Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th March 2014 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th March 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, finally gopi agrees and comes in. Madhu says hetal that she will leave and says gopi that she can come to her home if someone in modi bhawan insults her. Here radha will be upset that her plans has been shattered because of gopi. Tolu-molu comes there and demands her to leave from there room as vidya will be living with them now. Hetal comes there and radha denies to leave. Hetal says radha to shift to guest room as vidya will be staying with the kids. Radha will be angry with gopi that now she is leaving this room and later what will happen.

In the hall, bha-hetal explains gopi that modi bhawan has changed a lot and here everyone are just living without considering anyone. At urmi’s house, urmi will be eager to know whats happening in modi

bhawan. Pappu will be insisting kinjal that he wants to go to modi bhawan. Urmi feels happy that she got a reason now and says she would take him but kinjal denies and says urmi that she will not send him now. Urmi feels bad again.

At ahem’s room, ahem checks vidya sleeping and goes to washroom. Vidya wakes up and thinks of meeting tolu-molu once and comes out. Rashi finds vidya, tolu-molu as well comes there. Rashi-tolu-molu appreciates vidya for her acting. Rashi appreciates the kids and says she would give them pizza party. Here ahem finds vidya missing and comes downstairs. Ahem starts yelling at gopi why she has brought vidya out of his room, gopi tries to defend herself but ahem still yells at her. Vidya-kids come there running, so ahem remains calm and leaves from there. Vidya and kids hugs gopi. The pizza will be delivered and kids have it. Gopi says rashi-kids that these foods are unhealthy. So if they want to eat then she will prepare at home itself. Radha starts taunting gopi that she will be leaving the very soon then how can she make food items for kids as koki-ahem are hating her to the core. Kids scold radha and she leaves. Gopi explains the kids not to speak rudely with their elders.

At urmi’s mansion, jitthu comes to madhu who is upset about her daughters and asks what happened. Jitthu tries to console her, urmi comes there and taunts madhu. Madhu scolds urmi that she should have a heart to know about others pain and she-rashi were the enemies to her daughters. Here in modi bhawan, gopi goes around the house and remembers their happy moments. Gopi finds mandir is dusty so she tries cleaning it, but koki comes there and scolds gopi not to enter mandir as she isnt a family member anymore and she is just a care taker of vidya. After koki leaves, bha consoles gopi to have faith and will have their happy days back very soon.

Precap: Kids say Radha pushed Vidya. Radha says kids are lying. Rashi tells Radha they know the truth. Radha asks really then what’s the proof that Vidya is daughter of this house for whom they all are calling her a liar.

Update Credit to: Rahi

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