Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bhavani tells Sameera and Pinku that they must have heard about a story of king’s life being hidden in a parrot, similarly Modi family’s life is hidden in Ramakanth parrot. She continues that Ramakanth is Modi family’s weak link and if something happens to him, Modi family will be hurt more.

Meera and Vidya take care o babies. Dharam enters and says he brought pijja for everyone. Meera laughs and says it is pizza. He says its shape will not change if he calls it as pijja. She asks what is the occasion. He says they are seeing happiness after a long time, so he thought of celebrating.

Kokila tells family that everything is back to normal, so she wants to arrange havan and pooja tomorrow. Family agrees. Seeta takes food for Ramakanth/Ricky and says Gopi kaaki sent it and he should have it. He says he loves her and wants to marry her. She walks out silently. He thinks how to explain her that how much he loves her.

Modi family gets ready for pooja. Kokila calls panditji and asks when is he coming. He says he is bringing his 3 nieces to help him and will be there in a few minutes. Bhavani with Pinku darling and Sameera points gun at him and warns to lie, else she will kill him and his son. He agrees to lie. He reaches Modi bhavan with them. They wear veil on their face. Jaggi asks why are they wearing veil. They say it is their ritual and if they are asked to remove veil, they will go. Pandit says it is an insult to guests. Kokila permits. They walk away with flower boxes while pandit performs havan. They enter Ricky, Seeta, Gopi, and others’ rooms and spread gunpowder and gunpowder sprinkled flowers. They then go out and spread flowers around havan venue. Bhavani speaks and warns Modi family not to move. Modi family is shocked ot see them.

Precap: Bhavani warns Modi family not to move, else whole house will blast as they have spread gun powder sprinkled all around the house.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Siddharth

    twist and turns.

    Bhawani, Sameera and Pinku’s evil game has come to an end and now Jaggi-Dharam is trying to catch them so that they can send them to jail.

    BHawani, Sameera and Pinku do not wants to go to jail so they try to escape but they are not able to do so.

    Bhawani-Sameera-Pinku hides in store room as they dont wants to go to jail

    They hide in the store room but Jaagi-Dharam reaches there finding them and finally they catch them.

    They call the police so that they can get Sameera-Bhawani-Pinku arrested and until the police come Dharam-Jaggi ties them with rope so that they cannot escape.

    Finally police comes and arrests Sameera, Pinku and Bhawani.

    Stay tuned for the upcoming twist.

  2. Isaaq

    Hey guys! I’m glad so many members are back. I’m so happy knowing that everyone is achieving all of their dreams.

    I got my Adam back after so long and I’ll probably be getting married in a few years hopefully?

    Raven is about to become a mother

    Priyanka is now a teacher

    We all are achieving our dreams and it’s weird how the Modi family are getting their happy ending and the sunshine group family are also getting their happy ending.

    I think we should move to YHM. I love YHM now with the new Shagun memory loss track and she’s a vamp again? It’s going to be a big battle between Ishita and Shagun again over Raman which I’ve always loved in YHM.

    Finally Sameera, Bhavani and Pinku will be defeated very soon. Although I was hoping for Gaura to be the final vamp.

    1. Siddharth

      Hi Isaaq yes like SNS our Sunshine group also having happy ending but we will continue our group in yhm forum many group members are ok with it .
      I also started watching yhm regularly now .

    2. Nandhini

      YHM or Ishqbaaz?? Some of our friends decided with Ishqbaaz…

      1. Siddharth

        Nandini i think yhm forum is better bcoz in Ishaqbaaz there wl 200+comment daily and in yhm there wl be only 30tp50 comments so its better in yhm forum

    3. Riana

      Hey Isaaq…Though i am watching yhm these days…its interesting bcoz of shagun’s memoryloss…But if u all move to yhm…i will be with u guyzz defintely…???…

  3. Siddharth

    Hi SUNSHINE Friends
    Saba di,Rani,Soumya,Amalina,KAN,
    Mansi,how are you all.
    Episode was funny i think ricky and sita’s marriage wl happen at last episode

    1. Nandhini

      Hii Sid! Hmmm….yes it will be nice if they end it with Ricita’s marriage…

  4. Can someone tell me kokilas and gopis age becz i dont see even white hair

    1. Riana

      Hey Sns is ending after some days…so its better not to discuss any thing about their age…

  5. Chithu

    Hi all lovely friends hope u all r good. So glad to see our old friends back. Its really sad that Sns is going to end this week.

    1. Nandhini

      Hii Chithu! I am good!?? and i agree with you..they stopped even the retelecast couldnt catch the episodes other than hotstar…for me i still couldnt believe SNS is ending by this week which has been running for eight long years!!

    2. Siddharth

      Ya chithu and Nandhini i thought sns wl run for 1 year atleast but they ended it so soon

  6. Chithu

    I wanted to see more happiness. Again Pinku Sameera n Bhavani plotting why they are not behind the bars yet

  7. Pranav

    nice episode are john and leela out of sunshine group? if so the show called sunshine the shakaib and his team killed john and leela as they turned bad in the middle end in season 1. Will they make a shocking return in sunshine group (season 2) yeh hai mohabbetain edition?
    Or will new villains try to cause rifts in season 2. Stay tuned

    1. Siddharth

      Ha ha good one pranav . Leila john Adithya hp is the biggest villains in our sunshine group .
      Friends our group is not less than any serial story many people joined our group and dissaappeared some of us never left and othets came back after long time . And we faced lot of villians .
      I think any of our group members Raina shakaib or Isaaq can write fanfiction on our group of 2 or 3 episodes wat say friends

    2. Riana

      Loool ???

  8. Finally happiness are returning in the family, hope bhavani , pinku, sameera get caught soon, the funny part was when dharam said that he brought pizza.

  9. Nandhini

    Btw friends, did you catch up zee tv gold awards last weekend?? I didnt see it much but i saw our Mohammed Nazim (Jaggi) has won the award for ‘The Best Fit Actor (male)’ ???

    1. Siddharth

      Wow nazim got best fit actor award . Also nazim is considered as small screen salman khan

    2. Riana

      Nazim deserves this Nandi…he is the most fittest actor of all…good to see that…??

  10. Riana

    Episode was Nice…More shocking scene is coming tomorrow…

    1. Riana


  11. Riana

    Woow….my SUNSHINES R BACKK…Grt to see all of you…??…

  12. Hi Sid agree with you hey Riana, shakaib please make story on members of sunshine also. It will be interesting ??

  13. Dialogue of the day
    Kokila- agr Gopi aur seeta ko Kuch hua to mujhse Bura koi nahi hoga
    Bhavani- ary tujhse Bura to waise bhi koi Ni ho skta.
    Bhavani Rocks!!!

  14. Sayyeda

    Hi sunshines, i glad sunshines friends go to yhm forum. SNS family i love u all and i wait more sunshines back soon because i miss then.

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