satyabhama keeps it with wealth and Krishna’s plate becomes lighter like flowers, that proves his love for Rukmini. Sathyabhama apologizes for her mistake. Gopi continues and tells plan what to do to win over Pari.

Precap: Sona telling Pari that she does not have wealth, but she has something which will prove that she loves Sahir moer than her. She asks Sahir to come and sit on weighing machine.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Kyo writer hamein dheera ka fan bana rahe ho jab jodi todni hai

  2. Kyan kanha ji ki do patni thi rukmani and satyabhama so means durga is like rukmani and meera likn satya bgama

    1. sarayu (honey)

      pari khanaji ko sirf dho patniyaan hi nayi balki das hai

  3. Meera is sari ka parda bana kar latka degi

  4. Sarayu Thankyou information dene ke liya

    1. sarayu (honey)


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