Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th June 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Urmila and Sona do Seeta’s makeover and take her to living room. Jai and Veeru praise her that she is looking stunning. Jaggi asks them not to tell didi’s new makeover. Seeta goes to Modi’s family pic and addresses Gopi to let her teach Sameera a lesson and get them out of jail. Jaggi takes Seeta to jail and introduces her as Sia Kapoor to Kokila and Gopi. They both are surprised Kokila says she in these clothes. Jaggi says he is preparing Seeta as Sia Kapoor to compete with Sameera in a beauty completion so that she can befriend them and know their secret. Kokila says this hairstyle does not suit her, she needs a French bun. Gopi gives some moral gyan and makeup and lipstick. Jaggi praises them that they know a lot about fashion. Gopi says Modi family is always into fashion

and with easy internet access now a days, it is easy to get fashion tips. Jaggi continues praising and says he did good by bringing Seeta here.

Sameera with Pinku darling/Pinks and Ricky reaches competition venue and boasts that nobody is beautiful than her and she will win competition easily. Pinks and Ricky also praise that nobody can withstand in front of her. Car stops and reporters throng around it and get mesmerized to see a new beauty queen Sia Kapoor. Jaggi comes out as her Punjabi bodyguard and asks reporters to move aside He takes Sia inside. Everyone around drops their jaw seeing her beauty. Sameera’s friend goes to her and says she got a big competition in Sia Kapoor now. Ricky silently walks out to see Sia Kapoor and peeps into her room. Jaggi punches him out. Ricky in his monotonous acting and style yells what the hell, who is he. Jaggi says Sia Kapoor’s bodyguard and warns if he is found near Sia again, he will break his mouth and calls him monkey. Ricky leaves calling idiot. Jaggi stops him and scolds again. Ricky runs away.

Gopi and Kokila pray god for Sia’s victory. Kokila says being with them, Seeta grew up so mature that she can face any situation now. She prays she confronts Sameera bravely.

Dharam asks maid to ask Vidya and Meera what grocery to bring. A man who helped Meera in a temple comes with his suitcase. Dharam happily hugs him and introduces him as his friend.

Competition starts. Hosts calls a few competitors first and then Sameeera. Pinks and Ricky applaud for her.

Precap: Host announces Sia’s arrival. Everyone look at her carefully. Sameera looks jealous.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Star Plus’ longest running show Saath Nibhana Saathiya will showcase high voltage drama in the upcoming episodes.

    So far we have seen that Bhavani tried to separate Meera and Dharam by trying all the possible evil tricks but Dharam managed to save love Meera.

    Dharam thus proves that his and Meera’s love is eternal.

    Moving ahead, Meera and Vidya learns that Kokila and Gopi too are behind bars and thus goes to temple to pray for Gopi and Kokila’s wellness.

    Mystery man lifts Meera in his arms, Meera fumes

    Meera thus had to climb one thousand steps while she was bout the reach the temple, Meera faints and falls down.

    Fortunately, one handsome mystery man makes entry and saves Meera taking her in his arms.

    What twist will this mystery man’s entry bring forth in Dharam and Meera’s life is must wait and watch.

    Stay tuned for more updates

  2. hai every one …..why Gopi and Kokila are in jail…. sorry’ guys…I am new to u all and sns….can I join u guys…..hope sia Kapoor don’t get​ any hurdles….

    1. Riana

      Sameera had lodged a complaint of domestic violence against Gopi n Kokila which is fake…Thats why they r in jail…

  3. Good to see how jaggi punches that ricky, hope sita win the competition and teach that sameera a lesson, hope these new entry dosen,t create any trouble in meera dharam life.

  4. hey there shakaib,sid,nandhini,saba,akshay,chithu,raina,how are you guys doing? there are not so many comments here,what happen?you know what i have notice if this serial should come to an end lets say like about in a month’s time you wanna bet there will be so many comments from persons saying oh how i will miss it and blah blah comment now when it is still showing there are hardly any comment here i have the time so i came on a lo and behold i was disappointed with the comments i will come on tomorrow because it is my day off let us see how many of you will be on i understand if some of you have exam, but what about the rest of you i still find the time to come on i cannot play with my job yet i find the time to come on i am really angry on you sunshine friends bye

    1. Riana

      Hi Raven…How r u doing ??…Well i comment regularly…Thankuu ??

  5. Hi sunshine friends. My lovely family. Episode was good to watch. I hope Sita’s new avatar, make Ricky fall for her. But o don’t want this as then it will be only Ricky’s attraction not love. What say guys?

    @Raven……….I’ve a hope in some place of my heart that they’ll come back and complete our missing family. I still miss shakaib, nandhini, isaaq, sid, akshay, and others. I don’t know wat happened to shakaib? He used to comment regularly or after a week, he must come on tu. I hope, wherever he is, he is happy and awaiting long to come on tu. Nandi must be busy in her p.L. Sid. Must be in studies. Akshay, don’t know? Saba, priyanka, chithu, must have also got busy in their p.L. Rose, can’t say, she co*m*nts on Mansi’s ffs but not here? God knows what matter? Besides other, I think they were fake. Isaaq said she will be a silent reader because of insult, she faced here. (Sorry, if I’ve missed anyone dear name.)

    @Riana, what’s your opinion on today’s episode? However, episode was good but I’m fed up of jail drama. There should be a special Prison for Modi family.

    1. Riana

      Yah thats what i said ??…I think saathiya should go on a Ricita track…its my only wish…Today episkde was good…but i too hate the jail drama…its utter nonsense !!. .

      I too miss shakaib…Even the forum in many serials like Ib…Dbo…Sns…Pmhmd…n other shows also…everyone misses him…Hope he comes back again…n entertain us by his awsome comments…??

      Btw I dont want to say anything about Nandi…I msg her but she didnt replied as she comments regularly in Shani…Naagin 2 forums n some ffs also…i saw the presnt date was of 2-3 days ago…Maybe she is busy…but not so much…u can checkout on Naagin 2 page u will find out her comment…Maybe she is just ignoring us…why is she doing that i dont know…???

      1. Isaaq

        Because she’s probably fed up of you guys… you’re turning against her just because she’s not commenting? I’ve searched through forums and she commented 2 week ago, not 2 or 3 days ago. She also messaged me 2 weeks ago so she isn’t ignoring anyone.

        I don’t know what your problem is- you jump to conclusions so fast. I remember when you used to criticise my ff and you used to irritate me.

        This sunshine group is gone now and will never come back. I left the group and already everyone is fighting with each other… I pity you all.

        Have fun dealing with the negative commentators?

        And Rani, mind your own business. I didn’t leave because I couldn’t face insult. Oh please I’m Isaaq and nobody can defeat me. I left because there’s no sunshine group anymore so why should I stay here and put up with these weirdos?

      2. Isaaq

        Where’s your proof she commented 2 or 3 days ago? Show the link

      3. Riana

        Oh Shut Up Isaaq…When did i criticised u…Its really funny to say that ur ff was a BIG CRAP !!!…?????…And why should i criticise u ??..

      4. Riana

        Are u arguing with us without any reason ??…Well let me tell u that u r a loser …..Who thinks u can do anything but always takes wrong decission…And today u r thinking that u will criticise me n i will shut up…??…Stupid Girl !!…????

    2. That isn’t me!Someone is using my name!

      1. Riana

        Whaaatt ??…What do u meann ??…????

      2. Riana

        I m finding the above comment like its SHAKAIB….?????????????????….As only he can write in this styleeee….

      3. Riana


        Hi sunshine friends.. How are you..?? I’m not fine at all…I have been suffering from fever since Friday night…so couldn’t comment…. Now, I’m somewhat better then before…I’m taking medicines…u was to update my ffs on Saturday but couldn’t due to health problems..Sorry for that…And I even did not watch episode… Will watch today when it’ll be telecasted…
        @All(Riana di, Mansi di, Isaaq di, Sid bhai) I’ll comment soon on your ffs….Please give me time…
        BTW..I update my ffs, Here are links,

      4. Who are you? I’m real Rani. But how did you get my email. Tell me clearly. Riana, it is not my comment (above one).Please believe me. I’m real Rani. Seriously, I couldn’t get it that how fake Rani got my email address. Though, I didn’t give to anyone. Though its true that my writing style matches Shakaib and Yours. I’m impressed by you both’ writing style and that’s why I copied that style. You and Shakaib have almost same writing style. Fake one could be Adi tya HP. Please try to understand.

    3. Riana


      1. Isaaq

        Riana it could be John and his plans again to turn us against each other…

        Nandi had the same problem where someone is impersonating her…

        I’m not sure I don’t feel like we should lose our guard and believe it is Shakaib.

        Either way, if it is Shakaib, we are very disappointed in you. You are exactly like that adi who lied about having cancer. You played with our feelings.

        You’re Muslim as well and it’s Ramadan. You shouldn’t be playing with people’s feelings…

        If it is John plan, your game is over and it is not easy to fool me…

  6. Riana

    The Episode was quite Modern Today…Even Gokila were too showing themselves as Modern thats what i liked ..Sita is looking Wowsome…She deserves the beauty crown…Instead of that Sameera Dammera…???…I will only cheer for Sita…???…Precap sounds Gooood…

  7. Riana

    Looool…???…Its really Funny…Both of u r saying that i am rani…and the same profile pic…?…U carry on ur irritating act…I am bored of all this ??

    1. Please believe me, I’m the real rani, not shakaib. I’m a girl, not boy. Isaaq and Riana. Isaaq is right, it could be john’s or ADI’s plan. Believe me.

    2. Isaaq

      Oh stop your bakwas! Your ff are so rubbish. You’re a fool!

      Siddharth is a fool as well! He comes here to flirt with girls…

      Riana you made a big mistake insulting me and now you will pay for this! I tried to help you all for over a year but this is the treatment I get???

      I’m not going to stay quiet. I’m not going to forgive you. I will make sure you pay for this. You started dushmani with me and now I will show you what happens when you become Isaaq’s enemy.

      You thought John is bad… I will completely destroy you all… just you wait and watch.

  8. Looool, So much rifts b/w frnds. Which I always want. Riana, a month ago, you said to me that sjakian is such. He isn’t talkative and annypoying. Now luk at yourself. Soon, I gonna to play a trick with you guys. Just wait and watch!

    1. Siddharth

      Who the hell are you now

    2. Riana

      Yah play naa…This is not the Forum…TU sits like a puppet…So u r invited to play with us…Telly PLAY PARK…all pranks r available here…?????

    3. Riana

      Behave like a mature u fool…U r not a nursery kid even they r smarter than u…And u r absolutely not a vamp anyhow…Btw i dont understand r u all from same clan name “John”

    4. Isaaq

      LOOOOL I’ll join you

    5. Riana

      Before commenting pls recheck ur comment…????

  9. Siddharth

    Hi Sunshiners just chill whats happening here why u are all quarelling with each other. Raina if rani is shakaib why he will stop writing fanfictions .
    Raina yes today rani’s style of writing was similar to shakaib but shakaib used to love writing ffs but from 2 months he is not seen anywhere evem i am confused .
    And Isaaq what happened to you we are all good friends everyone will come back .

    1. That’s what I’m trying to say said, I’m rani, not shakaib. Writing fan fictions is his passion. Not even his, but of all writers. I even don’t ABC of fan fictions. But I shall check in all my comments, that I would’ve not write my email in my comment. Please believe me I’m rani.

      1. And about writing style and comments. I’m trying to adapt style like riana and shaakiab bcz I like the style.. And similarly, I’m trying Also to give detail commet like them. Believe me.

    2. Riana

      Isaaq had became mad…Sometime she talks Good sometimes rubbish…I dont understand all this…Loool…Btw Sid what about ur ff…Wait did u stopped writing it…Nooo…???…pls dont do this…?

      1. Isaaq

        Oh you just shut up… you will pay now. You will suffer the consequences for becoming Isaaq’s enemy.

        You called me mad and now you will regret it! Poor Riana tut tut

  10. Isaaq, you are worst. One who can’t be of her frnds, what she will of mine? So shut ur mouth. Mera yeh plan tum sab ki dhajiyaan uda de ga. Got it? Rani, dear its my advice to you, leave them and join me. You’ll remain happy. The one who don’t believe’re understanding or not? A sign is enough for a sensible man.

  11. Isaaq

    Everyone’s bad days are finally here!!! Enough is Enough!

  12. John and Leila, and all clowns,including isaaq, you all should leave. I’m enough for these so called sunshiners. I’ll shook their roots. My one attack and They Gonna to be destroyed.

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