Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th June 2016 Analysis


The episode starts with Jigar saying that kaaki ji is not back home yet, now should I do work or search for kaaki ji. Gopi says how can you be so mean?Just then Koki comes along with Dr. Krishna who also carries his suitcase. Pari, Jigar, Samar and Mona are shocked.

Jigar gets angry seeing Dr. Krishna and goes to confront him but Gopi comes in between and says I, Maaji and Dr. Krishna will stay here. Jigar says if you want to stay here then stay as widow of Ahem. He further says that you are hurting Ahem ‘ s soul. Gopi gets enraged.

Gopi says that don’t question my love for Ahem,my love for Ahem is unconditional. Jigar angrily says enough but just then Dr. Krishna comes in between and says that don’t think Gopi is alone. Dr. Krishna says to himself that before Gopi takes your class you must move back. Gopi says that according to Ahem’s will I am 51% shareholder of the company.

Gopi says that now I am Gopi Kokila Modi and I am the daughter of this house. Jigar says you are just Gopi for me. Gopi says we will stay here only and tells them that Dr. Krishna will stay here not as a doctor but as a family member.Gopi asks Pari to give her the house keys.Pari gets angry and says that she won’t give.

Gopi storms into Pari and Jigar room and starts removing all their things. Mona comments that Gopi was good in coma only. Gopi says that now Maaji will stay in that room, as then she won’t have to climb the stairs.

Precap:Gopi breaks Koki stick and says that now I will be Maaji ‘s support.

Credit to: Tanvi

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