Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi falls on the floor injured. Radha drags her by hair towards river. Kokila stumbles while walking on rocks. Ahem holds her and asks her to rest. She says she wants to find her Gopi first and prays god to protect her Gopi. Radha drags Gopi by hair till river bank and shouts that she was waiting for this day. Gopi asks her to kill if she wants to, but to return back Rashi. Radha brings a huge rock and puts int on Gopi’s legs. She then ties rock on Gopi with a rope and pushes her in river. Gopi requests to show Rashi before killing her. Radha shows a hanging bag in which Rashi is crying.

Radha pushes Gopi into river. Kokila reaches with family on time and Ahem runs to save Gopi. Radha warns him not save Gopi, else she will throw Rashi in river. Ahem jumps into river to save Gopi.

Kokila, Jigar and Pari rush to rescue Rashi, but Radha asks her to stop, else she will throw her in river. Kokila asks her how can she throw her own blood in river. Radha shouts that Rashi is not her daghter as she has Modi’s blood also. Ahem is busy searching Gopi in river. Kokila pleads Radha not to throw Rashi. Radha says she will kill Rashi first and then kill all Modi’s. Pari pleads to kill her and leave Rashi. Kokila says she will do whatever she says. Radha asks her to kneel down and apologize. Jigar asks if she has gone mad. Kokila kneels down and pleads to leave Rashi now. Radha asks her to rub her nose on floor. Ahem on the other side gets Gopi’s mangalsutra.

Kokila rubs her nose on floor. Radha says her that in front of her, she will kill her whole family, Ahem is searching his wife in river like a mad person, but he will get Gopi’s dead body. She asks Kokila to stop her son, else even he will die in river. Ahem is still busy searching Gopi.

Precap: Pari asks Radha to give Rashi to her. Kokila runs and grabs Radha’s neck and tells her enough. Rope loosens off Radha’s hand and basket goes down which has Rashi in it. All scream Rashii. Radha puts her feet on the rope and saves Rashi and then slaps Kokila.

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  1. Is radha … Some god kuch bhi….. ji gar is a big gay… waste…. standing there

  2. They shud lock radha in a freezing dungeon and let her die

  3. Nobody has sense at all… Such a worst devil radha… Up to now I didn’t saw such a monster who kills own sister and her own baby…

    Better don’t c that show… All relations will corrupt…

  4. This show is losing it……how can Gopi fail to fight back? Just one stupid gal is making all modis look like fools. And then even the police….for how long will she keep escaping from there? I used to love the show!

  5. after leap meera gona b like spoil brat and vidya gona b similar to gopi

  6. gopi ahem modi*

    finally kal to main radha ko mar dungi aur ye boring episode bhi khatam kr dungi fir jail chali jaungi bye bye modi pariwar kanha ji sabhi darshko ko ye serial jhelne ki takat de ahemji maaji meera vidhya i miss u 🙁

  7. gopi ahem modi*

    deverji paridhi meera vidhya ka bhi dhyan rakhna john tum meethi k sath US k ticket pe ghumne chal jana taki paise bekar na jaye rashi bitiya kal main tumhe radha se hamesha k liye mukt kr dungi kinjal ben plz dhawal bhai ko maaf kr dena wrna ye episode drag hoga log bor ho jayenge aur jo gine chune drshk h wo bhi dekhna chod denge

  8. gopi ahem modi*

    chalo fir leap k bad milenge aap sab bde ho jaoge aur main budi ho jaungi pr mujhe fir bhi utna hi pyar denge isi k sath jai shri krishna

  9. Saathiyaforreal

    I read that Gopi kills radja and goes jail for ten years and then gopi returns to modi house and we see everyone grown up including rashi

  10. Saathiyaforreal

    A news site reports that the makers have made some changes in Gopi’s character post the leap so as to retain Devoleena in the show. Soon, Gopi will be shown killing her evil sister Radha and being sentenced to jail for a long time. After the leap, Gopi will turn into a bolder and confident woman. And her inner maturity and boldness will show in the way she dresses. So gone will be those sets of salwar-kameez and in will be modish sarees to suit her mature personality. To sum up, Devoleena won’t be required to sport aunty-type clothing anymore.
    For now, Devoleena has decided to stay back in the show and see how the new changes work for her. However, she has shared with the site that she may leave in future if things do not work out in her favour.

  11. When gopi is tied to rock,how can she go far.stupid ahem.these dumb idiots are listening to radha,y can’t jigar run and hold the rope.ayyo.ayyo.

  12. OK WHY are these Indian serial’s so pathetically SLOW every time a good story happens they drag on and on and on and on….they showed just one episode of her saying don’t kill my daughter. IS THAT IT?! YOU GUYS STAR PLUS DIRECTORS are an insult to Indian entertainment, ppl laugh at crap like this, I know India is a talented nation but why are their tv show standards so low?! This has to be the most. Pathetic most ridiculous story ever. Jigar is just standing there like a 2year old kid can’t he just grab hold of radha and the other two can grab the rope them they can all beat the crap out of radha and leave her to die. Such an INFURIATING show where justice never prevails!!!! ABSOLUTELY PATHETIC!!!!! -100 Out of 10

  13. राधा आस्प अपनी बेन को क्यू मरूँगी वो तुमको क्या किया और आप अपनी बची को क्यू मरूँगी हुंको येह बता

  14. be fast yar its to late

  15. Slowwwww update

  16. Bakwass serial i hate radha n koki too much oveactng end the show

  17. Updater abhi tak hosshhh mein nahi aaaya… Isliye slow update…

  18. b*t*h radha!!!!!!

  19. I hate this new twist

  20. From Monday all new faces… Again rivalry start between those new grown up kids… Hare ram …

  21. Whoever wrote this update how come u hvnt written the full one i hv been waiting for ages

  22. Thuuu, thuuuu,,, worest , stupid , iiotic serial , ahem aur jigar are not men atall why cant jigar hit radha asif she is wrestller, pari is standing and crying , director should be sent to jail for showing such voilentic serial director r u humanbeing or devil , inthink devils r also not so voilent,,,,, please save society from such psychotic ideas ,,,people will learn such worest things from this serial , please ….. stop this serial

  23. Why are all of you waiting for the updates. I thought you hated this serial.

  24. Well i dont

  25. soch bolu dosto,i like to see your comments on this seriel rather than watching it’s updates.the writer(dumb) should learn from the writer of yeh rista kya kehlata hai.The seriel’s temper has gone with the temper of kokila modi.

  26. I know this is just a serial and the story WILL be dramatic/irrational in some places.But kuch to logic chahiye..??Yeh to pura ka pura aalif laila banta ja raha hai….and Sir John,if we hate this show,we try to let it out.I’m an old reader of cmmnts of this pg & people have been offering Constructive Criticism since long.Whereas,You,Sir John have been just trying to draw attention to yourself and nothing else.haan pehle laga tha ki aap majak kar rahe ho,par ab pata chalta hai ki aap khali attention chahte ho.

  27. this is the most boring serial which is not reliable at all, yes serial is for entertainment but it should be the reflection of reality but this kind of story seems like the writer has only studied 1st standard and has never come out from his room and stays with assumption that will never happen.

  28. Yes u r right jelly

  29. Omg… What a horrible episode was this… This was worse than a factionist movie Violence… Radha dragging gopi so horrible…. Omg… And matadi saying rashi rashi… And jigar namard is standing…. And radha hits kokila… Think logic thoda sa to… Itni so wo kutti….. Kokila itni Moti….. Aur jigar paridi kya drama dekh rahe the… Thoo…. I can’t belive this isnthe sane saatiya which has set the trend…. And bow… I would really want to kill everyone involved in this shit.

  30. Can anyone tell me… Why is radha acting like mad and.killing gopi in such a violent manner…..

  31. OMG, how can a show go totally downhill so fast. I can’t even take the stupidity of this serial. One stupid uneducated girl has total control of so many people…you would think by the 2nd day of kidnapping one of the Modi’s would have slapped her so hard she wouldn’t know if she is facing back or front lol…over 2 weeks of this BS

    1. Yes so true this show deserves to go off air rather them taking a leap . I’m unable to understand how can the writers be soo irrational n show n put so much stupidity in one show altogether . Common u actors of the show plz quit

  32. All male actors in the show are namardh including police

  33. I thought that something good would have happened and I was waiting but this was not a good episode

  34. When v all hate this story line (esp after rashis death part) this serial is remaked in tamil and telecasted in vijay tv as “deivam thanda veedu”.hope they too don’t do the same .

  35. y the hell gopi came like badrakali .for to die only.y can’t she fight back.i can’t digest this.i feel like hitting myself in wall

  36. Why should Radha still in this serial is boring too loose crap

  37. Is there a girl like radha in writers life. If not I wish so. We shld make writer sit before TV and watch the episodes.

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