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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila asks Jigar to call Meera. He calls, but she does not pick call. He says she is not picking call and he is afraid she may switch it off. Gopi worries how will they find her then. Kokila says she knows how to track her and asks Tolu/molu to bring their mobile. She asks them to trace Meera’s location via GPS. They both track her identify and say she is around Gokulpura. Ahem and whole family reach Meera’s location and don’t find her. Kokila says she must have eloped before they came. Tolu says her phone must be somewhere here. Kokila suggests to search the place. Tolu calls her mobile and finds it outside window in drain.

Hetal walks writhing in back pain and thinks it will not go away easily. Urmila claps. Kinjal asks why did not she get up after

after water flooded in her room. Dhaval comes and says whoever works get peaceful sleep, which she will not understand. He says Urmila he will prepar food for her. Kinjal asks if he will prepare food now. He says he is not ashamed of working in his own house and goes to kitchen. Kinjal then goes to bathroom and locks door. Urmila thinks she still wants to go to Modi bhavan to trouble them, but she will not let her go easily. She silently locks her door.

Tolu gets mobile from drain and says phone was still active even after being in water. Kokila says Meera would have thrown phone out of window after speaking to Ahem. Molu checks and says only bade papa’s name is in dial list. Vidya gets key also. Ahem tells he will inform police. Kokila says Meera is arrogant and will be more irked if they call police. She sees landline with caller ID and says we will call dialed numbers and find out where they are trying to go. Ahem redials and some travel agents thinks it is Sanskar and says his car will be reach on time. Ahem asks address. He tells address and cuts call. Ahem says they will have to reach there before Sanskar and Meera reach.

Kinjal bangs doorand and asks Dhaval to open door. Dhaval comes out of kitchen and asks Urmila why did she lock her in. She says she does not want Kinjal to go and trouble Modis. He asks her to lock door well and goes to prepare rotis. Kinjal shouts that she will never forgive him. Urmila says her nephew does not need her forgiveness.

Ahem reaches outside travel agent’s office. Gopi worriedly says if Meera and Sanskar leave city, it will be difficult to find them. Just then, they both come in auto wearing marriage attire. Kokila says that means they are going to marry. Gopi says they will have to stop them. Molu sees Tolu out and signals him to bend down. He sees Meera and bends. Ahem says Kokila he will bring Meera to car and asks Jigar to handle Sanskar. Kokila says Meera herself has gone with Sanskar, so he cannot force her. Ahem asks what does she mean. Kokila says Meera wants to marry Sanskar with her will and is adult, so the have to plan things carefully. Meera looks back and they all hide. Kokila calls Tolu via Molu’s mobile. Meera senses their presence but ignores and goes into tavel agency office with Sanskar. Kokila says they will have to follow them carefully.

Gopi starts crying. Kokila asks why is she crying. Gopi says since Meera was born, she was dreaming of getting her married and decorating her like a bride. Now Meera has grown up and is marrying without their blessings. Kokila she will not let Meera marry.

Precap: Modi family follows Meera and Sanskar until their car petrol finishes. Kokila says she had asked Tolu to hole their petrol tank and now they can easily catch Meera and Sanskar.

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  1. Maha boring !! Y does gopi start crying at drop of a hat ? She first needs to shut up & only then they can plan sensibly !

  2. Aunty England

    Sab fazool hai

  3. I read somewhere that Gopi is coming after leap as a stronger woman but now all I can see is her crying and begging and drama. She is so much more weaker.

  4. Y r they after meera let her go dats y she going to keep running because she knows they looking for her

  5. Sachhi si h ye tarife
    dil se jo mene kari h
    tu jo mila to saji h
    duniya meri humdam
    Ho aasman mila
    zameen ko meri
    aadhe aadhe the pure hum
    tere naam pe meri zindagi likhdi
    mere humdam
    na sikha mene jeena jeena …

    gud nyt frnds 🙂

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